Saturday, 9 January 2016


#MSS123 theme is Our Sexy New Year
Laughing at the boy’s antic, Craig took the quick opportunity while they were all reasonably distracted to lean forward. One arm bracing against the back of Phil’s chair, he leant in. It was enough of a move that he had Phil’s whole attention.
Lip to lips, Craig got one of the best kisses in his whole life, which always happened when kissing his man, even if it was their last kiss before they fell asleep.
“What was that for?” Phil smiled that soft smile that made it worth getting uncomfortable with a little bit of PDA.
Craig shrugged slightly, his neck getting a little hot as he kept on forward, grabbing some watermelon off the table.
Phil huffed that soft laugh he did whenever he thought Craig was being cute.
“Love ya too, babe.”
See, though he was being cute.

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