Saturday 21 April 2012

In Motion 2.7

Starting paragraph
“So...” Jo said a little reluctantly, he didn’t want to be the person to do this to her, even though he was pissed. Yet, he knew, it wasn’t her fault, and if she held some sorta of humanity to her brain, getting Addy killed wasn’t going to go down well, and Jo was sick of people hurting because of stupidly and wanting to believe in something that just wasn’t true, and more so when it was thrown in their faces time and time again.
Body of Darkness, book 1, pages 31

Words to begin with: I’ll never be able to write anything funny.
Sure you’ll laugh at the shit I write. At what the characters say, do. But intentionally, I can’t be funny. I’m not smart enough.
It’s just a fact of life.
These are the things we live with. The things that aren’t so much a problem with day to day life. There just facts. Sad, but true. They are the facts that shape us into what we can and can’t do. what we will and won’t be.
Most of us live in the easy lane with these facts. We acknowledge them as our weaknesses and if we can do what we will without facing, or pushing threw them we will.
It’s fact. Why go the long way when the short way gets us there twice as fast with little hassle or self harm?
 It’s the way I lived my life. I have (had) massive literacy problems growing up (I still have these same problems but...). I was four years behind my peers and I could never tell what most people were talkin’ ‘bout when they started talking as if they were 100.
I left school in year 10 and went into TAFE studying hospitality. I wanted to be one of those people (sorry I can’t think of what this is) that organise celebrities shit when they are in town. I wanted to see the world threw casino.
See, it was easy, fun and I could do it. All the work, all time. I would have been great if I hadn’t fallen pregnant at 19 and had my son.
When shit like that happens and your life, your hopes for the future come crashing (ha, like they crashed, they just didn’t get started), your perspectives change and your easy way in making a living just got cut out from under you.
Now I always wanted a career. Past job ruined my body from being able to work retail to any good extent and really, though I can be a bitch enough to get high enough, it was never something I could really see myself doing full time.
Anyway, I’m getting into the boringness of my life, and that’s not really what the point of this was.
My point is that everyone does things the easy way until that is taken away from them and your left with a dream or an ability that wonders right over your weakness, and you can either stop and slowly, boringly work your way across the path of your weakness or you can grow some balls and fuckup as much as you have to, to get to the other side of it, and be what you want.
It’s what I have to do when writing a book. My weakness is words, and well, you see how that’s might affect me.
Characters weaknesses are whatever you make them. The bigger and harder and life altering the better, but they’re there and the story your telling about them is all about them choosing which way they want to jump the hurtle of their weakness.

Sun: 1,018 words

Mon: Why are vampires and werewolves enemies?
And a succubus would always smell of sex. An arousal need for sex, right?

Tue: Is it the best of things to create, or make up bits and pieces of your world while writing it? This is the third series that I have that has all the factors worked out so concussively. But still I have this part of me that can’t have everything worked out. Can’t have it figured and even if I do, I generally fuck myself with the facts that I just don’t put them in right.
But is it a good thing or a bad thing?
Yeah, I can go through with the second draft and write and check and double check, but would it be better if I had all this first? 
Not that you can really help on that one, you haven’t yet read anything of mine to full see this point, now have you?

274 words today!!!
By the way, pathetic week for me. Mostly because of the new books. that and school holidays that are annoyingly full of children wanting to spend time with their mother—really, where they get the nerve?!
{yeah, I’m having fun with my kids on the weeks off, and so....shit like this is kinda left a little behind.}

Huh... created a new folder for books. Erotic Fiction. Started the first book in this collection (they won’t be long books, most likely novella and what not. but yeah.)
This first book is called Letting Live and I wrote: 713

Wed: --
{Really am having a suckage week of writing, aren’t I?}

Fri: I don’t think I’m good enough. I don’t think there’s enough sexual tension going on between the two characters while there’s still a level of pulled back and enough for them to has some sort of objective.
Only my main character, though she’s scared stiff of anything that could take away her control of reality, or more so her fear of intimacy, something she’s never really got in a healthy way people do. She’s resigned to fates will, that’s how she lives, because he life sucks and it’s the only thing that’s kept her from running headlong into the front of a moving train.
I don’t think I’m doing the need that sparks inside her, that’s a little more than love from first sight but a hell of a lot of wet thigh tingly goodness for a man that scares away her memories and wants her to create ones that are all roses and chocolate. But she’s not really the type of female that, well, likes the sweeter side of anything.

Anyway, insecurities’ aside (all mine) I felt like telling you this because it’s a step that fucks me up royally.
I’m constantly having to tell myself that I need to just write it out and when it comes time for 2nd draft I’ll be able to add the tension with lines and points that weren’t there before. that I can make all that better the next time round when I can soily see the book in that love drenched lust filled gaze that I will hold while reading it.

Anyway, onto the next sec scene!!!!!
Okay, here’s the thing, I’m actually going to let you tell me if I’m doing okay. I’m not going to give you the whole scene, because, well, it’s not done yet, only his side, but I’m going to give you a taste of the build-up.
Can you tell me if it’s too much? If it’s alright, if it’s good???

     The room was dark, in a way that was all about darkness and only a lamp on the nightstand lighting the room. the brown red walls and velvety brown bedspread was only noticed for a second before Jo noticed that Addy lay across the middle of the bed, her legs crossed at the ankles, her hands laced behind her bed, her eyes softly closed and her lips singing along to whatever she was listening to.  Jo didn’t care. Didn’t care about anything but that she looked hot as hell. All white skin and black closes framed by dark brown that seemed to become a little hazy as his cock spoke for the rest of his body.
      Take her!!!
      Without a thought in the world, Jo shut the door with the heel of his foot, hearing the lock click into place. If his cock hadn’t been in charge of his mind he probably would have wondered on that, but he didn’t. Nothing mattered but naked flesh on naked flesh and wet heat surrounding his harder than life cock, and juices tickling down his going on blue balls.
      Not so sure how it happened Jo ended up coming too crouched over Addy, his knees on either side of her thighs, his arms bracing just under her pits. He was already out of his shoes and pants, nothing left but his briefs and shirt. Thanks fuck for that, too. Jo wasn’t sure how Ad would deal with him totally naked on top of her.
      Still she hadn’t opened her eyes, seeming as if she didn’t want to, but Jo could feel a heat and tension along her body that belittled that slightly moving mouth and relaxed face.
      She was waiting for him to make the first move. She was waiting to see how this was going to play out before she let him know if she would accept it or not.
      A bitchy thing to do to a man, but Jo understood that in a way that he knew that was the reason for her not grabbing onto him and pulling him close. She was scared of this side of men, but he knew, if he were to put his fingers into her panties he would be able to touch wetness without being close to her entrance. There was no way she wasn’t as hot and wet for him as he was hard for her. He wouldn’t let himself think other. Not happening.
      His eyes traced the lines on her face, so smoothly curved, the dark crescent of her lashed as they lay on her checks, and then that softer than sin mouth. A word curved them slightly letting him see a slight darkness of its depths. His cock twitched, nearly spasm, and his elbows threatened to collapse.
      She was beauty wrapped in wickedness and Jo wanted to taste every inch of her.
      He needed to slow it down though, needed to get her trust and her heat up to a point of braking before he was ever going to see entrance to that sweet place of hers. He was going to end up with balls black-blue but he’d deal, he’d live—just.
      With a silent sigh, Jo leant down and ran his nose across her jaw line, taking in the jump of her body and hiss of her breath as a plea to continue. He liked that he surprised her, even though he was clearly going to touch her.
      Taking in her sent he moved along that line until he came to the wire of her headphones. Tugging it with his teeth he let it land where it would as he slowly slid his nose back down her jaw, chin and up the other side where he did the same with the other cord.
      Her breath sawed with the slide, she was nearly whimpering for him to go faster, but he didn’t. Taking so long that he was able to lose and then gain control of his need to pound her hard and come with a banding speed.
      “Jo...” she breathed on a groan when he reached the first side again and tugged at her earlobe, letting both a flicker of tongue and bite of teeth drive her insane.

Plz, people I need to know if it’s worth continuing or not?!

Words: 1,245

Weekly Cap: 3,698 words written this week, yeahish, I guess.
But school holiday will be done come Tuesday and I’m sure I’ll come up with a shit load more excuses as to why I’m not writing.

Ending Paragraph
   The pause seemed eternal and dampening down on his lust.
   When she pulled his mouth down for a kiss it was sweet. A tenderness he wouldn’t have thought her capable of. It was shattering and he lost his heart into this moment, into this kiss, into this woman.
                 Body of Darkness, b1, page 34

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