Friday 24 August 2012

REVIEW, Hunted by PC & Kristin Cast

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Series: House of Night, # 5
Pub: 2009, (atom) St. Marin’s Press USA
Author: P.C & Kristin Cast
Cat: Fantasy & Magical realism (para romance?)
Format: paperback (mid); 439 pp w/ 33 chapters
Age Range: YA [16+]

The door closed with a sickening thud of finality, shutting my friends out and leaving me alone with my enemy, a fallen angel, and the monstrous bird creature his ancient lust had created. Then I did something I’d only done twice before in my life. I fainted.
It’s all happening, through Zoey Redbird wishes it wasn’t. She has her friends back, which is great. But a dark angel has taken over the House of Night, supported by High Priestess Neferet. Not so great. This leaves Zoey hiding out with the (supposedly friendly) red fledglings in Tulsa’s prohibition-era tunnels. The not greatness continues.
Naturally, Zoey also has boy issues to stress her out, with a chance to make up with super-hot-ex Eric. But thoughts of the archer that died, semi-permanently, in her arms keep distracting her. Then he shows up as Neferet’s newest minion. Well, hell. Zoey and friends will need a plan to put things right, and soon, if she can just keep her head and her heart intact.

This book is also a favourite, and to be honest the book that got me liking the series again. Bring Heath back in as her consort, though it was his fault. With a fatal injury Zoey is headed back to the House of Night, with her closest living friends and the son of Erebus who happens to be seeing something in Aphrodite.
So back in the school she managers to run into Starke, the boy she can’t stop thinking about, one that she thoughts, if only for a little bit, that he was her soul mate, but he was undead and had changed. To a point that pissed off Zoey, but unlike the others she had seen Stevie Rea and she knew that this wasn’t the real him, and that she might be the only one that can save him. The only thing is, does he want her to?
This is also the last book that is spoken in only Zoey’s mind. The rest cover... well, whoever’s needed when the time comes, I guess.

This read: still a fav or the series. There’s isn’t much more that I need to say, really, but this is a good one, in my mind and really got me to continue with the series when I was having large doubts about it. But I don’t really have anything else to say about it. sorry?

Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted, Tempted, Burned, Awaken, Destined, Hidden,

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