Monday, 25 May 2015

The Door Keeper by Hurri Cosmo Tour

PUBLISHER:  Amber Quill Press
RELEASE DATE:  May 24, 2015
GENRE:  M/M Romance
TAGS:  Gay / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Paranormal / Mystery / Detective / Suspense / Thriller / Action / Adventure
PAIRING: Male/Male
LENGTH:  Approximately 140 pages


Although they've been labeled as a group of misfits, Minneapolis' 77th police precinct has plenty of talent.  The problem is, it's paranormal talent and no one's supposed to know about it.
Nick keeps his officers busy chasing after all the creepy crawly things that tend to go "bump" in the night, thus insuring the twin cities are safe and totally unaware that other realms even exist. Nick is the Door Keeper and his job as the precinct’s captain is to maintain order in what would otherwise be chaos.
 When said chaos rears its ugly head in the form of a ferocious and brutal vampire, the last thing Nick needs is to deal with a new partner, even if that new partner is as sexy as Arrain.


Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Kevin's Live!!

Life, is what we live. It’s what we breathe. It’s who we love.

This is the story of Kevin and me; I’m Jimmy. Our story is not long, and it’s not complex. It’s not something to cry over, and it’s certainly not something to moan about. Our story is simple, and for that, I feel blessed, being able to grow, live, laugh, and love with the one person I was meant to be with.
It has been that way for as long as I can remember.

My Kevin
2nd edition publish 24th of May 2015 by BonyDee Press
Contemporary NA Romance


He’d been hurt. He wasn’t sure if it was physically or mentally, but he’d been in Kindy. He’d been sitting on the silver seats, and he’d been crying.
Those where the points his mind wouldn’t let go of. He’d been hurt. It hadn’t been because people were cooing and ahhing at them, wanting to see the cuteness of two small boys kissing. A calendar marker or something. He’d simply been hurt.
Kevin squatted down in front of him, cupped his chin to make Jimmy look at him. He asked what had happened, and Jimmy would have answered. He wasn’t sure what, but each time the memory came round, he was sure words had actually happened between them. Filling in a moment he’d started to forget.
He remembered the serious look on Kevin’s face as they had spoken, the gentle hands as he fixed what was broken, and then a simple brush of lips against lips.
Kevin never remembered this as a kiss exactly. It’s not as if he’s forgotten that it happened or he just flat out refused its existence, more that it wasn’t anything different, or unusual for him, so it floated away as part of the past.
Kevin’s family touched, kissed, hugged, and praised, which was so completely different from what happened in his house that he was always shockingly surprised when their affection focused on him.
To Jimmy, it had been a beautiful shock. Even in its simplicity.

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The deal with all those books I’ve read this week

Birthday Bash has Started

for the next month I'll be running my birthday bash over on a FB event, there are many reason I've decided to put it other there instead of one my blog, the main being stolen images, and the fact that they are just sharing on FB and are truely stolen once i put it on my blog. 

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Saturday, 23 May 2015


Week 93’s theme is My Sexy Love

There is something special in writing about love and how two people, sometimes more, can find how important it is. It’s special to us as writers if we find a song or a series of songs that epitomize that love story.

Sometime I get these and I just don’t understand what they want from them.
Do I put up a scene that was inspired by music, movies? I don’t have those, yeah I watch movies, I listen to music while writing but I don’t know of any that have inspired by them…

I did however write a short story based on a group of photos, which also, funny enough, is the book I’m releasing tomorrow, yay!!

In a weird way, Jimmy had never forgotten that first breathe of perfection that escaped him in those moments, and yet if his arm were twisted, he wouldn’t be able to verbalise the exact feelings of that first invasion. Something he craved again within a second of finishing that first time.
Sweating, breathing hard, they had laughed as Jimmy discreetly wiped at the tears that leaked out from the sides of his eyes.
He had loved Kevin a little differently from that point on. It wasn’t that he loved him more, or that his love was never going to grow, what he felt then was his forever.
All those things had been there since Jimmy was young; it just wasn’t going to change no matter what. The intimacy between them seemed to lock them together, closer than anything Jimmy could ever imagine.
There was no way he could have known it would feel this…right, that an emptiness inside him would be filled even without being aware of its existence. Not until his muscles sagged, his breath deepened, and Kevin pulled him back into his chest, holding him close, closer than he’d ever been held before.
It was a rightness, which seemed to encircle him. A sappy smile lifted his lips. He his whole world came full circle, even as it started.
He felt…at home, and somewhere new, but safe, because Kevin was there with him. Kevin was his.

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Friday, 22 May 2015

April's Interlude

A Tarnished Character

Great big revelation coming. Are you ready for it? Drumroll Please. I’ve not been even close to perfect in my *clears throat* 40 years on this earth. I’m sure there are several people that would love to back me up on that.

As a matter of fact, there are several people in my life who think the genre I choose to write in demonstrates this lack of perfection. On this particular point I disagree and I salute the haters with my middle finger. That’s for another blog post though.    

In our lack of perfection Brad, the main character in A Tarnished Strength, and I are very much alike. So many times the heroes in books come across as these perfect people who don’t have any real problems. I can’t relate to people like that and I’m pretty sure none of us really can.

Now that doesn’t take away from the fact that those types of perfect characters are fun to read about on occasion. I love escaping into a book with a hot alpha male or males, plural, because sometimes one is not enough. Escapism pretty much sums up the Lakehouse Series actually.

The characters in the Pickleville Series are a different matter though, most especially Brad. When he’s first introduced he’s a homophobic drunk who beats up Jaron McAllister with a baseball bat. After book two I figured out he wasn’t so one dimensional as just being the bad guy in the series. He has things he needs to work out for himself. He has two brothers that rely on him and the security he provides. When he loves someone he loves completely, as he does his brothers.

This type of person I can relate too as a human being. He may not be perfect, but he’s not a bad guy. At some point we all have to say, “fuck it” and love ourselves despite our imperfections. Hell, a few of mine I’ve even embraced.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Holy Shit Balls B*tman, My Book Comes Out On Sunday!!

I’ll let you all in on a little secret, a release coming out does not get easier to take.

I am re-releasing My Kevin on Sunday the 24th of May. Yes re-releasing, which could make you think, well, what’s the big deal? My answer, I have no idea, I never truly know what the big deal is about a book being released.

I honestly want the reviews, but I’ll only be obsessed with it until the first one comes out, and though this book was released as free and I’m wondering if it’s going to tank now that it cost a chunk of money, I can still say it’s one of the best books that I have written.

I’ve not really seen anyone that’s read it that has truly hated it. Yeah there’s been some complains, mostly due to grammar and shit (which I have fixed, hence the price tag now)

I love this story.

Simply love it.

The story idea came to me from a set of photos running around at the time. I was always drawn to the pictures. They were one of the bigger things that called to me, and I HAD to write out there story.

Had to.

So the story was the first thing that was published, both under my name, and under my company, which is a cool thing. It was only published on smashwords and I believe, even tho it cost money now, that anyone who originally downloaded the book can upgrade it for free. If not please feel free to email, or message me in any other way and I’ll upgrade it for you.

i am...I’m just so excited about this book getting into a bigger market place, of it being cleaned up.

lastly, before I leave you all with the links and such. On the 24th I’m hosting a month long party, just ‘joining’ gets you entered into the main prize, just click here to find out more

My Kevin
Republished 24th of May 2015 by BonyDee Press
Contemporary NA Romance

Life, is what we live. It’s what we breathe. It’s who we love.

This is the story of Kevin and me; I’m Jimmy. Our story is not long, and it’s not complex. It’s not something to cry over, and it’s certainly not something to moan about. Our story is simple, and for that, I feel blessed, being able to grow, live, laugh, and love with the one person I was meant to be with.
It has been that way for as long as I can remember.


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

From the Backlist

These are the book, probably most of them found on my GR recommended reads, because I never heard of them before, and maybe neither have you

Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley
First Published 19th of October 2009 by Dreamspinner Press
Contemporary mystery Romance

Miller Sutton, a by-the-book FBI agent, is starting to see some troubling shades of gray in his black-and-white world. He comes face-to-face with his doubts in the person of Danny Butler, a mid-level drug runner Miller hopes to use to catch a much larger fish: Roberto Hinestroza, a drug lord Miller has pursued for years. Danny has no interest in being a witness against his boss, both out of a sense of twisted loyalty and because he knows double-crossing Hinestroza is a sure death sentence. But he reluctantly agrees to cooperate, and as he suspects, it doesn't take long for Hinestroza to figure out the betrayal. Miller is surprised to discover Danny's not the career-criminal lowlife he expected; at the same time, Danny finds himself helplessly attracted to Miller's innate goodness. They barely begin to explore the sparking attraction between them when Hinestroza's hitman tracks them down, and then they're on the run, both for their lives and for any kind of love.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Falling Apart Plans

As you might be aware I’m not really writing anymore this year. or at least I don’t have to again until the end of August when I’ll then focus all of my time on writing for the following year.
So like always, because I don’t need to write, don’t really wanna, as I have other things I need to do, all I can think about. all I want to do is write.

And yet, I don’t.

It’s a fucked up time, like writers block, only my problem isn’t really blockage, it’s actually much more un-motivation because I do most of the time, have to force myself to sit and write. I just don’t really like doing it. I like creating the idea, I like the story planning and all those other things. I just….well, it’s kinda boring when you think about it, because most of the real exciting stuff has already been worked out enough in your head that your sailing even when you’re not…

And now I ain’t making any sense.

I thought tho, that because I really wanna write I might tell you guys a bit about the books that I WILL been writing. The ones that get top priority when August hits and I’m free to write.

Taking A Stand, which is my were/vamp book and still, to be honest, the subtitle then it’s actual title to me.

This one is pure sex. An erotica with a highlight romance shaken in. it will only be around 6K and is 2K in.  and well, like I said, straight up erotic. There is also a possibility to create a series off it, either with both men or with others in the club.

I really like this storyline. I hope it comes out as hot as I think it should.

A Road Worth Travelling, now this storyline has changed. Well no that’s not true. The storyline is still the same, but I have been battling with myself to create a triangle where there isn’t enough plot time to put that in. (so I’ll leave that for another series I want to write, watch this space kinda thing)

I’m hoping to just write this out as one novel, but actually quite like the serial idea I have but we’ll see how it all works out. or more so, I will probably depend on how much story there actually IS. I’m not sure I can even make it a novel anymore, because I’m not a novel writer and there is so much more you need to put into those types of stories than I enjoy writing, but it’ll def be a long novella.

Second Pack of Cameron book 2 and 3, these I want to write. I wanted to start up when I read the first book, and can see them being the first times I actually start up on.

The Long Way Home & Prequel, this is my vamp cowboy story and though I have an idea of what’s going into this, though I know more about how I want the prequel.

A Reason to Hate Valentines, is my horror, well, valentines story, and is about the result of a stalker, and it’s not… a nice story. No HEA or at least not in a conventional way, and def not for one of them.

And that’s all I can think of at the moment – no those are the ones that keep coming into my head, along with a book I haven’t thought about since back in 2014 but I think maybe I’m ready to write that now.

Anyway, thanks for the listen.