Tuesday 10 April 2012

MANGA Review, Scott Pilgrim vol 2

Prod dets
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (vol 2)
Pub: 2005, Oni Press, Inc.
Story & Art: Bryan Lee O’Malley
Cat: life
Format: graphic novel, paperback;
Age Range: YA

Scott Pilgrim has two girls on the go. When he’s with Knives Chau, he feels like he can erase his past and start over. When he’s with Ramona Flowers, he’s ready to accept all that, grow up and move on. But like all adult relationships, Ramona comes with baggage—in her case, seven evil ex-boyfriends, showing up one by one to challenge Scott for the right to date her. What happens when Knives and Ramona meet? What happens when Scott’s own ex-flames get thrown in? How will Scott deal? Which girl will he choose? Fights! Drama! Secrets revealed! The answers to these questions and more!

What happens....this one is great (They all are, really, if you haven’t read the series, you should. It’s awesome)

It starts off with a look into how Scott and Kim meet, how they started dating, it’s a dream that Ramona skates threw.
This one is about beating the next boyfriend and goes into the start up of Scott and Ramona’s relationship. This is with dinner and a movie, though the actor is her ex.
A cooking class with Stephen Stills.
The fight with the ex is really cool, mostly because he gets emails that he doesn’t read, just skims and the dude mentions this when they are together and everything. It’s simple and easy, though he does get thrown into a building.
He wins a prize (super cool) and then it goes into the next story, which is more of a back story for Scott, and funny as hell.

It’s a set of books, both mundane, and interesting, with twists that would work better in an old school video game, and a mindset that there in a story, that the volumes they are about to have, or have been threw are mentioned for whatever reason they need mentioning.
But I’ve said all this before, and probably will again, truly it’s the reason I love the set series.

My fav part:
Hey, kids! Now you can cook along at home and impress your vegan relatives!
If you’re under 23, ask a grown-up to help out.
This whole part, the cooking class, is the best thing out of the whole book, though I love the set of the story, this is like the only thing that is unique to this volume, and I absolutely LOVE it!!

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