Monday 16 April 2012

REVIEW, Dead in the Family

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Dead in the Family
Series: Southern Vampire series, book 10
Pub: 20010, Gollancz
Author: Charlaine Harris
Cat: paranormal fiction (mystery)
Format: paperback (lar); 311 pp w/ 14 chapters
Age Range: Adults                                           

If you think your relationships are complicated, think again: you haven’t seen anything like the ones in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Sookie Stackhouse is dealing with a whole host of family problems, ranging from her own kin (a non-human fairy and telepathic second cousin) demanding a place in her life, to her lover Eric’s vampire sire, an ancient being who arrives with Eric’s ‘brother’ in tow at a most inopportune moment. And Sookie’s tracking down a distant relation of her ailing neighbour (and ex), Vampire Bill Compton.
In addition to the multitude of family complicating her life, the werewolf pack of Shreveport has asked Sookie for a special favour, and since Sookie is an obliging young woman, she agrees. But this favour for the wolves has dire results for Sookie, who is still recovering from the trauma of her abduction during the Fairy War.

Okay, fess up time. I haven’t read this book. There are two reasons, one is pathetic and one you’ve heard before.
I have skimmed it a little, both the first time it came home and today before I decided to pull this up.
It’s all about Eric’s maker I’m pretty sure, but not positive on the whys and how’s. I also don’t care enough to want to know. This story never intrigued me at all.

{the pathetic reason is that this book came in the TV series cover and it makes absolutely no fucking sense to be on the cover of the book series other than sales that don’t need making because this is book 10, really people wouldn’t buy this on off the bat, and if you are a fan of the book series—you one of the TV show. Anyway, I put the pic above, half those characters aren’t even in this part of the series, and they defiantly aren’t....arg! Really, it’s something that pissed me off right away that the beginning content didn’t make me care anymore}

Okay, this book starts of pretty well actually, I will give it that. The first couple of characters are Sookie recovering from the shit she dealt with in the last book. I actually like this. like that you get to see her mental recovery see how she was really effect rather than pushing past it. It was the rest of the shit I didn’t care for.

Anyway, I’ve read the next one and this one in a way needs to be read, but I’m sorry but I just couldn’t care enough to get into it. not really.

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