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Cover Beauty #16

Art sells the book; it’s the first thing we see, and some we’ll buy just from appeal.

Art by N/A
Heart by Garrett Leigh

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Saturday, 31 January 2015

#MySexySaturday week 77

This week’s theme is Their Sexy Thoughts. When characters think about each other in a sexy, exciting way.

I’m taking mine from Moonlit Wolves: A Werewolf’s Howl, mostly because, off the top of my head, this one that meet criteria, though that’s not true, not really, because they all think there mates are hot as hell.

Anyway, this is what Brad sees Kyle again, after a few years apart.

Kyle was still handsome as hell. So much so, that Brad had yet to look away from him to see Gene and James. Tall and broad, with sharp features that somehow was softened by the roughness of his beard. His eyes, Brad knew, were deep blue, almost black. It was a memory that was playing over what the real image that was just a foot too far away and the light just this side of too dark. That too, and the man’s eyes sank into his face a little, so maybe, you wouldn’t have been able to from this distance anyway.
Brad shook his head. Why he was thinking about such a mundane point when he should have been remembering the fuck up he created and the loss that happened after it.
Pete was his fault. It was entirely his fault, and was one of the real reasons he had no problem coming back home when Mick had told him the specifics about this case. Too much of it was like that night for Brad not to want to help, even if his help turned him into cannon fodder more than anything else.
Brad understood. He was a rookie through and through. There was no way he could help any, not really. Only learn, and this wasn’t on the books, so it became obvious what he was really needed for. It didn’t surprise him when he was asked to go to the pub for a few beers, and then told what happened on their drive back to the base.
“Brad?” Two voices asked him, both filled with concern. One was his boss, that deep tone of a man who had been through too much, and the other, a childhood friend, if you could call knowing someone for two years as such. Although these boys came into their group, and it felt, to Brad, like they had always been there like a brotherly family, from the get go. It disturbed him, then, more so because of what it really meant to him. What his own mind had been coming to terms with for years prior to them showing up. Accepting that came with more time, and a kiss that ruined everything.
Brad still couldn’t take his eyes of Kyle. It had always been like that. Turning his chin slightly, as if he was looking elsewhere, something he’d perfected, if he did say so himself, he replied, “Yeah?”
“You okay, mate?”
No. “‘Course.”

And onto the pimping and other random facts linked to this hop

Friday, 30 January 2015

April's Interlude #2

Hi everyone Bronwyn here for a wee moment. I wanted to first share with you guys the link to April’s own blog, she’s not on there much, but she’s got a cover reveal for her first book that will be releasing in mid Feb.
Anyway, you will most likely learn a lot more about it in the coming week here, but I thought maybe you guys would like to see the cover here, it’s lovely
And not onto the short story she’s giving us a look at today, be warned it’s m/m/m and NSFW
Being Neighborly
Isaac held the final notice in his hand, the words rolling in his head.  The word foreclosure seemed to take up most of the page, drowning all other words out.  The sting of tears came to his eyes, uncontrollably.  They clogged up his throat and squeezed his chest like it was being slowly crushed by one of his steer’s hooves.  He had tried everything to make the little ranch he bought five years ago profitable.  Every penny of the money he inherited from his grandfather, the only person who didn’t disown him after he came out, went into the ranch.  Now there was nothing left. 
The rest of the family was beyond pissed that Grandpa left Isaac everything he had, so he wouldn’t ask those money hungry vultures for anything, not that they would give him anything anyway.  They had successfully disowned him so thoroughly they hadn’t even spoken to him at his grandfather’s funeral.  And he hadn’t heard from any of them in all the time since then, not even his own parents.
He had started using social media to sell his grass fed beef and it was proving to be a good move.  People wanted to eat healthier and grass fed beef raised on a pasture was better for the human body than the corn-fed, lot-raised crap a consumer bought in a super market.  His great epiphany happened too late and didn’t generate the money he needed quickly enough.  Oh sure it was coming in and he was gaining more and more of a customer base.  Word of mouth was a beautiful thing.  If he had thought of this a year ago it would have made a difference.  The bank wasn’t giving him any more of the hot commodity that was time. 
He didn’t know what else to do.  He was completely out of options.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Characters Character #2

I feel I didn’t tell you all what this meme was all about.
My intentions are to let you see behind the scenes of the books, or more so the characters of the books. Let you see what I see when writing them. Maybe let you into their lives and backstories a bit.

I do hope you all enjoy, it probably won’t last very long as I only have so many characters until I come to the end as I only intend on using the ones I have already published.

Anyway, now onto this week.

Here’s the thing, I wrote the moonlit wolves series so that it wouldn’t be so violent, I didn’t want it to take over the world. I wanted them to be about the love, the relationships of the men, and I didn’t think it would be if I let the blood out.

Two things I learnt. 1) I just shouldn’t have done it. I can’t pull it off, and my series was going to be a lot gorier then I ever wanted to be without them. Because in the end, they hold a bit of gore, and I wouldn’t have added to that, just allowed it to flow better.
Because that’s what happened, it reads jumpy and incomplete, because I just couldn’t pull off what I wanted to.

I don’t know if this is because of the way I write, that close to the heart as I can type of writing, or if I just suck that much. I’m not sure, but I have learnt and now I just allow it to flow

And 2) well, I mentioned it above, I wouldn’t have added any more gore to the story then is already there. Full stop. So my mistake. When I get them back I will add to the scene and clean them up, but for now, you’ll just have to watch me learn from my mistakes.

Now, onto whom we are all here to see, Matt (I really wish I was more a person who wrote characters off photo’s I pick out of real people but I don’t. I write them from one pronounced feature and they flow from that. So if you guys have a pic of who you think the characters most look like feel free to share, I’m sure everyone will love you for it)

Matt is that annoying little cousin we all have. You know the one that isn’t quite old enough to hang around with you when you’re in your teens, especially if your friends are around. because, let’s face it, he’s okay when you’re on your own.

He is that kid, the one that got left out one to many times and in his wisdom and boredom of being a wee bit of a teen, he decided it would be a good idea to follow his cousin and mates into the bush and watched in horror as they all shifted into the werewolves they were.

He was also the type that recovered a little too quickly, and because he was that stupid little kid he jumped out with glee onto be chased down and turned into a werewolf himself.

That’s our Matt, he was also lucky enough in life that his parents let him go off to his uncles house to stay, mostly because they couldn’t deal with the little terror Matt was. I’d like to add he didn’t live near Colin (the cousin) just visited a lot.

There he meets Jex, this cute little dude who tried hard not to get noticed, hell, a lot of the times Matt thought he did his best to be out of the public’s eyes as much as possible, even though Matt saw him out and about a lot.

The thing is, Matt never really grew out of being that annoying little cousin and so much to Jex’s love and horror he made Jex his friend. And I say it that way because that’s what happened.

So clearly, I have more of a backstory for Matt, but I haven’t actually ever been inside his head. Every time he’s written it’s because he’s near someone, or with Jex, so, well, this is as best as I got, sorry.

All I can tell you is what you know already. He’s loyal, his fiercely protective of Jex, and an exhibitionist. He likes being watched while fucking, and maybe a little for doing it outdoors, but he’s a little wiry of the idea of being caught with his pants down by the wrong people. This is probably because he doesn’t want anything to happen to Jex, then an actual care of it happening.

Jex and Matt are each other’s first, which I think helps show why they can’t stop fucking, but like above it’s not there only reason.

These two are the easiest to write, there love and energy and passion for the simple things make me never dead writing them.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

From the Backlist #16

Wes and Toren by author
First Published 26th January 2009 by Dreamspinner Press
Contemporary LGBT+ YA Romance

It's not so easy being young, gay, and in love for the first time at the average high school. Senior Toren Grey cares more about his family and his grades than what brand of clothes he wears. He agrees with the majority consensus that he's a nerd. So he's quite surprised when resident bad boy Wesley Carroll speaks to him in the hall, stirring feelings that Toren has to hide. Disconcerted by Wes's free and easy ways, Toren can't deny the attraction between them. As he relaxes and gets to know Wes better, he finds there's more to the sexy rebel than his public image. Before long the young men are exploring new territory and falling in love, but life just isn't that simple. After they graduate, obstacles block their relationship at every turn: Wes working versus Toren in college, the virulent disapproval of parents, and everyday trials faced by any struggling young couple. Wes and Toren have to believe in each other... and never doubt that their love can conquer all.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Writing Plan, sorta

Since you all were nice enough to tell me what you would like to see me write more of this year, I thought it might be nice of me to put up my tentative list.
This is the list I write out at the beginning of each year, the books I want to write, but unlike last year this isn’t the MUST write list. Just a wish list if you will, and if I end up doing none of them then I’m okay (well as long as I put others in their place, that is, I wanna publish books this year)
·         Moonlit Wolves 7: Protecting My Werewolf – SENT
·         M-preg 1
o   paranormal, werewolves, male pregnancy
o   I have the rough (and I mean rough) outline of three books for this series
o   I’m starting book one this week
·         The Hunted 1 with NJ Neilsen
o   Dystopian, paranormal fantasy
o    The first one will be novel length
·         November 2   
o   Contemporary, health
o   This will either be testicular cancer or suicide, but I’ll be writing up a post about it in the coming months, so you’ll understand where the series is coming from and where I hope to take it
·         C’Mon and Love Me
o   Contemporary, light angst, friends to lovers
o   I wrote the end chapters of this books for a hop, I plan on writing the whole story
·         It’s Started With Rain
o   Contemporary, homeless, friends to lovers
o   This one came from a Christmas story I… well, anyway, it’s not original, but it’s buzzing for me to write it
·         No Biggy, It’s Just a Kiss
o   Contemporary NA
o   This is about perceptions we have on ourselves, it’s shot, and hoping to write it for my b’day
·         Assassin Union 1
o   Paranormal fantasy
o   This one I’ve been meaning to write for two years now – and it will have all manner of paranormal in the series, eventually – it’s also kinda dark
Hm… thought I was going to write more paranormal this year then what I have written down.
Anyway, that’s the list that started out my year with, but like I’ve said, I’m happy to can them all (except m-preg, if I do that Tracy will yell) but I’m hoping it has something that you might find interesting.
And because of one comment I may be throwing in a few short freebies about gargoyle’s and a dragon – you’ve got my mind buzzing ShirleyAnn
Also have been thinking about vampires a lot lately, thanks mostly to Tracy, but I think I’ll keep that under wraps until I have a solid plan and that it pan’s out into writing. Though I do have vampires in Assassin Union… so maybe I should just write that one.
Though I’ve been told that I should write a few more sci-fi/futuristic things, which I might do to, as I enjoyed the small slice of what I wrote in My Outside My Inside, even if I hesitate to call that sci-fi (tho technically it is)
I also wouldn’t mind writing a fairy tale/movie-esk book, I even have the movie and the plot that will make it mine, though follows the same pattern, but I’m not sure if it’s really a road I want to travel yet.