Saturday 14 April 2012

In Motion 2.6

Starting Paragraph
The Inn was something out of a picture book, the kind you’d show your grandchildren to make sure they would never go into an abandoned house again. And yet, it was lively, and had one of the greatest atmospheres Ad had ever felt from inside a restaurant before.
Body of Darkness, book 1, page 27

Words to begin with: it’s really hard to write a story when you haven’t a name for the characters....
And especially hard when none of the have names but their personalities are strong and there story is already on a roll through your mind. 

Sat: I read this book the other day, um...I think it was...shit, I can’t remember. Anyway, it had in all the songs that the person listened to, or felt connected with the scene in the book. She/he did it in a way that she (I’m more than sure it was a she, so well just go with that) put it. anyway, it’s a point and yet not full centred around this person, most so that people find themselves listening to certain things, having that connect them to a part, and nothing but that song can get them in that mood.
I get this, though I have a strange feel of the ones that turn me off. Like I can’t listen, or watch or read something that makes my mind change tone (and it does, I’m odd that way).
Anyway, I felt that...well, more so I have a hand full of song, or singers that I listen to and what other time there is to have a bit of a plug for them and let you see what I listen to.

these songs are the ones I mostly listen to when I’m writing, because I know them, they have an easy flow and they, I don’t know, let my mind flow without having to really think about the music playing in my ear. Though they’re there when I need a break.

         Architecture in Heisinki
         The Jezabels
         Tegan and Sara
         Cloud Control
         Angus & Julia Stone
         San Cisco
(there might be more, but there all I can think of now)
These are the song I listen to when I’m trying to figure shit out. Either about the plots, or just to have something in my head while things are trying to rush around too much.
        Little Red
        Empire of the Sun
       The Killers
       Kings of Leon
       Lime Cordiale
       3 Doors Down (‘The Better Life’)

I have a heap of other song that I listen too, really I will listen to almost anything that isn’t metal and old school metal (that’s now rock, right?) but saying that, I would prefer that shit than silence. I don’t do silence, it’s to...quite.
But at the end of the day, the ones above are the songs I listen to mostly. My son can even sing a few of Tegan and Sara songs, its super cute.
Anyway, there’s a little bit of an insight into what I listen to while writing, though I will never have a song for a scene, I’ll never have a song I listen to while writing a certain part. I just put my Pod on shuffle and listen to what flows while my fingers work at the keys.   

Sun: [Easter] 1,612words      
You know you’ve done something write when you can have a little chuckle at your own characters antics. I’m not so much talking about this book (hell, wrong series, to start with). But a chuckle at the characters and a feeling that you did something write when it came to them, is all you really need to help you over a lump you’re not sure you could pass.
Though the series that I’m talking about is Teen-Hunt and it’s one that the ten main characters are so developed in my mind that I feel sometime when I write them that I’m leaving things out that is truly needed to show you what they are truly like.
Mon: [public holiday]
{Was meant to read the brick today—didn’t!}

Tue: huh, you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a nightmare? Years. And this one scared the absolute shit outta me!

I found out last night, while reading a part of a book I had a once read, it was something that had come up in another book before. It’s something that every time I read the line—the part—I get annoyed, or more so it’s puzzling and makes ME want to explain the meaning that it’s been said.
And I’m guessing that at some point that the people writing this line, having both character say the line and the other reply in this pointed way, that they must understand what it really means, but it still something that I always feel needs an argumentative point put on the end.
It’s also something that I can put in this book I’m writing, which is what’s making me a little hesitant about telling you what it is and what I would reply with.
Still, it was something in my mind now, something in books all over the world, I just wish one that I read would actually explain the real reason why we, as humans, say that we’re Sorry of a loss that hurts someone more than it can ever impact you.

125 words

Wed: yeah, I got two of my books today—it’s also the day (if you didn’t know) that I changed my blog name. It’s more of what I originally wanted, but then I realised that I was mis pigeay so I made myself crate a name that sorta reflects that as well as keeping its original name, sorta.
Anyway, you either care or you don’t. But there’s some of my reasoning. I’ve just been finding over the last couple of months that my blog isn’t really a reflection of me. I’m crazy weird, or just weird (but then who isn’t?) and I was thinking that the name was kinda, I don’t know, young, it’s mostly because it’s my email address and I created that when I was younger.
Anyway, I want my blog to grow up a little, so that it reflects some of what I write and read. But I also wanted it to stay as it was. Hard, and all, but that’s it. I think I’m going to have to just save up some money and go and learn how to do all this shit (or get someone to do it for me, either way, right?!)

1056 words (I hit over 20,000 words, only 40 to 60,000 more!!)
I also started writing ‘An Algologist look inside Hell’ because I’m getting close and I’m getting a little confused about what’s what, like the real specific’s not the facts. I know what it looks like, on an outer degree, but walking through? We get a little hazy—that too, and it’s been a while since I came up with all the elements, at least this way they’re there and you can see them through the eyes of someone that isn’t a characters, as well as the ones that are.
Because at the end of the day, if it’s something you’d be interested in, I’ll give it to you.
(And yeah, it means that I’m procrastinating in a way that’s not helpful to my writing this book, and yet oddly is...hum. but that happens a lot.)


Fri: 682 words.
It’s really hard to just write when you’re not in a complete mood, and yet, no matter how much I don’t want to write it. No matter how much, though, the words just flow from my fingers. The words just come; the people are so tight in my head that they won’t ever leave. Not really, it’s the fact that I keep on double checking myself that’s hard. Its thinking what I’m writing isn’t good.
Our worst enemy is ourselves.
That’s so right it’s not funny. It’s the worst thing when it comes to an art form. Anything really, that makes you proud of doing. The worst is that you put yourself down the most.
They weren’t lying when they said if you like it than it’s probably the best you’re going to do.
But that doesn’t mean everyone else will like it. And that’s the scariest thing of all.

You have this drive in your head that tells you over and over that you can do it, that you can do it well, but then, there’s also that nagging bitch that hits back that it’s shit that what your writing isn’t at great that it isn’t coming out the way you wanted it to, and because of that, it’s going to be shit.

This is what I’m thinking at least, I’m sure there are lots of writers out there how are happy and know they can do it and have happy thoughts about just how good they are.
But not me. I’m a pessimist; it’s an unfortunate fact of life. It’s even worse for the fact that I like this about that a bad thing??

Anyway, it’s the problems that I’m facing at this time. It’s popped into my head, and I tell you!! But hey, that’s what you get when you read this post, it’s also way I put it as only one.
Anyway, at the moment I can write, and write and write but it doesn’t mean that I think what I’ve put down is crap. I know it’s probably not, and at some point I get to a point where I have to pretty much smack myself down and tell myself it’s absolutely GREAT and that no matter what I can do won’t make it better.
But that point is like, when I’m getting reading to let someone else to read it. And even then I know it’s going to come back and need more work. But I get that. And I know people won’t like it, and even more so, I know that I’m not going to be a best seller or nothing.
Really, it be great but unlikely, I’d never have something in me that thinks I could be that great, but I would like it to be something more, something that people wanted to read. Something that you couldn’t wait to get the next one of. To care!!!!
I just wish I had the mindset that actually thought I could really do that.

Weekly Cap: all up I wrote 3475 words this week. Yeah!!! It’s not as much as I’d have liked to but, then, it never is. I’m not that great when it comes to this shit. Also its school holidays and so I’m a little screwed to start with. You have no idea how annoying children can be when you get to a solid part in writing. It’s always the time when they wants everything (or maybe it’s that time flows different around me to what it does in the real world?!)

Ending Paragraph
“Um...” Imma said still thinking on it. “Where in the entrance to hell, Ad. The way things work here, it’s simpler, but it’s still deadly. We are still used by the deeper, deadlier demons. We can’t ignore them, even more so when we hold blood ties to them.”
Body of Darkness, book 1, page 31

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