Thursday 12 April 2012

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So, I just happened to be looking at Cover Art Coverage over on  All Things Urban Fantasy
it's my favourite thing that they have, really, love looking at all the books, and at the way they comment on the covers, it really shows there personalities in the way they look at things than anything else. 
or maybe it's more that there thoughts are side by side so you can see it clearer. 
I don't know but I absolutely love it. love the covers and the comment
love this posting on there blog!

anyway, these are the four covers that shot out and made my fingers itch to buy them

wating for:

the Curse, b3, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love: (18/Sept/12)
{I'm not sure if I like this one over the rest of the series. I actually think, the colour and just the sward would have worked better. really I think I prefer the plainess of the previous covers}

Covet, b2, Melissa Darnell, (25/Sept/12)
{this one might not come to me in this cover, the first cover in the series was different, and honestly I like it better, so my fingers are crossed that we get that set not this one, really, it's not that good}

Looking More Interesing Every Time I See Them:

Two and Twenty Dark Tales: Dark retellings of Mother Goose rhymes, edited by Georgia McBride and Michelle Zink (16/Oct/12)
{I'm a fan of Antholpgies, I love them because there great at finding out if you can deal with the writing style of a full book. add that with a dark twist on rhymes? I'm hook}

Alice in Zombieland, b1, Gena Showalter (25/Sept/12)
{Showalter is a great writer, as long as you can love what she's writing about. I'm not a zombie person so I'm not sure about the series, but the cover, and even the blurb rings in my ears and whispers to the buyer in me}

the covers I liked but series I haven't a thought in ever reading:
book 4, Out for Blood (30/Oct/12)
House of Commarre series by Kristen Painter
{this covers are stunning and they always catch my eye when I'm in the shops, I would even get them if I was remotely interested in what they are about, but I'm just not, still...}

Jill Kismet the complete series (1-6) by Lilith Saintcrow
{Okay, so this one is all about cover facts. this is the complete series, which is cool, I guess for them all to be in one bind-up, but I think, that if it was something I wanted to read that I wouldn't be able to stop myself from getting it individually. like really, the series cover art are awesome and something I would want on my shelf over a bind-up}

{see what I mean? suck cool covers, simple, hot, total feminine power}

anyway, that's what I thought while looking at the post. you should really go and have a look for yourself, there were 16 this time, normal 12 and they get your mind all hot and heavy for the release

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