Monday 27 August 2012

Wasn’t meant to be—Come the Night by Susan Krinard

Okay, so this is a fuck-up but me that I really hope to change, but to be honest might not get that far.
I actually really want to read this book. I’ve wanted to since I bought it. I’m curious about the characters and the plot and more so I just....wanted to read it.
But it’s a thick one(ish) and no matter what something always came to be instead.
This time it was because I completely forgot that today’s Monday and that I was meant to read this one. My bad. Maybe I’ll swop out one on Friday and read this instead...?

Anyway, I’m not going leave you hanging....
Today book wasn’t actually a re-read but it’s in the selection of books that were up for re-read. And today just happens to be....

Something primal in him calls to her...

Gillian Maitland is to marry a werewolf of her father’s choosing—ensuring the purity of their noble bloodline. Still, she can’t forget Ross Kananaugh, the man whose forbidden touch unleashed a passion she’d never known. And when Ross returns unexpectedly to England, he’s no longer the man she remembers, but a hard-boiled ex-cop who harbours a dark secret.
The discovery that they have a son makes Ross even more determined to prove his worth to Gillian, despite being merely a quarter werewolf. Then a mysterious spate of murders casts him under a pall of suspicion, and torn between duty and desire, Gillian knows she must drive Ross away. Even as their hunger for each other grows by the hour....

Come the Night by Susan Krinard
(Roaring Twenties Vampire/Werewolf trilogy #3)
Published in 2008 by Harlequin Books
Historical Paranormal Romance

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