Saturday, 3 November 2012

Adults Corner #8

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

[A warning that this has not been edited, had any one check it for grammar mistakes or even read threw by me more than once]
These are all written by me, Bronwyn Heeley

This is the work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are solely the product of the author’s imagination and/or are used fictitiously.

Forever with my Werewolf
(Moonlit Wolves #2)

The bed was soft under Tim’s naked skin, but he barely felt it. Goosebumps pricked up his skin, his stomach was fluttering with butterflies and he was so excitably nervous he thought he might piss himself.
     The sheets were crumpled around his ankles; the folds tickled his ankles and calves, making him shutter as his body took the feeling and turned it into a caress he wasn’t feeling up the inside of his thighs.
     Colin stood at the doorway, it was still opened, anyone of his roommates could come in. hell, Tim was lucky it was Colin that was at the door and not Phil, the guy in which he shared this room with. There were seven men in a three bedroom house.
     “Fuck me…” Colin whispered as he stepped further into the room, and shut the door. Only to curse again as he started to look for something on the floor. With a cry of joy he flashed the thing up into the air—a bit of cloth—and then quickly cracked the door open and the shut it closed again. The cloth was missing.
     “What are you doing?” Colin asked as he pulled the shirt off over his head. The question was a little at odds with him undressing but Tim couldn’t care, he had wanted this for so long and the one thing that had kept Colin’s pants off was gone in five minutes.
     “Couldn’t wait,” Tim said, his hand taking a mind of its own, wrapping around his cock. It was hot, hard and so fucking familiar Tim wanted to scream. And as pleasure spiked its way up his body he needed something more.
     The hair on Colin’s body was thicker than normal, Tim noted, he also thought that he might have looked a bit thicker across the shoulders but that couldn’t be right, and Tim didn’t have the brain power anymore to try to understand it. He just went.
     Colin had his pants off, he was commando, the solidness of his thigh made Tim swallow hard as he sat up, wanting to hold him. Wanting to touch.
     “No, it’s your birthday,” Colin whispered as he crawled up the bed. “Your turn.”
     A wet tongue licked up the inside fold between thigh and groin. Tim shuttered even as his fingers went into Colin’s hair and he pulled the man he loved away from his body.
     “I don’t want a sucking, I want you to fuck me,” he said. They had been sucking each other for a month into the relationship—yeah, a month. That was okay by Colin’s old man rules. There was absolutely no penetration on his part at all. It was a ‘foot down’ point between them. Tim wanted to know what it felt like. He craved it. He had even tried to with his own fingered, and…yeah, his own fingers but it wasn’t enough. He wanted Colin.
      He wanted to be taken completely and wholly by Colin and the last six month, when Colin had told him he’d would once Tim was 18, had been a nightmare in want and need. Tim was nearly in pain with want. Blowjobs had started to lose their exquisiteness over the last month. And they hadn’t done anything beyond kissing this last week and a half. Tim couldn’t. He was too nervous, excited and hatful of this day.
     “Relax,” Colin laughed softly as he looked up at Tim, his chin an inch away from his cock head and as Tim noticed it. Noticed the distance his cock jumped and smacked Colin in the chin. “I’ll take care of you.”
     “you don’t need to, just fuck me,” Tim said, and he was prepared, he wanted this to happen and no matter what Colin said, he didn’t want the man to back out so…
     “Don’t need?” Colin’s fingers went into his crack; they brushed into a wetness that had been slightly uncomfortable to set up when he was a little afraid of being caught with his fingers up his ass. Tim wasn’t really sure why it mattered, wasn’t like Colin wasn’t going to figure it out, but…. “Egger much,” Colin mattered like a curse as one finger slide into Tim and squirreled around. Tim cried out, his back arched as Colin held him down with his chin.
     Pleasure like nothing Tim had ever felt radiated across his skin. He couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think. Couldn’t understand anything but that finger and its movements. He wasn’t even sure what made it more intense, he’d had three of his up there and hadn’t nearly comed like he was about to know.
     Intelligently he understood that it was Colin doing it, but there was no more blood left in his brain. Everything was swirling down, making way tracks into his balls and as Colin scrapped his fingers against the otter walls of his arsehole, testing the resistance, Tim blow.
     His balls clamped tight, his cock went thick and pulsed as the first shot of come landed on his lower stomach, there was no working of his dick, so there was no distance to the sprays. Colin’s head twisted and his mouth took in the head of Tim’s cock, sucking the rest and swallowing it down as Tim sunk back into the pillows and road the orgasm out.
     “That was…wow,” Tim muttered as Colin pulled the rest of his cock into his mouth, hardening it up before it got a chance to soften.
     “I’ll show you wow,” Colin said with a voice that was full of laughed.
     “Damn,” Tim muttered before a deep groan fell out of his open mouth. Colin had pushed three of his fingers into Tim’s hole and they ended up being bigger than Tim’s. The slight stretch of his muscle trying to understand what was going on and what needing doing.
     “Please, Colin please,” Tim cried when the man started working in and out of his hole in a faster motion.
     “Please what?” he asked as he pulled out of Tim. His voice held a deeper edge, the same edge it always got while Tim was sucking him off.
     “Please, put—wait, where are you going?” Tim asked as Colin rolled off the bed.
     “Condom,” he replied pulling open a couple of draws.
     “What? Wait, I have one….” He patted at the blankets around him; he knew he bought one. He didn’t want Colin to call it off, so he was prepare for everything he could think of—though that was mostly just condom and lube.
     “Got one,” Colin cried out, like he did when he found the thing off the floor. Walking back to the bed, Tim lost track of what he was doing and got caught up in the swing of cock. The things that cock could make him do.
     At the end of the bed, Colin started rolling the condom down over the head. Its flushed colour wasn’t new, nor was the feel and though Tim wanted up so he could feel it in his mouth. Have that familiar texture run along his tongue he wanted something more. And knowing that it was so close his heart beating triple time and his stomach knot up, Tim was almost vibrating with excitement.
     It was finally going to happen! He was going to get laid! He was going to lose his virginity in all that ways it matters.

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