Saturday, 20 December 2014

#MySexySaturday week 24

This week’s theme is A Sexy Sleigh Ride and it’s our hats off to the holidays.

Because I don’t have a sex car ride, or any sexy ride at all, I’m going towards the holiday theme, and as it’s not often I pimp myself (yeah I’m laughing as I write this). I wrote a short story for Beany Sparks new meme on her blog, it’s the Moonlit Wolves boys around the Christmas table!!

“God, you’re fucking hot,” Brad worshipped as he brushed a ripened plum against his lovers lips. He watched in awe as Kyle’s lips parted, rich pink lips against deep purple of the plum was nearly too much for Brad.
He and Kyle had been apart for nearly two weeks leading up to this very moment, mostly both of them working—okay, so it was more about Brad getting an offer he couldn’t quite refuse for matters related to his work as well as another round of cannon fodder for Mitchell, while he learned the ropes he wasn’t learning.
All hush hush clueless bullshit when he was actually learning how to protect his mate—his family.
Teeth peeked out just before sinking into the flesh, juices running down his lover’s cheek. Unable to hold himself back, needing to taste, touch, love on his lover in ways that he couldn’t really do at the table, Brad leant forward, licking up Kyle’s chin as the man chews and swallowed before Brad took his mouth. As Brad’s touch flicked he held a hope dinner finished up soon so he could take him upstairs where he planned to lock them in for several days.

And onto the pimping and other random facts linked to this hop

Friday, 19 December 2014

Extasy Books Advent & Christmas Chat

If you don’t Beany Sparks is running an advent giveaway that will run up until the eXtasy books chat. Which means you need to go along to each day and get a word which, well… go check it out, you’ll understand.


go, quickly, get the words, learn the sentence just in time for the Christmas Chat
for more you’ll need to check out Beany’s site or FB – Book Carousel for more details.

I’ll start with the fb post of times, and we’ll move on from there.


The chat will be from 8am PST 19th December until midnight PST 21st December at

For those of you in different time zones thats

        19-Dec 8AM PST
        19-Dec 11AM EST
        19-Dec 4PM GMT
        19-Dec 6PM CAT
        20-Dec 3AM AEDT

        21-Dec Midnight PST
        22-Dec 3AM EST
        22-Dec 8AM GMT
        22-Dec 10AM CAT
        22-Dec 7PM AEDT

It’s a free for all style, as the chat is being held on, which is an awesome place, much more twitter-like than anything, but the flow is nicer as it’s all on one board, we aren’t trying to write and read between different posts.

Authors will come and spend some time when they have it over the 2 days, and it’s be awesomely fun. I can’t wait, I love chats. Though I won’t be able to be there when it opens up, because… well, its 3am for me, I’ll be there as soon as I wake up.

There are prizes involved in the chat, like 3 for readers and 1 for authors. I really hope to see you all there

And if you haven’t seen yet, I’m running a Christmas Present giveaway with 15 e-books in the main prize.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Talking NJ Nielsen

It’s not been that long ago since I meet NJ, I believe it was a chat, and I embarrassingly quickly told her I’d be a BETA and from there a relationship has started. I’ve read two of her books, but the one she wanted me to read at the time was the GR Love’s Landscape book, which I was more than happy to read.

Funny thing is, I actually hadn’t read that many of her books before offering. I became and still am a fan of her. The only book of her’s I read before this point was When Soul’s Collide which was okay in a way that I was up for reading more of the series, but it didn’t make me run out and need more.

It did, however get me looking her up. I kinda stalked her a little, though I’m not sure she knows about that—oh well! I love her posts, I like her as a person and with good reason apparently because we click enough to having a co-authoring in the near future, which I’m so excited about, I really really like the idea and can’t wait to start writing it.

Anyway, I’m going to talk about the book I read and the one that’s free *smiles*

Trying Not to Love You

This is a gay for you, which felt a little more like friends to lover to me. It seems to have those elements of both worlds really.

On one hand it had these two mates who sleep in the same bed, who are tight and do everything together, know everything about the other. So close, right.

On the other, one of them is out and proud, or at least out, and one is in a relationship with a female that screams beard if ever you had one. Only that’s not really it, he does love her, craziness notwithstanding which turns it back the other way.

So the bitch kicks him out and then, well, the hooking up of friends starts….

Anyway, here’s an excerpt

The heat pressed up against Alistair's side felt good when he awoke the next morning—maybe a little too good. Turning slightly he took the time to truly study his friend while he slept. The midnight black hair set off the long dark lashes which framed what Alistair knew to be forest green eyes. Through the years he’d often teased his friend about his lashes, saying they were more suited for a girl. Keagan usually flipped him off, but it was true. The part he never added in his teasing was the fact that the lashes and the colour of his eyes suited the coffee coloured skin to perfection. His own pale blue eyes were plain in comparison.
The different shades of tan on their skin looked surprisingly good together. He was slightly paler than his friend, but not by much. All over they were roughly the same size. Neither of them had muscleman body types, and maybe the both of them carried a few extra pounds around the middle. The truth was they were both extremely comfortable in their own skins. When Keagan had come out at the age of fourteen to family and friends, never once did it cross Alistair’s mind to be disgusted or throw his friendship with Keagan away. In some ways the whole things seemed to make them closer. Their friends and such knew that if they had a problem with Keagan’s sexuality, they’d have to deal with Alistair himself. On the very day Keagan stepped out of his self-induced closet Alistair silently vowed that he’d protect his best friend at all costs.
For his part, most of the people around his age couldn’t for the life of them understand why Alistair’s best friend was three years his junior. Alistair would always smile and tell them that once they got to know Keagan they would understand. Keagan had this whole mischievous side to him that seemed to draw Alistair in a little more with each passing day. Honestly, he never cared about what other people thought of their friendship and as his dad had once told him not long after Keagan came out—If it ain’t broke—don’t fix it. This was a rule he’d lived by for the last six years. He’d been in more than a few fights when someone thought it would be funny to push Keagan around, but they soon found out that Keagan had more than a few friends, both male and female, who were ready to back him up.
Alistair stilled as Keagan sighed deeply and moved closer to Alistair. Going so far as to wrap his arm around Alistair’s side as he snuggled closer still. The weird part was being this close to his friend never seemed to worry Alistair in the slightest. Sliding his arm down his friend's back, Alistair held Keagan gently to his side. A shiver arced through him when the still asleep Keagan placed a kiss against his flesh. It made Alistair wonder who his friend was dreaming about.
Lately Alistair had gotten the feeling that there was someone special in Keagan’s life. The other day he’d picked up Keagan's notebook where he wrote out his lyrics and noticed a change in how he usually worded things. Whoever it was, Alistair wasn’t sure whether the relationship—if there was one—was good or not. All the lyrics on the first couple of pages came off as sad… heartbreaking even. Lying there in bed one particular passage came flooding back to Alistair’s mind.

Picking up the pieces of my heart.
Putting back together what you broke apart.
Don't wanna be lost in memories of days gone by,
`Cause everything you told me turned out to be a lie.
You walked away even though you promised to stay.
In the blink of an eye you said goodbye.

Those lyrics didn’t sound at all like Keagan was in a happy place. Alistair was probably the only one in the band who realised how all Keagan’s lyrics came from things the man had actually experienced. If this was still true, why had Alistair never realised his friend was hurting this bad. The best friend’s code stated there should be no secrets, yet this was all new to Alistair. Once they were back at home and having a well-earned break he would broach the subject and get Keagan to open up and tell him what had been going on in his life. Right now Alistair thought his friend would need some extra special attention… this was one thing he could do for Keagan and he didn’t care what Lauren had to think about it all. Sometimes best friends came before girlfriends if the situation warranted it, and right now, he believe it did. There was probably going to be a shit-storm of a fight between him and Lauren, but hell, it would be worth getting yelled at if helping his friend made Keagan happier.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Little About Ellen Cross

Another Australian Ellen writes Paranormal Romance with her main focus for the last year being to her Preternatural Rescue Centre series. It looks fun, and though I do own the first book, it’s with a sad heart to say that it has sunk into the debts of my TBR pile and forgotten about until this very moment.

It’s the thing with books, so many new ones, not enough time, and if you forget, you forget, which is sad as with the first time I saw the book I was intrigued by the idea, and wanted to read it, but I’ve sadly let a lot of series slide, old and new.

To me it seems like a very traditional paranormal series, which was the pull I had to it, as I’m sure it’ll be for everyone else. it seems fun loving and gripping and something to read when you need a bit of paranormal in your life.

it’s what I’m seeing, it’s what I’m hoping for from the reviews I’ve read off a couple of the books, but my reading buddy hasn’t even read them so I can’t even ask her what she thought. They generally seemed loved by all those who have read them, and that’s a great thing, and I’m certainly wanting to pick it up again and have a read.

And to leave you all with a wee excerpt

Catcalls ripped through the air as the young man slunk to his knees, crawling to the throbbing beat, as he allowed the men crowding the edges of the stage to slap, pinch, and grab at his ass. He rose to his knees in front of Gray, surprising him by leaning over and wrapping his fists in Gray's shoulder-length ebony hair, pulling him forward, right into his groin. He rubbed Gray's face against him, and the scent of the smaller shifter's musk filling his lungs made him instantly hard, uncomfortably filling his jeans, as his body reacted to the delicious pheromones. A guttural groan pulled from deep within his chest and he automatically reached around to pull the man closer. The little wolf chuckled—red wolf if his scent was anything to go by. Far smaller than Gray's own breed...not that he let that little titbit of information let loose often...well, never, actually. The less the population knew that his breed still existed, the better.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

An J Scott Coatsworth's Excerpt

There isn’t much to say about this particular author, mostly because as far as I can see he’s quite new to the whole industry, only being involved in two anthologies

A Taste of Honey anthology and this one he’s offering for the prize.

So without further ado here’s an excerpt from his story in the Candle in the Dark anthology

A New Year

It was New Year's Day, 1986, an hour after midnight, and it was the end of things for Heath.
Or it should have been. It was also the night he first met Finn.
A chunk of old cement crumbled away beneath his feet, falling into the river far below. The bridge railing was cold at his back, and he could see his breath in the midnight air. The water of the River Severn rushed by beneath him, silver in the moonlight and heavily laden with winter rain. As soon as he gathered his courage, Heath[Gabriel B1]  would take his own life into his hands, for once, and would leap into those icy waters to disappear forever from the world of men.
Just two hours before, he'd been over at the Sullivans' house, at a New Year's Eve party thrown by the parents of Sam Sullivan, Captain of the Havenwood sixth form school football team.
Heath hadn't wanted to go, but his mother had insisted. She'd sat down with him at their kitchen table in the small cottage that was all she could afford since his father had left them. She was fading slowly with the years, like the flowered tablecloth she rested her elbows on.
“Heath, I know it's not easy for you, socializing with those other kids,” she'd said, brushing a strand of his long blond hair away from his face. “Seventeen is a hard age for anyone, and you’re not like them.”
Heath was average height, and still carried some of his baby fat. He'd had a bad outbreak of acne when he'd hit puberty, and it still flared up every two or three weeks, leaving his face looking constantly bruised. And he was gay, a big deal in a small English country village like Havenwood.
“But you have to start somewhere.” Her voice was hard as steel. ”I want you to go to this party tonight and enjoy yourself.” She adjusted her skirts, smoothing out the fabric. “Who knows, maybe you'll make a new friend.”
How could he say no to his mum when she put it like that?
So he'd gone, hoping to make the best of things, and it had all gone horribly wrong. Now here he was, all alone, humiliated, and ready to let go.
The fog roiled along the edge of the river, as if waiting for the perfect moment to surge across the turbulent surface, smothering everything in a thick, white blanket. He loosened his grip...

Monday, 15 December 2014

AC Ellas New Book

Book 3 in her Astrogator series comes out today—as in the 15th, so, still a few hours off, but the date on the calendar is right.

What I’m seeing is that this book is a science fiction in nature and has a very Christmassy feel to it. As well as a great blurb—really, I wanna read it!!


Cai sank into his seat and took a deep breath, enjoying the wonderful aromas of Nick’s cooking for about a nanosecond before he dug in like a starving man. Nick wasn’t a slow eater by any means, but he couldn’t hope to keep up with Cai’s pace. Cai also ate quite a bit more than Nick did and his captain saw to it that his plate was always refilled from the plentiful supply that’d been prepared. Nick always made enough that there would be leftovers that Cai could reheat for snacks.
When Cai finally pushed back from the table, he was feeling much better. He cocked his head at Nick and raised an eyebrow. “Time for dessert?”
“Absolutely.” Nick shot to his feet and reached for him.
Cai allowed Nick to draw him up, but then, he took point, pulling Nick toward his bedroom. They hadn’t been lovers for all that long—not quite two weeks, though they had shared some very erotic dreams before Nick had overcome Cai’s reluctance for physical intimate contact. Cai had feared to burn out Nick’s mind due to his inability to hold telepathic shields while engaged in such erotic, emotional, intimate contact with another person. But Nick was tough, a natural impervious under normal circumstances, the most Cai could ever read from him, during sex, was surface thoughts and feelings. It made him an ideal partner.
However, Cai was starting to miss the dreams. He’d enjoyed the freedom they allowed, freedom to play with things like bondage without fear of harming his partner. Nick’s sexual submissiveness still surprised him, almost as much as it gratified him, and though he frequently gave Nick turnabout, he knew he didn’t have to. Nick was always content to just be taken.
When they reached the bedroom, Cai pushed Nick down onto the bed and straddled him, pinning his wrists to the bed. He leaned close to Nick’s ear and whispered, “I’m going to ride you hard.”

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Read This Week #119

The deal with all those books I’ve read this week

Celine Chatillon

Another one of our mf author, this one though has been out awhile and is offing up a story from her backlist.

This is the first time I’ve heard of Celine, mostly, I believe because I read very little het stuff anymore, and the ones I do read are from the series I love from before finding mm. anyway enough about me.

A quick stalking, and it seems to me she writes more towards the fantasy side, but definitely erotic romance, with contemporary scattered throughout. anyway, enough about what I don’t know, here an excerpt comes from her Christmas story Yes, Virginia, Here Comes Santa Claus

When Brad "The Rude Reporter" Rudner opens a letter to the editor from a lonely lady who says she doesn't believe in Santa after her fiance dumped her, he feels it's his duty revive her faith in the jolly old elf. A red garter belt and fishnet stockings help "good girl" Ginny get on Santa's "naughty" list, and "Santa Brad" can't help but lose his heart to the dark, exotic beauty.
"Santa" reached into his bag and handed Ginny a long box.
“Thank you.” She untied the ribbon and opened the container. Her eyes flew open wide.
“Do you like it?”
“Like it?” she squeaked. “Ahem. Santa, I never knew the elves made these sort of toys up at the North Pole.”
The life-sized, penis-shaped vibrator with several attachments and rechargeable batteries totally redefined the words ‘good girl’ in her vocabulary.
He chuckled. “You could say the elves and I have been branching out in recent years. Let’s see what else we have in here for Ginny.”
He reached deep into the sack and withdrew an extra large candy cane.
“Sweets for the sweets,” he said, handing her the traditional snack of Christmas. “There’s some chocolate kisses in here, too.”
Ginny unwrapped the candy cane and began noisily sucking on the straight end. Santa’s eyes followed her every moment as she took more and more into her generous mouth and slowly moved the stick up and down in a rhythmic fashion. The smells of mint and sexual excitement hung heavy in the air between them.
“Hmm…I can’t ever get enough,” she said breathlessly.
He gasped. The bulge in Santa’s jeans rivaled the North Pole itself. Ginny smiled. So… there wasn’t ice water flowing through his veins.
“Yes… I can see that you’re a very good girl. But there are just a few more things I want to give you before I’ll let you properly ‘thank’ Santa...”