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REVIEW, Bride of the Wolf by Susan Krinard

Riding off into the sunset...can be deadly

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Bride of the Wolf
Series: Historical Werewolves # 6
Pub: 2010, MIRA
Author: Susan Krinard
Cat: Historical Paranormal Romance
Format: paperback (mid); 364 pp w/ 21 chapters
Whose: Holden & Rachel
Age Range: adult

Rachel Lyndon yearns to escape her scandalous past, but her dreams for a better life seem ruined after she buries her fiancé on the Texas plains.
Heath Renier has been evading the law for years. Now he’s found a new identity as Holden Renshaw, foreman of Dog Creek Ranch. But the arrival of Rachel, his boss’s mail-order bride, upsets his fragile peace and threatens to expose his deadly secrets.
Rachel knows that the mysterious and savagely handsome Holden is the last man she should trust – especially once she’s seen glimpses of his true nature. When he’s suspected of killing his employer, she has a terrible choice to make. But the heat of his gaze ignites something seductive and irresistible within her. No matter how dangerous the road ahead, she’s determined to give him the one thing he’s never truly believed he deserves – her undying love.


Set in 1881, it about a woman trying to outrun her past by marring someone she had never meet before. But when she gets to that meeting to find that her husband to be is missing and baby is put into her arms, she tries to stay true to the man she must marry when all her feeling end up going to one that turns into a wolf.

It’s about jealousy and greed. It’s great, the way you can see that ‘I deserve without doing’ mind set, along with a man that’s kind even though he’s never really been shown it. And a woman that just wants to have a new life even if she has to lie to everyone to get it. But with a baby involved and a man she can’t help but fall for what happens when he’s secret comes out? And how will they all live with consequences of that one night of passion?

Re-read: yeah, I left the above because I couldn’t really think of anything else that wasn’t the above threw this latest read.
Anyway, this was, I’m more than sure, the first book in the series that I got to get (because it was the only one there) and because of it, I think I love it the most, though I’m not sure I wouldn’t have anyway.
The whole fact that she’s pretending to be something she isn’t, isn’t new to the series, I can’t say it run through the underline of it, but it’s probably a big factor (mostly because the wolves are hiding, aren’t the).

I fell in love with both characters. There story individually were heartbreaking and you couldn’t help but sympathies with them. Though it’s the story they create together that has me falling in love with their story.
Really, it’s truly sweet.
And it’s the last couple of lines between the couple that has your eyes tear up and I would love to share than here, but even if that wasn’t spoiling a hell of a lot of shit it mightn’t pull as much without the whole story backing it.

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