Monday 28 May 2012

REVIEW, Forsaken, part 2

The touch promises ecstasy,
Their kiss...immortality

    Prod dets
Series: Wings in the Night, book 1 & 3
Pub: 2010, Harlequin
Author: Maggie Shayne
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback ominous (full); 493 pp w/ 34 chapters
Whose: Eric & Tamara. Damien & Shannon
Age Range: adults                                           

Twilight Illusions
There could be no doubt that the one called Damien was the master of shadows, the greatest of his accursed kind. But now his ancient mantle of mystic power was threatened by a terrible weakness – a fatal passion for a woman of mortal flesh and blood...
Suspicion had first drawn Shannon Mallory into the darkness, in search of the truth behind the legends that swirled around this man – if man he was. But it was not suspicion that kept her there or even fear – it was pure, stunning desire...

This book was originally published in 1994 by Silhouette publishing, and FantasticFiction considers it Urban Fantasy.
First read review; Damien if the first ever vampire created and he thought the only by that man. Only what he doesn’t now might kill him.

Someone is in town killing off woman and making it like a vampire attack in order to get Damien to kill himself because little to all know, Damien is slowly losing his touch on reality and all he ever wants to do is drink blood.

Then he meets Shannon, a woman who wants to catch Damien, she thinks he killed her best friend and she wants vengeance for that death. Only problem is that when she meets him all she wants to do is leap into his arms.

Not this story is very much along this line—she doesn’t want him, while lusting after him to a point that he’s all she ever thinks about. Damien wants to protect her but doesn’t want to get near her because all he wants to do is drink her dry—though it’s not that easy for all vampires get a special bond with a chosen and so he can’t help the protective side that comes up whenever he thinks of her.

Still there is a killer out there, one that is trying he’s hardest to frame Damien and when he can’t he not only takes Shannon the newly changed vampire, but Tamar, because they were together. Now not only is Damien after them but Eric and Roland who happened to be staying with Eric at the time.

Now we all know what happens, though this tale is smothered in the fact that neither Damien nor Shannon talk to the other about how they feel.

This read: I actually really liked this book, though there are a few things that I remembered that bugged me the first time, and again this time, the end result and the way everything played out, made me fall in love with both characters all over again.
Though the whole, ‘I hate that I’m can’t not touch you’ thing that drives the majority of the story, annoyed me the most, which sucks mostly because it is the story. but unlike a lot of books that I have read with this line, this one works well with the maudlin ways of Damian. It made sense and got us a better look into him then it did her—though Shannon’s story isn’t something to be left behind.

I liked it, like the twist at the end that really drove the story, especially when you start to get that picture bit by bit so when the final battle comes it’s not so much of a surprise but shocking in the whys.
It’s also a look into the same crap we live threw now, but put in context with an older time.

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