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April’s Interlude

They say opposites attract but can they make love last?
Greg Mitchell’s entire childhood was filled with violence and abuse.  That was until he came to work on the Heath Farm.  From the first moment Greg met Brian Stockwell he has been in love.  But a threat his father made four years ago has always held him back from pursuing any real relationship with Brian.  That was until he learns his father is on his death bed and no further harm. 
Greg finds out his family ties are stronger than he thought.  These ties hold Greg back from really getting to know Brian the way he truly wants too.  Both men discover that they have more differences than they originally thought.  



Every time Greg Mitchell looked at Brian Stockwell, he hurt. It was like a physical ache in his chest where his heart should be. Greg caught a glimpse of the man he had been obsessed with for the past four years and that ache started up. Brian didn’t even know Greg existed and even thinking about that made Greg feel like he was in high school all over again.
Greg was coming out of the barn, just getting ready to get cleaned up for an evening class he had to commute too. This was his last semester of college and he thanked God every day for that fact. He couldn’t wait to get done. The commute from the farm to school was a bitch, especially this past winter when the snow was up to the windows of his truck and his dick practically fell off every time he went from the bunkhouse to one of the barns. Greg was just glad that it was summer for his last class ever. He didn’t have to worry about the roads being covered in ice and the cold seeping into his bones.
The sun didn’t go down until about the same time Greg got home from class, so he didn’t even have to worry about driving at night in a large city. Although, living in Pickleville his whole life meant every city was large. Living in a small town also meant driving anywhere after ten o’clock at night was an unusual occurrence for anyone who lived here. For a farmhand like Greg that was especially true. Greg had been so focused on finishing school for so long that he just didn’t have time for any extracurricular activities.
Greg sighed as he watched Brian step out of the main house. Brian had shorts on, khaki’s and a dark blue t-shirt. Even from as far away as Greg was, he could see Brian’s cute little nose wriggle his glasses further up his nose. His dark hair had that messy, spiky look that seemed to be at odds with Brian’s nerdy personality type.
Greg rolled his eyes at himself. He couldn’t blame his lack of a social life entirely on his college classes. If Brian ever did give him the time of day Greg still wouldn’t pursue any type of relationship. And he longed to have Brian under him, naked.
Greg sighed again. Roger Mitchell’s parting words four years ago were not an empty threat. Greg’s father was more than capable of following through on hurting anyone Greg even came close to dating. Roger would know too. Greg had seen him on campus more than once throughout the years he had been attending the University.
Yeah, it sounded crazy. It was crazy but it was Greg’s truth. Greg would live in it.

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Dear Author

As you know I signed up for a prompt from the Goodreads MM romance Group Don’t Read in the closet, this year it’s called Love is an Open Road. Anyway, you can find the event here, as long as you are logged in.
Here’s mine, helped picked by Tracy G – and I say that as she picked it, I just chose between two and then commented, lol.
Dear Author,
Our group of 3-6 (your choice) college-age friends spend Spring Break roughing it on a trail ride on horseback. Each of us gets what he can carry in his saddle bags (30 lbs/14 kg) and half the load of a pack horse (100 lbs/45 kg each) in food, clothes, and camping gear. Our trail guide and some of the other guest riders are experienced trail riders (gay or straight, male or female). One or two of us are cowboys, but the rest of us are city boys with no experience in the wild or with horses. We are smart, athletic friends, and at least two of us will find first gay love or rekindle m/m romance on a trail fraught with danger, disaster, and memories to last a lifetime.
I hope to read hot, erotic romance, high adventure, and narrow escapes in the seven days of the trail ride. I’m fine with graphic eroticism, ménage (m/m/m), mystery, violence, paranormal, and even shifters in a largely contemporary setting, but would prefer no BDSM. I hope for passionate men, compelling action, and steamy interaction in route to a satisfying climax.
Now, only the nitty gritty
The first thing you need to do in these events is come up with a title and character names. I have about a month for this one, but let’s face it, I may as well get it over with – at least the name part as that’s not that hard, right….
Title: A Road Worth Traveling
MC #1: Jack Schofield aka Schofield
MC #2: Tomas Stone aka Stone
MC #3: Mitch Crystal aka Mitch
First thoughts:
When I read through the prompt, I saw… a YA with sex. I’m not really sure if you understand what I mean by that, but simply it’s what I loved most about YA is the simple pleasure of putting their characters though impossible and highly dangerous and terrifying ordeals with a touch of love and having everyone come out of it relatively unstarched but with the love of their lives.
That’s what I plan on doing, I’m just not really sure what way this will go about
Option #1:  I will put a cowboy couple, of sorts, with a city slicker as they go on a trail that was taken by a famous explore – or what he’s father use to do
Option #2: we take a trip to the movies. Do a take of some sort off City Slicker but that would mean me actually watching the movie, and honestly not sure I ever truly enjoyed it.
This option also doesn’t really work with the idea of it being Aussie, which I want as many of my stories to me (it was hard to pick prompts from that fact to)
Option #3: … still working on it, but there’s something there, rattling, wanting out, I just can’t tell what it’s saying yet.
Anyway, the whole idea will end with rain – they will FUCK through a thunderstorm, and I’m hoping some other time, but if I’m honest, I might not get more than one full on sex scene, between the three of them, but we’ll have to see how it goes.
I’m hoping for a story between 12 and 20K as I think that’s what’s needed for something like this to really shine. For the thriller part to come out properly.  But we’ll have to see what comes, it’s a lot of words in a short amount of time, and we all know I’m not great at writing quickly.
The whole point is these are just what I have at the moment who know how the story comes out, but we do know it’ll be along the lines of what’s said above, I just need a bit more time to get it all worked out in my head.
I also want to point out that all I’m thinking about at the moment is the romantic connection, the rest of the group and reason behind and all that will comes when I get down to writing.
What I do know is I’m going to end up doing a lot of research because I know nothing about anything in this book – ok, I know what I can pull off in a bush like area, because I grew up in that, but for this, I’m going to be the city-kid trying to work heads and tails of cowboys shit.

From the Backlist #20


Bound and Determined by Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow
First Published 20th October 2009 by Loose ID
Contemporary Romance
When Sterling Baker discovers the wonderful world of BDSM, he's ready to literally throw himself at the feet of the spectacular Owen Sawyer, but Owen is unwilling to take on someone so new to the scene—or so he says. Determined to get what he wants, Sterling sets out to convince the doubting Owen that he can be the best sub in the world, the fastest learning, the most obedient.
It's not as easy as he thinks it will be, and things get even more complicated when Sterling realizes that he's fallen in love with Owen. With the stakes that much higher, Sterling's more determined than ever to win Owen over. But now he'll have to convince Owen they can have more than a teacher / student relationship, more than just good kink.
Recommended from Willing Hands

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Lookit Here, the Start of Another Month

Ok so today marks the day the GR MM Romance Groups Don’t Read in the Closet 2015 – Open Road opens up, okay they don’t until I believe 6pm my time, but I went and had a look and got to page 3 before I cried ‘fuck it’ I’ll just go on day 3 and just whatever’s left. Honestly, have no patients for this kinda of shit, I think mostly because I honestly don’t care what I’m writing.
Though I will have to say, I can’t do historical, honestly, I’m not going to lie, I’s stuff that shit right up, and that’s people we put my care after in – I don’t mind history, point me in the direction of the Evolution of Sex and I’m there, in any sex. but I’m not great with numbers and if it bores the shit outta me I ain’t going to do great research and I’m going to fuck it right up.
I’m not great at fantasy, again, I feel this is mostly because it bores me to read it, especially high fantasy, which is the feeling I have with space—maybe more with sci-fi, but hell I’ll give it a shot, and pull it off. I know I can.
I’m not great at humour, or at being humorous on demand, as I’m told I say a whole heaps of funny shit (especially by April as she reads my comments I make through BETA), of NJ when we chat.
But again I’d try, I’d pull it off.
This is also true with BDSM
So with that in mind I called a friend and she found me two stories, one I liked better than the other so at midnight last night (night before…?) I commented and got my pick, yay!
But I think this post is running long enough, I’ll share all those details with you next week.
Next, as I haven’t talked enough already.
On the 12th of March, I’m going to be on WON again, this time talking about ‘Getting Lucky’, I’m not sure how my post will be received, or if it’s truly relevant to the whole shebang, but I wrote it, sent it off.
 I spoke of a time I’m only just realising was something I should shout to the sky again, that I should be happiest about, because I truly got lucky, and who knows what my life would have been like if I hadn’t.
Though I’m already wishing I hadn’t sent it, that I didn’t go deep enough into the issues, but it’s a backstory of me and I think I will always wanted to change and change it, so it’s good I sent it, just regretting it—but not
I’m also going to be chatting for an hour at an event for St Patrick’s Day, the links here. I’m going up at 8pm-9pm (12pm here) I believe. It’s going to be fun. I’m going to be giving away some shit … the links here
And lastly, I hope,
This week I’m going to try my hardest to get my m-preg finished. It’s sitting at just over 5K now, just entering chapter 5. I’m given them sex, I’ve had him sick, I’m made me BETA tear a little and I’m about to head into them meeting back up again.
Anyway, I really want to finish that this week, so next week I’m able to focus on the 3 other projects that need to be finished my March – ok, so only two need to be finished by March but it’ll make August so much simpler if I’m finished all 3 by then.
Those 3 progects are:
·         MM Romance Group Story
·         B’day Story
·         Reissuing My Kevin (this is just re-reading and sending through proofing)
·         Set up all the stories ready for proofing for the project I’ve getting ready with April for GRL
Ok, so apparently 4, that I can think of now…
So you can see, if I don’t finish m-preg through this week, and if it takes a month then I’ve got to do everything else in April, which is actually a lot.
But then again, most of these things can happen while I’m writing both stories so might not be so hard.
We’ll see.
And that brings up to the end of this opening Month post.
Oh, and lastly I signed my blog up for Indgo Marketing blog hop list, so you might get to see a lot of new stuff when they come out, which I’m looking forward to. 

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#MySexySaturday week 81

‘You might as well face it you’re addicted to love’ which is what we are all about this week.

My one’s going to come from My Outside My Inside, which I think holds more to this point any other book I’ve written as it is about a boy who is addicted to the love of his life in a way that expands over space and time  

The soft bed again, pushing up against his face and neck, caressing his flesh as Co lay him down against the bedding. Clothes had vanished in quick succession, as Mike clung to Co’s neck and took his mouth, showing him the forgiveness Mike felt deep in his soul.
He was where he belonged, Mike had known that his whole life, knew that Earth hadn’t been the right space for him, hadn’t fit him as if it had everyone else. He knew the universe was bigger, brighter, and he knew without a doubt that he was meant to be out there, somewhere, with someone his mind had taken great pains in protecting him from.
Hell, he’d not understood anything. He’d not really lived in any lifetime until a few moments ago when he woke up in the place he was meant to have been all along, only it had been lost to him. They’d been lost, separated from each other, and the pain Mike had felt Co had dealt with alongside him. Both of them missing an important part of themselves, and both finding it in this moment as Co suckled at Mike’s collar bone, heating him up from that spot outwards, he’d finally found that piece.
Mike lay back, his body useless under the giants as Co nibbled and licked, pinched and bit with a tongue and teeth that Mike thought were more flexible than anything he’d ever seen before, and yet, he couldn’t really hold completely accuracy to that, it wasn’t as if he’d had lovers, only fucks and fumbles. Bodies and parts used only in getting himself and the other man off. What could he say, he had commitment issues.
Mike moaned deep as that mouth scrapped at his hipbones, sharp teeth dug in deep, claiming territory and raising the heat in Mike’s body. He wanted more, needed more. Marks, scratches, and bruises, anything that would prove that he belonged to Co and that no one would ever take him away from the alien again.
“You like that, boy?” Co’s voice roamed along Mike’s body, lingered against his ears and causing his whole body to shiver, as his head nodded.
“Please, please.” He panted, his legs moving restlessly, trapped under Co’s body and frustrated Mike to no end. He wanted so much fucking more. He wanted this moment, he –

And onto the pimping and other random facts linked to this hop

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Characters Character #4

This week is Tim’s week from Forever with My Werewolf
I’ve mentioned before, haven’t I, that I don’t give my characters full backstories. All I learn about them is what I put into the book, which is saying you know what I do. Which is why I don’t actually know there last names, they are nameless, they are just, them, what you see, and maybe a little more
I ramble, it’s a problem.
I believe I mentioned before, that the Moonlit Wolves series are paranormal tropes. I had a problem with reading them, they irritated me so much and because of that my head turned on me. I can’t bitch if I can’t do any better, right, so here’s my ‘any better’ tho honestly can’t really say one way or another
Tim starts running for his life. he just took a lovely trip into the woods with his lover – or as soon as his 18, so technically boyfriend, and the man turns into a werewolf. Like a 1980’s werewolf, scary as fuck.
So like all sane people he run’s.
This is the one thing I wasn’t completely convinced about, the start of this story was re-written about 3 times, the first had Jex with him, but him and Matt hadn’t even come into the story by this point.
The thing was I had no plans of Tim being kidnapped, it wasn’t something that happened until he feel onto the room, the car pulled up and out came hunters. I didn’t even have a plan to have ‘hunters’ in the first place. I honestly had nothing, but this need to put him in front of a werewolf for the first time, because in the books I’ve read they all act so level headed, or there are others around the talk them down. Or... or... I wanted something that seemed real, because I think, no matter how interment you are, if your lover turns into a fucking werewolf you’re going to run screaming like a little bitch.
And from that the story unfolded. Tim gets kidnapped and book 3 starts to write itself. I actually wrote book’s 2 and 3 together. Going from one to another as the mood sat.
The second thing I always hated was flashbacks. I’m not a fan of them in my books. I have never been a big one. Yeah I can deal but they irritate me, and so, for reasons I can only speculate afterwards, which I have, I was stuck with Tim and Colin separated and not being about to get to them for a whole day, which would have been a really boring story.
So there history came into light.
It’s one of those things you get when you put in established couples, I love writing about those, because I always second-guess myself, but that’s for another story
So we needed there past, and I think I did an okay job with it. I don’t think I’m any better than anyone else as I have esteem problems I’m trying to work on, but of a whole the story came out better than I would have hoped for.
And if you can’t see I’m more into the story itself, the characters… they aren’t talking to me anymore (I’m to stressed, lol) and so this is what you get, hope it’s enlightening