Saturday, 21 November 2015


#MSS119 is Imagine Sexy

This snippet is from me December release, you are getting a sneak peek before the real promo starts  

Matt lay on his back, his face lit up by the laughter, choking on it, actually, his eyes bright. His legs were snug around Jex’s waist, his arms spread wide.
Come get it was said clearer than if Matt had spoken aloud.
Jex couldn’t think of anything else to do. Leaning in, he kissed Matt.
Lips clashed in a sweet bid for attention moments before teeth clang as they rushed to get more, closer. Tongues twined, twisted, played, as moisture, flavour—essence exchanged from mouth to mouth. Fingers pulled at clothes as they fought to get closer and closer.
Skin on skin in a loud moan had Jex’s head tilting back, finally getting what he wanted. Matt’s lips attacked his neck, his shoulder, biting deep, pulling blood up to the surface without breaking the skin.
Cocks leaked together in a rub that wasn’t quite perfect, but more a side-track to foreplay.
Matt’s hands came up to frame his face, making him look down at the beauty that was his lover. A fucking work of art, of pale skin, and eyes so deep, you had to be close to see. Having Matt under him was the best way for that, the light above giving Jex an uninterrupted view of heated pools of brown. Questions and answers danced in their depths. They may not have been lovers long, but they had been friends—close friends for a while before that. Even so, Jex could read Matt better than he could himself.

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