Saturday 25 August 2012

Adults Corner #3

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

[A warning that this has not been edited, had any one check it for grammar mistakes or even read threw by me more than once]
And is written by me, Bronwyn Heeley

This is the work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are solely the product of the author’s imagination and/or are used fictitiously.

This comes as a snap out of one of the novels that is waiting to be written.
I wrote in my ‘In Motion’ about this and thought it be a good one.

Third Wheel Heaven
(Warrior Brethren #7)

[This is a scene of pegging]

     Apparently she hadn’t taken as long as she thought because as she entered the room, Ethan jumped a little, he was laying on his back his knees bent, lube sat open beside him, one of his hand held his balls out of the way, the other was buried two deep inside his ass, frozen for the second he got a look at her and what she wore.
     “Fuck me,” Ethan breathed
     “Planning on it,” she smiled into his eyes before looking down pointedly at his fingers, “I thought you were meant to be three deep.”
     “Getting there,” he said with a quick out and before gamming three back in, but he wasn’t ready yet he needed those fingers to be side by side not scrunched.
     “Come on, let’s see it then,” Marta spoke as she kneeled onto the bed between his thighs, waiting.
     “Fuck,” Ethan breathed out again as he let his head flop back onto the bed and his fingers worked in and out. As Marta watched the opening around them gave and his fingers stretched out.
     “Where’s your spot?” she asked, curiosity getting the better of her. She just couldn’t seem to want to wait until she could explore herself, though she wasn’t getting her fingers in there so maybe it was pointless.
     Ethan moved his fingers slightly to the left and then seemed to push, a groan filled the room as his back arched. Marta nodded.
     “You know this probably won’t be as good as when Axel fucks you, I just don’t have that kind of power behind me.”
     “Help you,” Ethan panted as he got his fingers to flex a part a little before stilling with three fingers rammed as far as they could go.
     “Prefect,” Marta purred, “not how you want this.”
     “I want it like this, but....” he pulled out his fingers and rolled himself over moving the pillows out of his way and moving up so that his forearms rested flat against the headboard his fingers curling around the top. His head lay against the mattress and the curve of his back ended with his ass in the air pointing at her.
     “Shit,” she muttered liking him in the position more than she thought she ever would. She liked that he wanted it, waited. Liked that his hole was open to her, wet, pick around the edge where it clearly different from its normal darkness.
     She swallowed, and pushed the plastic dildo into his opened hole, watching as the slowly added stretch that came.
     “Your going to have to tell me when to stop, I can’t tell that shit with a dildo,” Marta said it was hard work moving the plastic threw the muscle clamping and releasing, but she could feel that with the grip she had on the base of the rubber. It was good that she had listened to the man who had helped her work out what she wanted. Seemed he really understood what he was going on about. It wasn’t anything massive, but what she felt pushing on into her own body. It was odd and didn’t really feel real but it was there, that faint vibration threw plastic. Though it help that she understood when she was feeling it, as his body would make it even harder to get threw at a point and then easier.
     The slow moan as she moved forward was an added bonus that it was all working out for her, that she was doing this right.
     With a grunt and quick movement of her hands Ethan’s ass landed in the curve of her hips. It was a nice fit and again, thanks to the guy at the shop, there wasn’t as much fabric, leather at the front of her as there was normally. It meant that when she wasn’t inside someone that she had to have a good grip on the dildo because the fabric had more trouble holding it up, but good, the feel of his hot flesh along her pubic line, against the lines of her thighs...worth the effort. But like he said, it wasn’t like she was going to be wearing it for fashion; she’d put in on and stick it in.
     They took a moment of stillness. Marta taking her cues from Ethan, knowing that when he wanted to move he was going to, Marta took in the back, letting her fingers run up the sweat coating it until her fingers tangled in the hair around the base of his neck, she tugged at it slightly as she let them slide out.
     Her other hand rounded his hip, feeling the shake in his body, the need to move when he wasn’t ready. It was fascinating but something she had seen with both men as when they were with her. It was amazing to feel it and she understood why Ethan always ran his hands or lips against the man’s lower back when he waited. It was heady to know that she had done that to him.
     When Ethan moved forward and the back, she let him have a few slides, letting him take a feel to what was about to be slammed up him. Just like when she wiggled with the plug.
     Oh, gods the plug. She was finally going to feel what it was like to have that in her while she thrust into Ethan. She could already feel the slight movement as Ethan got a little bit more confident with his movements and they moved her slightly. She was getting antsy though, her body hummed with the need to get this moving. She wanted to come just as badly as he did. She could already feel her heart in her ears, and her body heat was rising as was the sweat she felt above her lip and rolling down between her breasts.
     “Gods, move!” Ethan nearly yelled and it was all there was.
     Working together they grunted and moaned and the plug was like nothing she had ever felt before. The movements of her hips had it hitting her G spot, and sending a nearly paralysing amount of pleasure that boarded so close to pain she was riding a wave of beauty.
     It was absolute bliss and she loved ever moment of it. So much that she didn’t notice her own body beside the pleasure and the need to come.
     “Shit!” Marta nearly screamed as her body ripped apart without any warning. Everything in her went to jelly. And she blacked out.

Ethan nearly laughed as he came out of the high of orgasm to find that Marta had passed out on him. But shit it was good. Nowhere near that of what it felt like to have Axel in him, but that that wasn’t saying the unrestricted pounding of the female behind him wasn’t a turn on. Even more, the fact that she was doing it turned him on. Knowing that she was taking some sort of pleasure out of ramming him was fucking hotter than hell, and it made the whole thing as good as being fucked by Axel. More so because she gave him—hell, pretty much told him she could give him more—of that emptiness that being controlled gave him.
     And she was light as hell on top of him, all warm and soft and he kind of liked that too. Like it enough that he let the after-glow completely wash threw him before he needed to get the dildo out of him.
     With a sigh and soft movements he rolled her to the side and then winced a little as he pulled himself off it. Really, a soft dick was much nicer on the sensitive muscles the rubber. He needed to remember that, remember to tell Marta so that next time she would take out before all that pleasure died down.
     After a quick trip to the bathroom and a wet cloth in hand, Ethan returned to the still passed out Marta. He smiled, there must have been something in her because there was no way this was from exhaustion, they slept fine enough together last night.
     With steady fingers and a smile of his face, Ethan undid the strap, at the side of her hip, though it didn’t get it off, but that didn’t matter. Pulling it down enough and with the thought that she’d inserted something Ethan worked at the sopping—shit, she was really wet. Wetting then she’d been before—fabric and came to a plug—dildo?—Base, and pulled it out nice and slow.
     Plug. Ethan smile widened.
     Wiping her down was a little awkward, mostly because he was wiping her down and that too for the fact that he’d not done so with a woman in his life. It was odd, and not only because he found it satisfying that he was cleaning her up.
     He’d never found woman attractive, not once until he met Marta. And that scared him even back then when he fought it. Now, now that she’d shown him this. that she’d gotten off so superbly with him, like this. What did that mean for them? Could it be a them? That thought had hope rise even as he tried to push it back down again. He couldn’t hope to hope. What if they still got rid of him?
     Sighing and pushing it all away for a later date he threw the cloth on the floor and collected all the pillows. Then lifting the light woman up, he pulled down the covers, spunk and all, and got them both comfortable under the covers with the softness of a woman in his arms.
     Fucking thing was funnier than anything else that happened tonight. Because as he lay there he found himself in love with the feeling of her there. He never wanted to give it up.

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