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A Year Today

I may have missed the mark on being able to do this with my whole backlist, but, well, it just came to mind now, so this is how I’m going to bring up my backlist through the years. Just as a reminder. And also allows me to realise who I have accomplished.

As of today it’s been a year since I published Gotta Start Somewhere

It’s a quick, 6K contemporary erotic romance, which was a fun little write that I thought everyone would love to read. It’s FREE

i have actually added a prologue to the whole thing, just something that I could add that people would comment on in there reviews. I’ve written it for a paperback promotional thing April Kelley and I are putting together and will come out in October.

Though as it’s a year since the day I thought, for those who don’t know or haven’t read the story yet, here’s a quick excerpt, for those who have here’s the new piece to the whole story.

Gotta Start Somewhere

Sean has always been a big boy, hairy, manly, but that’s what’s on the outside.

For the men who just want Sean for his body, it was not what was on the inside that mattered: it was the outside package that counted most.
Set up by his mates, Sean entered the horrors of a nightclub but he soon realises it could be the best lost bet of his life.

James and his long-term partner have finally broken up, and suddenly all James can think about is going for the man he’s wanted since their first meeting.
But does James want him for Sean or to make himself better after a breakup


Never place a bet when everyone in the room wants you to lose.
Sean sat around a table, drinks near, poured down his throat. And yeah, it might have been his own hand doing the pouring, but his mates were keeping him well lubricated, which should have been his first clue that things weren’t going to be going in his favour. Still, Sean was too sloshed to care at this point. Or maybe it was that he knew he was in for some pain from the moment he stepped foot into the house, and there was no way he was going to deal with it sober.
“Let’s play bullshit,” Rolf said a little too excitedly for Sean’s liking, so he picked up his cup and downed the rest of the contents.
Heaving himself up off the chair, Sean went and got himself another drink as the rest of the guys in the group got the cards set up.
Bullshit wasn’t a particular hard game to play, hell, it wasn’t a particular interesting one either. What it was, was the game his arsehole of friends played whenever ever they wanted something and they knew they only way to get it was by making someone lose.
Sean had done this to them a time or two, he knew the drill, the bet would be put down and the person would fall for it every time.
Pride was predictable around a bunch of drunken fuckers.
He included.
Resting his hands on the middle bench of the kitchen at Ben’s house, Sean listened to the soft mumbles around him, and contemplated his own doom.
He saw the signs—hell, he’d already signed up for the prize. If he lost bullshit he’d be dressed as a leprechaun and going out on the town.
Shit. He knew a setup when he walked into one, unfortunately it was after the bet had been placed not before.
Fuck, he hated St Patricks day. At least he did at this second, because of a bet that he was sure he was going to lose, and a night that was going to go from horrible to worse.
He hated going out.
Sean looked around himself, trying to work out what he wanted to drink first and came across a nearly full bottle of Jack Daniel’s—that’ll fucking do. He picked up the bottle unscrewed the lid and drank down a mouthful, only a slight wince shifted his shoulders as the liquid splashed into his mouth and burnt down his throat.
“Come on Sean, can’t play without you.”
“Sure you can,” Sean muttered, but straightened up, took another heavy glop and went back out into the lounge room determine not to lose this fucking bet. 

1st edition 

the 2nd edition wont be coming to an e-book near you until October 2015

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Saturday, 29 August 2015


Week 107 and it’s Sexy Has It

It’s the weekend before release day! yay. I’m heaps excited. Can you tell?!

 “Mine!” Shad growled, lifting up off Ben slightly, his breath heavy. He lifted Ben’s leg and moved it over his body, keeping them connected.
Something pulsed inside Ben, causing Shad to grunt and Ben’s back to arch.
“What’s going on?” Ben asked as the pleasure settled.
“Knotting.” Shad lay down next to him, cuddled Ben up in front of him. His hips rolled, pushing in closer. Ben shuddered again as, another pulse pushed through his body.
“Like what wolves do?”
“Yep, being as that’s what I am.”
“It’s like the longest orgasm after-shock ever.”
“Yep.” Shad breathed out as another wave it.

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Friday, 28 August 2015

April's Interlude

Here’s something completely new to me. I started writing a Paranormal series. I thought to myself ‘maybe I should start off slow’. Just kinda break myself in to the genre and just have a simple werewolf pack or something like that. Yeah, no. This series has dragon, wolves, and cat shifters. It has vampires. And witches. So pretty much a bit of everything. It even has a water monster shifter.

Here’s an excerpt of the Book One called Leave it All (Saint Lakes #1). I thought I’d include the part of the blurb that went with the excerpt, just to introduce it.

Lucas Speck is just a nerdy little guy, who works at an office supply company and house sits for his parents. At least he used to be until the headaches took over and weird things started happening. Now he’s a man with a secret. His life gets even more turned upside down when he goes out with his friend and gets cornered by what he thought were muggers, until he saw the very vampire like teeth enter his friends neck. Lucas runs for months and tries to forget that monsters exist.

(Please note that this is an unedited Excerpt)

WIP Excerpt

Chapter One

Lucas Speck felt the headache coming on yesterday. It was like this buildup of something inside him that he couldn’t let out. The worst part was they were coming more frequently and things started getting weird. He lay on the floor of his parents’ living room with the lights off and his eyes shut. Sometimes, it was better to just be as relaxed as possible, calming his mind.
His phone rang and startled him. He sat up quickly when the weird thing happened again. It was like this cloud of energy went through the entire room, zinging around like a bullet until it found his mother’s half dead plant. Lucas watched as the brown crinkled up leaves turned green in an instant and purple flowers popped up by the dozens above the green.
That stupid plant had been half dead a dozen times since his parents had been away for the winter and he had brought it back in just this way at least that many times. He was housesitting for them for a few months. Well, sort of housesitting. That’s what his mother called it, but Lucas had a hard time thinking of it like that because he grew up in this house. It was sort of like just moving back home for him, which was essentially want he did.
Lucas sighed in relief when his headache started to subside. He looked at the phone and it was his friend Shawn.
“Hey, you have to come out with me,” Shawn said the instant the phone connected.
“I have a headache. Again.” Or rather, I had a headache. It seemed to have gone away. Besides, he wanted to go party about as much as he wanted his headache back.
“Come on. You always say that.”
“That’s because it’s true.”
“Please, Lucas. I’ll even come over and help you pick out your clothes. I know how fashionless you are.”
“Ha, ha. Fine. But no that straight bar by the lake. I hate that place. Way too many homophobes.” Lucas’ last experience at that bar almost got his ass kicked and he didn’t even do anything. A guy thought Lucas was hitting on him when all he did was look over in the guy’s general direction. The guy wasn’t even Lucas’ type and when Lucas told him that the guy got pissed off. Lucas got scared because the guy was friggin’ huge and then something happened. The guy just suddenly stopped and looked at him funny. He turned back to his friends as if nothing happened. It was super weird. “And I’m driving. The last time you hooked up with some random guy and left me at the bar.”
“Whatever, dude. I don’t care who drives. I can’t believe I got you to agree so easily. Are you sick? Is something wrong with you?”
“Very funny.” It usually did take his friend a lot of persuading to get him to agree and he liked staying home usually, but his headaches had kept him from going the majority of the time Shawn called him. He’d been getting them well over a year now.
The headaches started off slowly. Just a little bit of one hear and there that slowly got worse over time. Now he had them so bad he felt sick to his stomach. That is until something weird happened to make the headache go away. The weirdness just started in the last couple months, since he’s been house sitting for his parents. He looked at his mother’s pretty African violet and wondered if the plant had anything to do with it.
“You do act like a house-bound old man. Dude, you’re twenty-six years old. You need to live a little. Get in trouble. Find some guy and let him fuck you. Get drunk. Something besides go to work and go home.”
“I happen to like staying home. Still don’t like my job though.”
They hung up the phone a few minutes later and Lucas stood up. He decided to test his theory, about the plant, out on one that he accidently let die in his dad’s office. He walked through the living room to the back of the house and down the hall. Opening the door to his dad’s office he walked in. He looked at the brown leaves. Oops. Poor plant. His mother was seriously going to freak the fuck out when she saw all the dead plants around her house. Except for the African violet that seemed to magically revive itself. Why wasn’t only the violet and not the other plants in the house?

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Ben's Wolf Surprise Winners!!

we have a winner - Karen R.
the email has been sent, if you haven't received it then please contact me, as something has obviously gone wrong.
thank you everyone who entered.
on the 1st not only will my book be released, but it will be going on a blog tour (my first) with Creative Minds. It will start on Prism Book Alliance on the 1st and goes threw 9 stops. Plus I have 2 other reviews scheduled.
if it's something you're interested please watch the blog as I'll get up all the links when I get them. for both the reviews and the tour
speaking of review I got my first review, read it here!!

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just a few more days

Is anyone else getting excited!! Its getting closer, so close   

“Shad, you have to move away from the door if you want him to come in.” Bruce spoke with another heavy bang on a different door, the very one Ben saw as he closed it behind himself before walking off.
He didn’t think he’d ever see the door again, now he was glad he was. Happy, nervous.
Bruce had told him he’d fucked a werewolf. He’d mated with one or at least started to. Ben had laughed, that nervous laugh of his, the one he hated, but it could not be helped.
Ben would have loved to brush the whole thing aside, call their bullshit. But other than Kade, who looked as dumbfounded as him, the rest of the room held that silent, believe us’ look on their faces.
Then Max, the other massive man there, had started to lift his shirt telling Ben’s he’d show him if he wanted.
He didn’t.
Hell, he’d shifted his eyes once skin started to show which was weird, what man would not want to look. He’d just felt as if he shouldn’t, that something bad would happen if he knew what the man looked like naked. It was a feeling he’d only ever really felt when he was in a relationship, which kind of made what they were saying the truth.
Ben didn’t like it though. Shouldn’t someone ask you that sort of shit first? Shouldn’t he have at least been told, the guy he was about to fuck, turned wolfy—common courtesy or something more like fucking law—like when a dude’s got AIDS. Fuck, couldn’t he have had that shit tattooed to his fucking forehead!
Ben had boiled in his own little world as he was bundled up and taken back to the scene of the crime. His palms sweating as soon as he stepped foot in the lobby and looked towards the door that lead into the nightclub.
Memories had come back, all smooth and soft, speeding up his heart, making his hands sweat.
Ben’s feet dragged, he could not seem to turn himself away from the closed door, the room clearly not in use at this time of day.  Ben didn’t see it, he was in the past, lights flickered, music pumped, the best-looking man a table away.
He’d had the best night and he’d blown it. He’d walked away because…he wasn’t sure anymore. Couldn’t even understand it himself, especially since just the thought of seeing Shad again made him want to run away, run far, far away. Hell, he’d already be heading that way if it wasn’t for Alicia and her stupid fucking smirk that hinted badly of change and that no matter how far he ran he wasn’t getting away from this.
A whine from under the heavy door snapped at Ben’s heart. He wasn’t completely ready to accept the fact that Shad was a werewolf, even if he knew they existed. You couldn’t not know in this day and age, unless you managed to created brain bleach.
It didn’t mean the world wasn’t doing its best to forget, that was for sure.
“If you wanna see him, move!” Bruce said, already pushing the door open, slowly, his foot in the way of anyone trying to get out, of Shad trying to get out, like he was an over excited puppy.
And shit again.
A nose bumped at Bruce’s foot, growled and if he wasn’t mistaken by the fact that it moved back rather quickly, took a bite at it.
“You’re on your own,” Bruce said slapping Ben on the back, shifting him forward into the doorway.
“We’ll be waiting out here for ya,” Max said, his own hand pushed at the middle of Ben’s back.
“Yep, right here.” Kade laughed, as he stood behind the line of werewolves, male and female, all of which were watching him, waiting for a reaction, just waiting.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Some More Fun

as we get a little closer we get a little more idea if this is something more to wet the apatite!!

The wolf cried. A howling wrenching sound that pulled at the heart of everyone who heard it. Pricked tears up into the eyes and made the strongest of men bat their lashes in order to dispel the moisture.
It was a sound that no one ever wanted to hear. It spoke of pain, heartbreak and the missing part of themselves, an important part, the one that should always be near.
It was the sound a person heard at a funeral of wolves. Where the grief would build up and the need to say good-bye chocked in the throat, made anger and sadness mix together to create a type of pain that could only be soothed with noise. Lots of noise.
The sorrow continued. A sopping drip of loneliness that circled around and around tightened up the chest and punched the stomach making it hard to breath, to think, to be anything but the misery one found themselves in.
The whimpers, however, were worse, heard only in the still of night when no other noise came near. They were the part that made Shad sadder to hear even from himself. They made him circle in on himself, made them both his and the person he missed the most, the person who should have been here with him. But no, that one person left—left him this pathetic shell of a wolf who couldn’t suck the pain up enough to pull the human half back and allow him to search.
He should have been searching, but after nine days, he’d had a moment of self-pity that allowed his wolf to escape and turn him into this ball of endless misery.
The worse part of it all was that Ben’s smell had started to fade making it impossible to move off the bed. He didn’t want to come back and find it gone. Didn’t want to miss out on a moment of the smell, because he had no hope that Ben would be back, that he’d be missing Shad as Shad was him. Had no guarantee, no understanding of anything but the fact that his mate was missing and he didn’t know where to find him.
That sucked, because he should have been able to. Shad should have smelt Ben as he stepped outside Shad’s rooms, as he walked down the hall and then out the door. Shad should have been able to track him clear across town,—across states but there had been nothing. Ben had slipped out of his rooms and vanished as if he hadn’t been there. If it weren’t for the smell of his sheets and the missing part of his soul screaming behind his ribcage he’d have thought he’d dreamed the whole night.
However, Ben had been here. They had mated in a small or large way, Shad wasn’t sure anymore, he didn’t know anything anymore. Wasn’t sure what part of the night he’d enchanted to which parts he’d just not paid attention too. He wasn’t clear on the parts Ben loved to be touched, on his sounds, his expressions. Everything inside his head could have been an illusion of what Shad wanted to believe rather than facts of the night and it was that which had him most annoyed at himself.
Worse then everything else was the throbbing pain that hit in that empty spot, as if something outside himself were in pain, was suffering in ways they shouldn’t have been. Though Shad had convinced himself the feeling was just him missing Ben. His wolf understood it as his mate needed him and the fact that he had no idea where Ben was had him wanting to rip off his own paws in frustration.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

It's Tuesday

First up I’m excited and nervous as all hell to announce the coming arrival of my latest book. It’s one of those times when I should start talking myself up and yet it’s also the hardest time for me to do that. I’m scared shitless at what you will all think and yet I’m excited to find out.

I think I should start by saying that this story is very me. I write short stories and I generally only write a moment. This is much like that. I know people won’t love it because of this facts. They want more and complete stories, but it’s 13K and it’s the start of their story because this is a series.

I didn’t write it in order to make you have to buy the next one. Yes the story will continue, but it would have been secondary to the main characters.

To me book 1 was finished, that was all there was going to be.

Until it isn’t anymore.

I know I’ll get crap for that, but I think if you’re a fan of mine you’ll understand it. You’ll get what I’ve done and you’ll like it for what it is. You know if male pregnancy is your thing. I understand if it’s not.

This book, well, the series was written for a friend because she wanted more m-preg. I said if she’d beta it I’ll write it. it’s the first time I’ve done it, it’s a category I’m not a huge fan of, and yet I love the series, and hope you guys are going to as well.

Next! I’m writing Second Pack of Cameron 2, it’s flowing even though everything I’ve written is boring as crap, lol. It’s probably not a great time for me to write, and normally I have release week off. Though there isn’t a rush and if I can’t then I can’t.

I’m just over 4K and I’m enjoying it. Enjoying getting to know a bit more background of the supporting characters and meeting a few new ones.

The idea is for the first half to be courting, for the MC’s of the next 2 books while we try and figure out a few facts. I’m still not clear when you’ll learn how everything is possible.

I want to assure you guys, though some of the facts are a little rough around the edges, I know exactly how it’s possible. But do I want to put it in now, or do I want book 5 when someone comes along that can tell them.

I liked the second idea, but I think it might end up taking me down a path I don’t want this series to go. I want it to be light and entertaining and be about the pregnancy and what I first thought might not actually help at all.

But the character who is coming will still come it just might not come as… but I’m getting ahead of myself as I’m only now writing book 2.

Anyway, so it’s all clear I have 5 books in this series figured out and ready to be writing. It might take a bit but fans should be happy to know they will be more, and if you want in on it. If you want it to continue after that then you can contact me with a pregnancy problem you’d like to see and I’ll add your book in (each person who has an idea will get full credit and a free PDF when it’s published).

 Um, what else am I working on…

I’m 2K into An Alphas World 2
And 2.5K into Encounter Space 2

This are the next set of stories I’m writing, and I hope to have them both done by October
I also am in the middle of reading Being That For You so that I can get that into edits. Which I’m hoping will happen in September, or maybe October.

Upcoming Release Dates
Being That For You on the 10th of November via BonyDee Press.
Moonlit Escapades on the 15th of December via eXtasybooks
My Outside My Inside, 2nd edition on the 10th of January via BonyDee Press (is free)
Outside Sanity on the 11th of January 2015 via BonyDee Press

There also might be a charity anthology in there somewhere too but I can’t be sure, my story will be accepted (tho I don’t see why it won’t) and/or if they’ll actually make an end of 2015 release.

And I think that’s me for the week.