Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Me: Taking A Stand

So this is one of the guest posts I had for my books tour. Hope it helps those who didn’t follow along but would like to know more

Paranormal Erotica

I wrote this book. Okay, that’s probably not where I should start, as I already had the idea to it. but the fact was it became the length it did was because I wanted to submit to a charity anthology (which didn’t happen, for reason, well I’m not sure why) and so I had a bit of a guide I needed to stay in, one of which was dark erotica. Only I can’t really do that, and yet I can…. Confused, yeah I feel your pain.

Here’s the thing, I tend to write my paranormal creates in a darker light. Not in the way that I would label it ‘dark’. They are bloody and probably straddles the line, but I see dark as being more … well actually I’m not sure, maybe what I’ve written is. You’ll have to read it and get back to me. Its’ not the point I tend to not be able to write my paranormal creates in a light a fluffy way. They tend to not see things in a human light, in a way that doesn’t allow killing and gore and all those others things that humans’ shy away from. In a way I tend to write them as if the animal in then has taken over more of their minds. They will do anything to survive.

This has that edge to it. Lots of blood and pain. A lot of questionable thoughts and ideals and yet there is a romance tucked into the submission and the pain. There’s a point of bonding and a lover who wants more from him then what he’s got, what he’s use to.

Basically the book is about Dem, my werewolf, becoming who he was always meant to be. To let go of what others what of him and that’s the romance. I think I did a great job, honestly, think this is one of the best books I’ve written. But don’t take my word for it, check it out.