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REVIEW, Fair Game by Josh Lanyon

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Fair Game
Series: --
Pub: 2010, Carina Press
Author: John Lanyon
Genre: erotic mystery
Format: ebook; 216p w/ 26 chapters
Whose: Elliot & Tucker
Age Range: adult

A crippling knee injury forced Elliot Mills to trade in his FBI badge for dusty chalkboards and bored college students. Now a history professor at Puget Sound University, the former agent has put his old life behind him-but it seems his old life isn't finished with him.

A young man has gone missing from campus-and as a favor to a family friend, Elliot agrees to do a little sniffing around. His investigations bring him face-to-face with his former lover, Tucker Lance, the special agent handling the case.

Things ended badly with Tucker, and neither man is ready to back down on the fight that drove them apart. But they have to figure out a way to move beyond their past and work together as more men go missing and Elliot becomes the target in a killer's obsessive game...

Okay, so if you know anything about me, it’s my dislike in reading mysteries (and yet, I seem to find myself reading a lot of them, weird, hah?!) but this is an exception, though where I got this book it was said to be an erotica—it’s not, or at least not in all those ways I believe it wasn’t. hell, the sex scene were....boring in comparison to some light romances I read—hell, I’ve read a YA that’s got a hotter sex scene then this one.
Don’t get me wrong, it was sweet, but not in a erotic way.... more, romance, as a light.

But enough about this. I tend to go around in circles until I forgot the point I was saying, let’s see if I can change that.

It’s a story about this guy, Elliot, learning to deal with the fact that’s he’s no longer the superhero, the problem is, he can’t seem to stop. It doesn’t help that he’s father gets him in a case that’s a lot more than what anyone thinks.
And from that it becomes every other half-hour TV show—well, no; it’s actually like most books, right? All about him knowing something happening that’s bigger than anyone else thinks and he’s the only one that will keep on going. To find the truth.

Add in Trucker and you have an ex that’s not really an ex because it wasn’t really fair on both parts. And you have your relationship which flairs back to life and ends on a kiss.

I really liked the book, though it had moments I didn’t particularly care for, everything went as it did and though I wasn’t shocked at who the bad guy ended up being it was still a little off what was going on. Though saying this, I didn’t really have that thinking ahead mood threw this book. I just went with it, and maybe that was because it wasn’t that intense made you so invested in the crime that you can help but want to figure it out. Or if Lanyon’s writing just kept you at a pass that you couldn’t do anything but follow with rapt attention.  

The relationship between the two men was... well, actually, it was like what you’d expect, to be honest. With males. And I really liked that fact. I like that they didn’t really want to bring up emotions but would rather yell or snap at each other. I like how you can tell, that Tucker had changed, mostly because he’s saying he has, but not like he’s flat out saying it.
It’s like we can see the love between them, the love from Tucker even though Elliot can’t. And because of that it makes it sweeter, and makes you see Elliot’s feelings when he isn’t, or doesn’t want, to see them in himself.
At least this is what I got.

It was a really good book, it kept pace nicely, moving from one moment to the next and you are just happy as a sheep following along while he does his thing. a fly on his shoulder he’s got no intention of shooing away, is what it’s like.
So if it’s your thing, it’s defiantly worth the read. 

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