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Jaynell's Wolf & Kevin's Alpha by Amber Kell

Jaynell’s Wolf & Kevin’s Alpha
Series: A Wizard’s Touch #1&2
Pub: Oct 2010 & Apr 2011 by Silver Publishing
Author: Amber Kell
Genre: LGBT Paranormal Romance
Format: iBook 78p & 87p
Whose: Jaynell & Thomas / Kevin & James

At his dead father's bequest, Jaynell Marley attends an esteemed wizard school hoping to finish up his education. What he finds it that the real education he's lacking is about life. When shape shifter Thomas Sparks claims Jaynell as his mate the pair start a whole new understanding between werekin and wizards.

When the alpha of the local werewolf pack declares Kevin as his mate, the free-wheeling wizard panics. He didn't plan on settling down, not now, not ever. However when Jay goes missing he has to partner with the alpha to help his friend. If Kevin can't find the confidence to dredge up his magic, his friend could be lost forever.

The Thoughts
I’ve just recently discovered this author—okay, that’s not true, awhile back I read Tempting Sin and it wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be. Not saying that I didn’t like what I read, more that it wasn’t something that pulled me into the author, and I already have one that has me spending all my money even if she’s not writing top shit, more pumping the stories out. Still, I read two of the Moon Pack stories and was hooked.
But where not really talking about that right now, are we.

Last night I read these two books. Stayed up way to late and ended up with only a couple (and I mean, 2) hours sleep. I couldn’t help it, they were funny, interesting. Quick. Quirky and done so well that I was hooked into a world I don’t generally care for (other than Harry Potter, witch—wizardry isn’t my thing) and more so a personality and evil that drives me crazy.
Power. All over power. And thinking you deserve it because you should have been born with it. or you believe someone else shouldn’t.

Now, these two books work so well together, which is good being that they are in the set series, but I feel that you shouldn’t read the first if you have not interesting in reading the second. It just…
It’s not that the first books wasn’t finished, but more so that the second book wouldn’t work without the first.

Jaynell ends up at going to school when he is 24(?) this point though said a couple of times was never really dug in and not a point in the story at all so you don’t really have to care about it, still…. He had been homed school and on the death of his father enrolled himself into the school.
He’s so powerful and though he knows it he has that…would it be bad to say the cliché ‘home school’ quality to him—probly not, because that’s what he is, the cliché. Too powerful for his own good. Knows everything because his father pumped full of the information. Rich.

Anyway, on his first day at the school he… oh, it’s actually my fav line from the books so…

[…] “Jaynell has been on campus three days and, during that time, has been awarded wizard class potion teaching, mated with a werewolf, and bonded with enough gnomes the headmaster is starting to feel inferior. […]”

But that’s that, I’d tell you more, but it really should be read. The man plot is pointed out early on in the book, though it’s not the full story, and you don’t figure it out until it’s actually happening it’s such a fast passed book that you don’t really notice. Or care.
I found myself laughing threw a lot of it, or just generally smiling. Both Jay and Tom as great characters, though Jay is more favourably highlighted as it’s more his story. They are still a great couple as they are individuals.

Book two is slightly different. Though the tone sits the same as the first and the flow is the same, you can feel them belonging together as a series, and yet it’s different enough that both these characters have a voice all of their own. But in the end though the story was about Kevin and him needing to understand he’s better than what he’s been told. You have to look a little deeper to see that. To see how Jay helps that.
I also found the lack of the triplets in this one was a letdown, though they were in it a little more I would love to know there stories even though I’m sure it will never happen. They seem like great characters.

This one opens up to Kevin rolling out the Alpha bed. And ends with him right back in there. The power play, though told quite early on—like when they find the dead girl’s body. It’s not as obvious as to what was happening. It’s was more a mad dash to find Jay, who gets kidnapped right after the girls found dead.
The rest of the story is Kevin in a dump his thoughts aren’t always that great, even if he’s attitude and general personality strives to overpower that.

This is again a power play for more power, and though it’s not as indebt as the others, I’m glad they stood out of that. Mostly because I hate the ramblings of a man who thinks he should have something just because. So it was good.
And again paced fast enough that you never really had time to think about anything before it began to happen.

I love his avatar it is awesome and I can probably just tell you but if you are still clueless it’s one of the points in the book that I found interesting and uniquely it.
Since this is mostly a romance. While saying that, I have found while reading Kell’s other works that she doesn’t put in unnecessary sex scenes just to fill in space (as far as I’ve read) and for that I quite enjoy her work in general.

I really enjoyed these two books (this series) as I have enjoyed a number—hell, what I’ve read so far I would call myself a fan, I would buy books from her that I wouldn’t necessary buy for content reason, just because her writing style and her voices are all individual and creative, and enjoyable.

Series from author I’ve read
Moon Pack, Dragon Men, the Larson Legacy, Fanged Love, Mercenary Love, BDSM Club, Blood, Moon and Sun

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