Wednesday 14 March 2012

REVIEW, Narcissus in Chains

The look on my face must have frightened him, because his eyes widened, and I saw something like human fear cross his reptilian face.

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Narcissus in Chains
Series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, book 10
Pub: 2001, Headline
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Cat: paranormal fiction
Format: paperback (mid); 678 pp w/ 66 chapters
Age Range: adult                                             

I’m Anita Blake and I kill monsters. The last thing I want to think about through when I get home after a night out is work. But someone has abducted a wereleopard from the Narcissus in Chains club. It’s a dark world out there with shapeshifter crime and were-creature struggles. I may not have seen Jean-Claude, the Vampire Master of the City, for six months, but I need his help now, whatever the consequences. Someone is targeting the lycanthropes and we have to save them.

Back story: Jean-Claude can feed off lust and he has been with her for since he meets her.
Damian being her vampire servant (much like a human can be a vampires).
Asher wants more from her than she can give.
She has Riana’s soul inside her that wants her to do things that are...unseemly to Anita (really anyone with high morals), as well as the fact that she’s defiantly a wolf lupa without turning furry.
She’s learnt to deal better with her Leopards and there problems, or more so just getting out of her hair a little.

This one: someone’s seriously messing with the wrong girl. Getting a phone call late in the night telling her there leopard, or more so Nathanial was in trouble.
With nothing left to do she calls Jean-Claude to get information and it turns into a lot more. Like....yeah, a lot, it’s actually the best part in the whole book so I’m not going to tell you, ha, ha.

It’s all about her new powers, which I’m also not going to talk about, though this will be the only time, next review, I’ll spill.
She can’t take what’s going on around her, and when she wakes up in the bed with two leopards she’s never seen before, and Richard’s wolves trying to push her out of there group (which isn’t that bad really, she’s not a wolf, nor dating there alpha, but she’s there dominate no matter what)
Getting pissed off is basically what happens every book with Anita and this one is full of time after time after time.

Lots of guns, blood, and the death of people that shouldn’t have needed to die. Anita has to figure out what the hell’s really happening while dealing with everything else that’s just been thrown into her life.
We meet more leopards, Micah especially, along with some wolves neither she nor Riana like the look of.
It’s full of positions she could do to help. Tears of fear, and loss, and above all, a new set of circumstances.

I like this book, though it was so long, it didn’t always fill that way. Honestly I found it harder to read the earlier books then this one. Though maybe that’s more because I just skipped the descriptions about the people I already knew about, and the back flashes of shit she’d done in the past, because she likes to describe them like we’ve never seen them before, and even more so she like to describe them to drool worthy details, which I’m sure is fine, really, but it’s something I don’t care all that much about, or more so, it’s easy as anything else to skip over.

Though, saying this, this is the book the sex becomes multiple and detailed and lots. This is the book that turns the blood and gore into explicit sex scenes that multiple the less she’s called into the cops.
This doesn’t mean the blood and damage to her body declines, more that it’s all on her now, not her helping the cops.
But I’m getting a little ahead of myself, the cops still ask at this point.

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