Saturday 28 April 2012

In Motion 2.8:1 (A Weeks Break)

Starting paragraph
Grabbing one of the towels that he’d hung up last time Jack had a shower, Jessie started in on the man. He needed to be dried and dressed before Jessie did something he’d regret.
Letting Live, first thing written

Words to begin with: --

Sun: rewrote start of Letting Live (though the way things are going, that name will change). I have put in 312 words today, not much but I’m liking the start of this one much better, though it’s in first person and I think that’s going to have to change, it’s just not who I’m feeling this story.
I also have a way to have it work out and reasons for things to slide the protagonist way. Yeah. It’s not what I’m meant to be working on. But toilet time is like a box of heaven, that has you centred and not able to do anything else but think. And when it pops (the thoughts) you can’t let them go.
Don’t think you’re any different. All high noised and whatnot. Epiphanies come while sitting on the loo, if it hasn’t for you; well...I guess you’re a reader, and have never been trapped thinking it’ll only be a quickie that’s seems to want to last a life time.

Yeah, I’m gonna go now, before my thought deteriorate any more than they already have.
Sorry, sensible people, but you know it’s true.

Mon: So let’s talk about what it feels like to have a thought of a book in your head, because at the moment I have the idea for the story I’ve actually been telling you about. It’s a gay contemporary romance.
A little run down
It’s about Jessie, the gay guy next door who’s madly in love with his next door neighbour Jack.
Being friends with his wife wasn’t really something Jessie planned but couldn’t help.
It wasn’t until a car crash killing Jack’s wife and dumping Jack into the neverland of living when you don’t want to. Not being able to help, Jessie takes care of him (a little selfishly, he thinks) and his two month old baby girl while Jack deals with the loss and after effects of the car crash.
Okay, I’m feeling as if this isn’t really coming out the way the books meant to be. But it’s contemporary, and it’s about the love between two men that could never have happened until this accident, which took out the wife.

Yeah, it’s a little mean of me, but I was thinking, and thinking, and no matter what, in my story they were going to be together. There was going to be a wife and a male neighbour who is bi. There was going to be a daughter who was too young to really be anything in the story but....
Anyway, who cares? I’m hoping this story will be sweet, but it’s also an erotic tale and it’s about two men, so all in all, I might fuck it up so badly that’s it’s not readable. Though I guess will find out wont we?!

Anyway, I didn’t start writing this in an attempt to talk about the fact that I’m writing the story, no? Who cares, but I thought that maybe you should actually know something about it since it may never happen again and yet I’ll most likely talk about it, seeing as these stories that I write (this goes with my TraicTeen collection too) are what I write when I need a little brake from the bigger things I’m writing.
These are the stories that I push a lot of gibberish, and scenes from my head to create a story around it so that it can work.
The Erotic stories are for the sex scenes that pop up into my head. (It’s sad but I see sex everywhere. Really, it’s a reason that I still, to this day, can’t let my parents talk about sex—yeah, I know there having it, but my mind actually sees it, with anyone, and I can’t...*shivers violently* let that into my mind. Honestly the only people that I don’t see having sex are my children and my brother and sister (my patents too, when there not putting that graphics in my mind, though I always stop them before there happening))
So these books are up because it’s where I need to filter them too, and so I put stories around them.
And tada!!!*

When I get an idea in my head for a story it happens in four parts.
First the original idea. This is one scene or one line, or one page that gets jotted down because the contents are there in my brain and my fingers got twitchy.
This one is the way things are starting, but generally I never keep any of what I write down, the character stays the same, and the line up, sorta does, but...nah, I generally never keep that first part.

Part two, is where I am now.
It’s where the story actually wraps around the main character to a point that I can’t think about anything else. Nothing. I’m lost trying to work out what’s going to happen, how it’s going to happen and why it happens, in a way that makes it interesting and real.
{This is normally the time where I chose where it’s going to sit.}
This process can take anywhere better 2 days and 2 months. But generally the process, depending on how much I like the idea, happens with in that day or so.
It becomes all I think about, though it’s not like I’m aware of this thinking.

Part three....
Is when the idea clicks into place
This is like....I don’t know, but I’ll explain it this way, maybe then your fully understand (though I’m a little obsessive, so maybe not)
You know when you are reading a book that you’re so into all your thoughts are in the book and the world around you stops existing while you’re reading?? Yes, thoughts so.
And then when you get to a part that’s all in your face (the climax of the story and your all needing to know what the hell’s going to happen next and something makes you put down that book and your off doing something else for... who the hell knows?!
All your thoughts, when you have a minute to think, are wrapped about the book you’ve just put down. The book that is about to tell you answers you’ve been dying to know since the fucking beginning and you’re stuck not being about the read it.
So your minds all fucked up and twitching for you to get it answers and it’s running weirdly and out of style and your lost in the world you’ve been buried in since you picked the thing up??!
Or an I weird?
Anyway, that’s what it’s like for me when I get to this point. It’s all jittery and wacked and I need to write it down, need to start it up.

Part four, is writing the damned thing....and if you read this, you know how great I’m at doing that.

2,706 words in Letting Live

Tue: okay, so I’ve been reading up on some reviews, about certain books. Mostly they were talking about a specific one and how it wasn’t that great because of the characters and their chemistry or there lake of anything that really resembles love or connection between the three.
I think, it’s because, threesomes only seem to work—it the way of falling in love, ever after shit, book style—is if you have two of the characters in love with a third one being thrown in, that way it’s only the third one that has to wiggle into a full relationship with both characters (I have a book this way, was going to have one another way, and that still might happened later in the series, but....)
I think that even that way, the one with two in love with an new character will be hard enough to work out because you have to get her to fall in love with and them in love with her separately, dealing also with jealousy even though it’s illogical since you are falling for that person as well.
I think the easiest way would be one person in love with two and the two other characters falling for each other. It’s the least complex. But my way works, if I can make it work.
I really hope I can!!

1,468 words, in Letting Live

Wed: -- *public holiday!*
Thur: the head is to full.... it’s not really the point in getting this accurate, not at this early in the game, the most is to get as many ‘scenes’ into writing as you can. It’s about seeing where they all sit and what you need to get them connecting, what needs to be put in what needs to be changed to make it the story that you want to be telling.
This one is sad.
Really, I’m hoping that I can show the....I don’t know. dysfunction of both what the husband and wife had been struggling threw when no one new, and what he is know going through as a result in losing her to something he thinks is his own fault. And I’m not just saying with him being the one behind the wheel but also with the strain they had been going through because of the guy that’s now dropped everything in his life to look after his family.
It’s about grief (or at least that’s what I want it to be about) and the relationships that count, even when it isn’t healthy.
It’s not about forever after. Though I never really like to strive for that in any of my books. it’s one of the things I’m struggling with when it comes to writing my romance, I just can’t....I just....yeah, why do they have to be happy-ever-after, why can’t they just be happy with what they got, when they got it.
...sorry, I’m deteriorating.
I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do what I want with this story, but more than likely it will head in its own direction and I’ll be left fixing it to make it work rather than what I wish would work.
by the way, when this is done, it will be going up onto my blog—as a page—since it’s not going to be a long one, though it will probably take a year to get it to showing you stage

600 words—prequel; Beauty of Summer
            Would have gotten more, but I can’t remember the name of something. Bitching!

Fri: -- {wrote nothing, because I’m a douche and I had other crap to do. also, I’m bummed because I want to read something, but I can’t because it’s tone is annoying—in a way, that it gets me having a inner-voice like that and my characters turn a little and it’s not the voice that I’ve had for them at the moment.
But hey, it’s nothing, I’ll figure it out, or not}
--and next week three books that I’ve been waiting for forever (at least 2 of them) are coming out next week, on Monday, I think, and I’m like all bugging to get them. AND One Piece 62 comes out on Wed, though I won’t get to read that one till, prob’ly Thursday, which will suck a little, but then, who knows, if my sister gets it on Monday than I could probably have it by Tuesday....
Who knows, and you guys probably don’t care. But whatever, its book related.

159 words (done after write this), Letting Live

Weekly Re-cap: it’s been a nice little week off, even if it’s proof (to myself) that I can’t write one book without coming up and starting several others, but at least the book I’ve been talking about is meant to be a Erotic novel so it’s only gotta have like a 100 or so pages, which is a shit load easier than writing a full length one.
Really people, I’m seeing at the moment why there are so many other characters in a novel that’s of two people falling in love, really, there’s not much more, you end up finishing that part in like 100 pages and wonder what the hell your meant to put to make it least with an erotic one, I only have to do that fist 100, and that will be fine.

Words count for the week
Letting Live: 4,645
Other (prequel): 600

Ending Paragraph
Heaven in a minute or two that he was aloud it.
                  Letting Live, page 8

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