Wednesday 18 April 2012

REVIEW, The Harlequin

They will play with us, then destroy us...they are what we fear in the dark

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The Harlequin
Series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, book 15
Pub: 2007, Headline
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Cat: paranormal fiction
Format: paperback (mid); 481 pp w/ 47 chapters
Age Range: adult                                             

The first warning is unexpected, calculated. The second warning is a gift: a plain white mask, carefully wrapped. But white is good—white means we are only being watched.

It seems the power that connects me, Anita Blake, with Jean-Claude, Vampire Master of the City, and Richard, leader of the werewolves, is attracting very unwelcome attention—from creatures so feared no vampire will willingly speak their name. They are known as the Harlequin, and they have the authority to pass judgement upon me.

It is forbidden to speak of the Harlequin unless you’ve been contracted. And to be contracted is to face a sentence of death.

The vampires have a problem, they keep on getting masts. It’s a sign of the Harlequin, the hunters of there species. No one is allowed to talk about them unless they are getting judged by them. And now Jean-Claude’s kiss is.

This is one of my favourite books in the series (there are small and few between). it’s got Anita in a bit of a split personality and it also shows that she doesn’t even realise how much she changes the way she is when Edward is around. Though still a bit of a bitch and all that she’s more....I don’t know, her old self, and it’s not what you get to see much of when she’s with the mountain of lovers she got going.

So bad shit happen and someone messing with them. They need help and so Anita invites Edward to come for a hunt. He does bring with his Peter and Olaf—for different and yet related reason that I’m not going to spill on since it’s a big part of this book.
It’s simple and yet complicated and traps you unlike a lot of the books I’ve read before it. This is also the start of Mamma Darkness, so it’s one you really need to read in order to fully understand—or maybe just have all the details into that nut shell.

It’s got a more intense feel about Nathaniel and what he needs. It’s focus more on the British of vampires, which is a little annoying, but that might be because I’m Australian and the common phrases she has to explain are they the whole book, and I got them in the first place.
Um...lots of hot men in minute description, oh, and Heaven is back—our yummy Cookie Monster. Man I love that part of him coming in; I think it’s my fave part.
But it’s unfortunate that...ah, wait, next book, I think, I’ll explain more about him.

Ah... I think that’s all, I really can’t tell you much, but I loved this book, really one of my favourite in the series.

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