Sunday 20 May 2012

MANGA REVIEW, Vampire Knight 8,9&10

Prod dets
Vampire Knight vol 8, 9 & 10
Pub: Chuang Yi
Story & Art: Matsuri Hino
Cat: *think about it*
Format: graphic novel, paperback; 35th Night to 48th Night
Rated: T+ [of older teens]

Cross Academy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At twilight, when the students of the Day Class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of the school, protecting the Day Class from the Academy’s dark secret: the Night Class is full of vampires!

After trying to recall her past, Yuki’s hallucinations become more vivid, and she tries to strangle Zero during a fit of madness. Locked in her room, all she can see is a world dyed in blood, but Kaname comes for her. he tells her it’s time to wake up and sinks his fangs into her neck....

    Catch up.... 1: Cross Academy, a private boarding school, is where the Day Class and the Night Class coexist. The Night Class—a group of beautiful elite students—are all vampires!
2: four years ago, when his twin brother Ichiru turned against him, Zero was turned into a vampire by Shizuke. Kanmae kills Shizuka, but she hints there is another evil. Yuki tries to regain her memories, but mysterious powers prevent her from doing so.
3: Yuki questions Kaname about her past and he says he’ll tell her about her past if she becomes his lover...Kaname treats Yuki as if he is protecting her from something. Skiki returns to the Academy with his body possessed by Rido. Rido claims to be the true head of the Kuran family. When Yuki tries to probe her memories, she hallucinates and sees blood. Then Kanmae comes to her....

Yuki suffers searching for her lost memories
Kaname’s fangs sink into her neck!!

What, I love this series, really, and more so, it’s going to be the same blabble that I gushed about last time, because though the story runs, my feelings about it stay the same.

Vol 8: Yuki waking up and the realisations that some with it.
The past, the present and who she was truly born to become.
Zero, on the other hand is locked up by the hunters, though it seems the head is working for (under) the senate, though I can’t be fully sure about this point yet.

Vol 9: is a lot more about Zero and the whole thing about twins of hunters. It’s actually interesting and sweet the way the twins are with each other.
Kaname goes for the senate
And Zero kinda snaps a little, all understandable, but we have to wait till the next vol to know how it turns out with him and Yuki.

Vol 10: the confrontation that happened in the last book didn’t particularly get resolved but ended for a time. It’s more a start to a new part, I think.
We got a really nice back story of Kaname—again.  


I’m finding that....
Oh, man did I tell you how much I loved it?! so so so good, like always.’s a little hard to follow. It’s becoming more clear the more I read like she—he? That takes a bit too—says one thing, it get cut off by some dialog and then it sorta goes to a part that seems like we should fully understand but your meant to, like that internal dialog still rambled on without is knowing.

I’m also finding it hard to remember people—the important ones I’m okay with and yet the ones I forget are important, but everyone just looks the same.

Well, that’s my bitch. Every series needs one and that’s this one.

I really do love this series. Really, it just can’t be read (okay I can’t) one vol at a time. The story is just...Longley complicated and perfectly lengthen.
It still reminds me of a soap I watched when I was 16 (Passion, yeah, I’m kinda old, what’s it to you), that need to go on though you’re not sure why and’s so awesome you can’t believe why people wouldn’t watch it. Yeah, meaning, read this. Now.
     —I really do love the end stories that make you laugh. They break the tension that builds threw the story and maybe because of them you’re able to actually wait for the next one, you know without pulling your hair out.

It’s just so good, you should read it! Really!!

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