Tuesday 8 May 2012

REVIEW, Bites of Passion

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Bites of Passion
Series: anthology of vampire erotic
Pub:  2010, Red Silk Edition (ravenous romance)
Edited By: Cecilia Tan
Genre: paranormal erotica
Format: paperback (lar); 191pp
Age Range: adult

What does it mean to love a vampire? Does it mean nights of pleasure, tempered with sweet pain? There is no more sensuous figure in dark fantasy than the vampire. Whether a powerful seductress who harnesses the night to her will or a mysterious and handsome demon lover who demands surrender in exchange for passion, Bites of Passion presents many incarnations of the ancient myth. Eight top authors explore themes of immortal love, the lust for blood (and other things), and the eternal struggle between light and dark. Sink your teeth into these stories of “the hunger,” of need that can only be slaked after sundown, of the rush of blood and the scent of skin.

First I’ll start with the content
            Table of Contents
Introduction by Cecilia Tan
La Petite Mort by Jessi Holhart
Bloodways by Eric Del Carlo
Familiar Places by Edward Fuque
Legend by Rakella Valencia
The Longing by F.R.R. Mallory
The Ballad of Nosferatu by A.N. Cartez
What Wind Is To Fire by A.M. Hartnett
Temperance by Thomas Marcinko

Erotica....yeah, that’s what this is meant to be, but reading it, I feel that my definition of that word isn’t what it’s meant to be. Really, it was like reading every other romance with a tip to sex.
Don’t get me wrong, I actually really did enjoy each and every story that was in the book, I liked that they were quick, interesting and they explain what was going on without taking up to much time, but....
It wasn’t erotic in my thought on it. it was like light porn that only really showed you what sex was hidden marginally behind body parts, making you think you saw more than you really did.
I don’t mean to be mean about the book at all, like I said, each story was great and I wouldn’t mind reading something else from a few of the authors, on writing style alone, but erotic it wasn’t.
And because of that it’s a disappointment, really, people, there was sex, but it was almost like sex written in the blank though it was clearly them fucking in words.

I had this thought in my head that maybe the reason it wasn’t so much about the sex was because the authors were males, and in any sight of the world, males and females think differently even when they are in sink. And some of these authors are clearly male (I say, because I can’t really work out the rest, mostly because I’m really not that interested). So maybe it was more, or different because of that aspect of things. Maybe.

At the end of the day, though, this anthology would work well for those out there that are just getting into the whole erotic thing, because it really isn’t disturbingly wonderfully descriptive and so it’s light enough and yet hot in a way that would get you seeing if you could handle a harder read or not.

So rap up, I think I would have enjoyed this book a lot more if the word erotic wasn’t put anywhere in its description, it’s honestly just a romance. Really.
Or am I the only one that thinks erotic is just sex, hot, wet, hard, fast sex?!?

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