Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Guest LM Brown with Destiny & Dragons

Lord Marcus and his Quest

Hi everyone. Thank you, Bronwyn, for having me here today to talk about my latest novella, Destiny & Dragons.

Lord Marcus was introduced to readers of the Fairy Tales for All series back in Let Down Your Hair, the first book in the series. As the best friend of Prince Aiden, he played an important role as the voice of common sense. Now he takes centre stage in his own search for his happy ending.

Like Prince Aiden, sometimes Marcus has a little difficulty in seeing what is right under his nose, though at least in the case of Marcus, he has a magical excuse.

Readers will no doubt be wondering why there was no hint in the previous book that Marcus is partial to the company of other men. The reason for that is quite simple, for Marcus has never allowed himself to explore his feelings for men and has been quite happy with women, at least until he meets a certain dragon. If you want to insist on labels, then Marcus is very firmly in the bisexual camp.

For Lord Marcus, going a quest to rescue a princess was something he had to do or else lose his inheritance.  When his mission changes and he promises to deliver a dragon to his family his quest takes an unusual turn, but the reward will be far greater.

Destiny & Dragons by LM Brown
(Fairy Tales for All #3)
Publishing 22nd of January 2016
Paranormal Fantasy Romance