About Me

‘Come in!’ exclaims the Ghost. ‘Come in! and know me better, man!’
—A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens
Hi everyone I’m Bronwyn and this is my first year as an author.
Now I’m not really sure what you’d all like out of these author pages, but I’ll give it another shot
I’m a 28 year old mother of 2, who started writing when I had my second child – which is where the cliché comes in, though it’s not a huge one, I’m telling you the whole mothers writing gay romance is more common than anything else I’ve seen.
This is not saying there aren’t other types, just a very common one, which makes sense as when you’re a mother, especially if it’s something that wasn’t planned. or maybe if it was, your left on your own with a child, and despite what people say in these early years when all they do is eat shit and sleep, there isn’t all that much for you to do. So you get a hobby.
You read.
Mine actually didn’t come until I had my second child, my first was about to turn 2 and I was aware that I needed to stop watching crime shows (NCIS Criminal Minds) as he would start to understand that shit by then.
Which lead me to pick up Twilight…
I think I got 2 chapters into that book when it hit me: “I could do this, easily.”
Maybe a little arrogant of me, as I have a low form of dyslexic which makes it difficult for me to learn grammar and generally spilling. Mine doesn’t come with blue glasses and that river thing a lot of them have, which is why I was never truly diagnosed with the problem, just had server learning difficulties, that made my school life hard.
Anyway, I call it dyslexic now because it’s easier for people to understand and because if I was diagnosed now I would be considered on the board of it—but the basics of it is that I lose words inside my head. Words I’ve used all the time, just vanish and I’m left in the dark. I also have a very hard time remembering the means of big words.
I probably should talk more about my writing, but as I write this I’m just starting to realise that I’m not sure what I want to write, or at least what else.
I love writing romance, and I will always write romance, but I’m hoping to branch out into horror or adventure, but we’ll all have to see how that goes for me.
As if is I only have 1 contemporary free story called My Kevin for you all to read and see if you like me or not.
And I also have a paranormal romance called Moonlit Wolves series, which is available from extasybooks.
Later in the year I’ll be releasing a contemporary romance for the Movember charity which I’m not sure if you’ll be able to miss as I’m planning on doing something big to help raise awareness of male health and promo my book.
I’m not sure if there’s anything else and this is kinda long so I’m sure you want me to shove off, just one last thing.
If you wish to talk to me about my books, or anything really, just use the links on the side bar to find me, I’d love to meet and greet you with open arms.
And if you want something a little less public or have a question you’re dying to know, email me, and I’ll reply as soon as I’m able
Thanks for your time, and for taking an interest in me, I hope to be around for a long while now

Bronwyn Heeley