Monday 30 April 2012

Monthly read re-cap (april)

This is more for me then you, but why not come and see all that I have read, re-read/reviewed, for the month?!

                                     First Time read
 Her Vampire Husband, Michele Hauf
On a Dark Wing, Jordan Dane
Tempted by Blood, Laurie London
The Shadow Wolf, Bonnie Vanak
Heaven Sent, Jet Mykles
Rough, Raw, and Ready, Lorelei James
Fat Vampire, Adam Rex

                                      Manga reads
Vampire Knight vol6&7, Matsuri Hino

Vampire Trilogy, Darren Shan
                                 What I re-read for weekly reviews
Shadow of a Vampire, Meagan Hatfield

{A Monday read}
From Dead to Worse, Charlaine Harris
Vampire Beach1&2, Alex Duval

{Wednesday read}
Micah & Strange Candy, Laurell K. Hamilton

{Friday read}
The Darkest Kiss, Gena Showalter
{Also, book chat: insider’s guide and other #2}

Book Chats
{Discarded books #11}
{Haven’t the pleasure #1}
{Hadn’t the pleasure # 2}
{Old school#1}

 So there you have it, interesting huh? Not really, but I was doing it anyway so why not share, maybe you do actually find it interesting, and if so I’ll do one each month, it’s not really that big a deal.
                                                                            Thanks for the time

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