Saturday, 16 January 2016


#MSS124 theme is My Sexy Girl Boy

Hot breath and a tender kiss froze up Jimmy’s insides. His head had cleared to a buzzing that rang between his ears, however hard he tried to pay no heed to it.
This wasn’t anything different. Not the kiss. It was Kevin’s normal way of getting Jimmy to let go of himself. To let go of the worry, the weight that he seemed to hold on his shoulders.
This time, it was different somehow, and it changed them completely. Since Kevin’s lips didn’t leave Jimmy’s. The pressure seemed to get harder, and Jimmy wasn’t sure if it was from his side or Kevin’s. It took only a second for wetness to leave a slight slickness on Jimmy’s lips as Kevin took over everything, like he always did, and told Jimmy what he was truly missing when Kate had kissed him.
What he’d been missing in his life, full stop.
Tongue and tongue caressed each other inside Jimmy’s mouth before taking a short trip into Kevin’s and then back. Jimmy really wasn’t one to be in charge, but that didn’t mean Kevin was all-consuming. He was considerate to a fault.
The kiss lasted a second, yet seemed to last forever. The world turned, shaped, and shifted around them, without the slightest notice from either boy. It was life changing. It was the same as always, Kevin kissing Jimmy to ease the tension, because that’s what he had learnt to do from a young age. Yet, everything in this moment was new, different, special, and it would stay with Jimmy until the day he died and was no longer able to think about, or remember, it any longer.
They had pulled away, lips glistening from the kiss, their eyes glazed. Something deep and soft that Jimmy felt down to his toes came up to reflect the feeling from deep inside his heart, or maybe that was his stomach—or his balls, they sure as hell tingled in a way that screamed ‘notice me!’

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