Tuesday, 31 May 2016


I thoughts I'd take a second out to tell you why I've not being doing well with me blog these few weeks. I'm stressed mostly about my computer not working, making it harder to do anything. sometimes I get 1hr others I get about 20 mins and I can't figure out how I get either. 

While I've been away I've read books, I'm 3 up on my novel readings, which means I've got 3 to record (I'm also not calling them reviews anymore) but when that's going to happen I'm not sure - remember the computer troubles, they really area a pain, as I can use others but for blogging and other major dealings I need my main computer and it's not working *sobs* 

saying this I'm hopeful I will be able to be semi regular, I just wanted to let you know why I'm not my normal fully prepared self, if you happened to wonder at all. 


Due to computers and stresses and sickness I've managed to forget time and time again that I need to actually post winners for the Hop I was apart of. it was on my facebook but I never got around to putting it up here. 

so the winners are: 

  1. BonyDee Press Anthology goes to ShirleyAnn
  2. 2 eBooks from my backlist (this does not include Taking A Stand) goes to Suzi Wester
  3. 2 eBooks from my backlist (this does not include Taking A Stand) goes to Trip
all winners please email me at beeheeley(@)gmail(.)com with you information. for the ebooks, a format and title would be nice and for the paperback winner you need to be willing to give me an address and if you would like it signed please add that in your reply. 

thanks you all for participating, hope you'll be around for next years.