Thursday 26 April 2012

Book chat: Old School (ish) #1

Where I talk about the old book I have sitting on my shelf
(And I’m talking both old as in dated and old as in had then since I was a teen)
Every story from Uncanny, Unbearable and Unmentionable

    Prod dets
Uncollected volume two
Series: omnibus
Pub:  1999, Viking (Penguin books Australia)
Author: Paul Jennings
Genre: fiction
Format: Hardback (lar); 399pp
Age Range: Middle Grade

‘For most of his readers, choosing between Paul Jennings’s books is like having to pick their favourite chocolate cake.’
Challenge magazine
Others by
Uncollected 3 Wicked!
Diary book, the Naked Ghost, Unreal!, Quickly Tails!, Unbelievable!, Uncanny!, Unmentionable!, Undone!, Uncovered!, Unseen!, Tongue-tied!

Cabbage Patch series (4), Singenpoo series (4), Gizmo series (4), Wicked! Series (6), Deadly! Series (with morris Gleitzman (6), Rascal Story (5)

·         One the Bottom
·         A Good Tip for Ghosts
·         Frzen Stiff
·         UFD
·         Cracking Up
·         Greensleeves
·         Mousechap
·         Spaghetti Pig-out
·         Know All
·         Licked
·         Little Black Balls
·         Only Gilt
·         Next Time Around
·         Nails
·         Yuggles
·         Grandad’s Gifts
·         Smelly Feat
·         Ice Maiden
·         Birdman
·         Little Squirt
·         The Mouth Organ
·         The Velvet Throne
·         Cry Baby
·         Ex Poser
·         Sloppy Jalopy
·         Eyes Knows

      What I’m saying
I want you to know. These are actually the stories that comes from (well, the books came first) the TV show ‘Round the Twist’ if you’ve seen them or not. There not bad, I think, well, I use to like watching them, when I was in primary/high school (so awhile back)

I really liked these book when I was younger, mostly because they were all I could read. Since I was crap at that, these books were interesting and short enough to keep me entertained while I struggled to read them.
Saying this, these books are actually really easy to read, I just struggled ALOT!

They are the books that I recommend any young kids to read, and that’s not because he’s an Australian author, but they are really run and they made me laugh and enjoy something that I hated so much as I was struggling through school.

Anyway, this book still sits on my shelf waiting for the time when my kids are old enough to enjoy, first, me reading it to them, and then them reading it as well.

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