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Adults Corner– Blog Story #15.4

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

These are parts of stories that are still being written. And therefore haven’t had a BETA read, let alone a editing from me.

I just realised I’m screwing myself putting this up because of the massive grammar errors that occur—it kinda shows how far I’ve come, and that yes, it’s not my strong points, but I learnt what I have threw reading and simple questions, and the fact that I’m older and able to retain this information where I wasn’t in youth. And I did try. But the English language is kinda a pain when you have literary delays.

So I’m stopping this story before I run myself in the ground.
If you, however, wish to continue reading this story I’ll be happy to put it back up, I think, though I’ll go through and fix up a few of those errors.
So, in summary, I’m going back to the way it was, starting next week—oh hey, that works.
Next week I will be putting up the first chapter in my short story for Valentine’s Day

Let them Hunt
(Human Monsters #1)
Contemporary Mystery

Sometimes what bad you did in the world suddenly catches up to you.
Meet the team, at least what’s left of them, since someone has decided the next fun sport would be offing them.
Will they be able to him before he stops them?

DAVE GOT HOME AN HOUR later, it was the time he should have so they either were being careful or he needed that long. When walked into the lounge room he nearly shat himself. There was just something about a bunch men sitting around in suits drinking coffee that scared him. But then again he was the son of the Russian mobster, there securer and so it was most likely never a good idea to have that much muscle sitting easily in one room.    
    “How's it go?”  I asked as I sat forward on the lounge, being that I was squished between Rosco and Hammer he hadn't seen me when he first walked in. at my tone he seemed to visible relax.
    “Good,” he smiled slightly. “Got what I needed and a little more.”
    “That's good. Sorry it had to end so soon.”
    He shrugged, “It's all good. It's time I went back and face the music.”
    “Gonna be that bad?”
    He smiled; it was full and seemed somehow young as well as full of horrible life experiences. “I'll live. Hopefully with this he will be so distracted he want remember me for a while.”
    “Why don't you just kill him?” Duster asked in a matter-of-fact tone, but then again I was pretty sure that he had killed his father. “With him gone ain't you the leader, expressly if you off him?”
    “Yeah,” Dave replied trying to keep his face strait but the horror of what he just said pulled at his eyes a little. “But I'm not ready to be boss yet.”
    “Far enough,” Duster said sitting back in the chair and taking another mouthful of his coffee. He thought less of the kid now.
    “Well I've cleaned shop, it's only you and we have put most of your shit in the garage for you to just put in the car.”
    “So all I have to do is pay you and were done, right?”
    “Yep. But you can do that in the next week or so, it's not like I don't know where you live.” I smiled
    “To true. Kay, I'll pack the car and then if I have time I'll pay you before I leave. If the boys come to kill you I'll pay on my stop over.” Dave was looking around him, as if his mind was already seeing what needed to be taken out of the house and what didn't.
    “I put the notes in the lockers so I'd say you only have a couple of hours.”
    “Okay,” he said distracted and I got up off the lounge. “I'll... well bye. I guess I'll see you again if I don't pay you.”
    “Yes, you will.” I stepped forward, “come give us a hug, kid.”       
    And he did. It was a nice one, with a miss you squeeze and everything.
    “Shit Grim, we got us a little company,” an amused Death said as the sound of a car hitting gravel of the driveway.
    Several of the men gave a little chuckle as they pulled there glocks out from there holsters. Checking them and then holding them loosely in their hands.
    I sighed as I let go of Dave and pushed him to head upstairs. “You go up to your room and start packing. Stay there till I say to come done, poluchil yego, malysh?
    Yeah, yeah. I know the drill, don’t forget who raised me.” Dave said in a voice that was very close to pout.
    Then you shouldn’t have to be told, just do, now!” my eyebrows where high, shit Dave was a pain, and for some reason, I couldn’t even truly name, I felt protective over him. It was weird.
    When we heard things moving around upstairs we all started to actually get into the show.
    “You want to flat out kill them? Tape them up and let someone else find them, or just get out?” Death asked, and if he was hoping for a particular one it didn’t show on his face.
    “Well,” I said with a sigh, “it would be easier to just kill, but since we have a shit load of other shit on, we should probably keep it on a low, so tie em’up.”
    “Good plan,” Death smiled. 
    “So, Death and Duster, you too got the front, if they are dicks and want to spice things up, you grab them. Hammer will grab the chairs, and rope, he will be who we throw them to. Rosco you can guard the back door, and me and Gem will do the sweep.” Reaper said as usual giving us directions.
    “Why can’t she babysit the back door and I sweep?” Rosco said, his voice trying to be flat, uncaring, but the problem was that he did actually seem to love me, and not want me in that much danger, the sweetie.
    “She can’t be kept on a leash Ros, you know that better than anyone, and if you don’t want to be sliced and diced later tonight, then she needs a run.”
    “Thanks for making me a dog,” I smiled as I slid my knife clip, onto the back of my pants.
    There was a minute silence, while the men stared at each other about what to do with the girl, ass whips. I was deadlier then most in this room. When Rosco nodded, Reaper turned to head down the hall. We were going to go out one of the windows.
    “Come bitch,” he said, making me laugh, it was a good one.
    As I past Rosco he grabbed me by the neck and kissed me like he was afraid he wouldn’t see me again.
    “You ‘bout done?” I asked him, eyebrows high.
    “Yeah,” he sighed and walked into the kitchen. And I ran lightly to catch up to Reaper.
“I guess that answers that,” Death said as Hammer put two of the four chairs up against the wall of stairs.
    “Answers what?” Ham asked, not really looking at any of them.
    “Rosco’s in love with Grim,” Death said as he leant up against the window. None of us thought for a minute that they would come in that way, really we were all just in here to make sure that none of them got in any other way. As it was Duster was already checking out the windows upstairs.
    “Yeah,” Ham said as he sat down on the chair, rubbing his face. Man he hated this, hated that Rosco and Gem were together. It wasn’t coz he didn’t love the little bitch. Hell he was more than happy that that wild cat had joined there fucked up family but she kind of made Rosco loose his mind. And Ham loved his brother a hell of a lot more.
    “I don’t love her,” Rosco said as he brought in the other two chairs.
    “Like hell, brother, you were all knotted that she was going to play dirty, like you didn’t want her out getting her hands dirty.”
    “Shit mate, I think it’s a little late for that. Gem’s hands where blooded long before we fucked.”
    “Yeah, my point, and still it’s making you itchy that she’s out there doesn’t it?”
    Rosco was quiet for a long time, before he gave up and said, “Yeah, but don’t tell her that shit, God the last thing I need is for her to kill me coz she doesn’t like the fact’s in front of her.”
    Death laughed, “True point, she’s killed for a lot less than that, hasn’t she.”
    “Yeah,” Rosco said, like it was the most perfect thing about her.
    “Well, now that’s settled,” Hammer said as he rubbed at his face again, wishing he too were out there with her but for different reasons. She had trained him, and not in the military crap, he learnt that like all the others. But in having a partner and she was his. Hammer really didn’t like that fact that he wasn’t at her back, but being that Reaper was, well it should have eased him a little. It didn’t. “Where the fuck are you to find rope in this dump?”
    “Got some,” Duster said as he came down the stairs. “And from what I can see there’s like six of them.”
    “Fun stuff,” Death said as he peered out the front window. Then laughed softly, “It seems two of them are coming this way, Thought it’s taking a long time. Maybe they’re going to do a drug bust routine on us.”
    Hammer smiled, “seems fun, you gonna be ready to open the door on them?”
    “Shit yeah. Dust you come and stand on that side, watch, and when there about to break down the door, we open. One should fall, and you hit the other in the shoulder before he knows what hit’em.”
    “Good plan,” Duster said as he moved into position. “Ham you go help Rosco.”
    “kay,” and Ham went out into the empty kitchen. “How yeah doing bro?” Hammer said as he picked up the table and move it so it wouldn’t be in there way.
    “Good, you man?” Rosco actually turned to him. “Seriously Ham, are you kay? I haven’t really asked in a while.”
    “Yeah I’m sweet,” Ham smiled. This was another reason that he loved Gem, she never forgot him. Rosco can, and not in a bad way, he was just too occupied with Gem to think of Ham, and he understood that, sorta, but Gem love Ham, and made sure she found out all about him, before Ros got a turn.
    “Fucked brother, real fucked.” Rosco said, looking as if he was about to face the end of the world.
    “Why coz you realised something Gem and I figured about a year ago?” Ham said loving the shocked look on his brother’s face.
    “What?” He gulped, “She knows, shit…”
    “Stop sweating bro, she’s known for a while now, and still you live. Seriously, I’m more then sure she loves you too, but you’ll never get it out of her, nor will I agree if you rat me out.”
    Rosco smiled, and it reminded Ham of when he was younger, before, there dad made then join the family business. It was a very pleased smile. “Okay, so there will probly be two coming in this door, if not more. Since Death said there were six, and Reaper and Grim would get two, if not all four before they even reach the door. So we are just gonna clip them, or knock’em out?”
    “Knock’em out. Duster’s been told to clip one, so it’d be best if we don’t injure them all.”
    “True that, so we should grab something heavy them,” and he started opening the cupboard around the kitchen, putting his Glock back the holster at the small of his back. Hammer did the same, only his was under his left pit. Crouching down he opened a cupboard and found pots. Excellent.
    “Here ya go, bro,” Hammer said as he pulled out a 28cm pot, and a large thick fry pan. “Which do you want?”
    “Either,” Rosco said as he walked over to Ham, grabbing the fry pan, it was closest.
    “Ready?” Ham said as he stood up and walked over to the door, jumping up on the bench, he sat and waited. Rosco stood in front of him. It was really the only place to stand so to not get hit with the door as they entered.
    “Ready,” Rosco held the fry pan up as if it were a bat, trying hard not to laugh, “I feel like I should be in a dress with mice running around my feet,” he whispered.
    Hammer clamped his lips trying not to laugh at that, he felt the same way, fighting bad guys with kitchen supplied, funny shit.
    They didn’t have to wait long for the door knob to start rattling, the guy on the other side was testing it out, since all the fucker was doing was wriggling it, there was no pushing.
    “We’re gonna have to go together, I get the front guy, you jump for the second,” Rosco whispered as he moved so Ham could get his feet under him, while staying on the bench. It wasn’t that comfortable since Hammer was not a small man, but he managed and they waited.
    “And if there’s a third?” Hammer smiled.
    “Than we get to have a shit load of fun,” Rosco said, going back into the days when they were young guys with a death wish and knowledge of handling guns.
    When the door finally opened, Rosco was in a crouch, he grabbed at the first guys feet and pulled him down, while Hammer jumped the first, heading for the second, which he wacked the pot to the side of his head, near his temple. The guy went down like a bag of shit, and Hammer scanned the area out back. Nothing, sweet, though he wondered slightly where Gem was, but he figured she was fine, and so he looked down at the guy.
    The man was a tank, wide and muscled, he was going to be a hand full to get him into the house. Taking a deep breath, he rolled the guy onto his back, grabbed the man’s arms and hailed him through the kitchen and into the lounge room, where Duster and Death were tying up to guys, one with blood dripping down his shoulder.
    “Hey kid, could ya bring us something for a flesh wound?” Duster yelled up the stairs as he looked at the guy he clipped.
    “Flesh wound me ass, you fucking hit bone,” the guys with the bleeding arm said, he seemed to be the only one that wasn’t out cold.
    Duster shrugged, “I’m calling it a flesh wound, and if ya keep bitching, I’ll gag ya with me sock, clear?”
    “Yeah,” the guy humped, not really liking it but knowing that the guy would actually do it. Smart men sent on hits, where few and far between, so Ham guessed it was a good thing that he wasn’t dead.
    “Here you go,” Dave’s slightly Russian American accent came along with him, as he jumped down the stairs. Hammer couldn’t get out the kid. Literally, he was a kid, barely looking like he were out of nappies, but Hammer knew he was older, knew it in his eyes that he was nearing mid-twenties.
    “Thanks kid,” Duster said as he grabbed the cloth out of Dave’s hand and. “you able to take the top off yourself, or you want me too?” Duster said to the guy who was shot.
    “You’ll have too. Just cut it off.”
    “Planning on it,” Duster said as he grabbed his pocket knife out of his pocket, flipping the blade he put the tip into the neck of the guy’s shirt. Hammer’s respect for the guy went up as he didn’t flinch with a knife wielded by someone he couldn’t possibly trust at his neck.
    “You aren’t afraid he’s gonna kill you?” Dave asked as he perched onto the arm of the lounge that had been moved between the time he left and he’s come back with a body.
    “What other chose I got, kid? It’s either let’em or bleed out.” The blooded guy said.
    Dave shrugged, lifted his hands as if to show he wasn’t harming no-one. “Hey, I come from a much harsher climate, that’s all. If one of my father’s men asked if you wanted then to patch you up, most said no.”
    “Yeah,” Gem said as she came back up the hall, her arms covered in blood, her face and neck nicely sprayed. “But if they were gonna patch ya up; it wasn’t to let you go.”
    Dave nodded slowly, “they let no-one go.”
    “My point,” Gem said as she looked around the room, first scanning Ham to make sure he was okay, it was one of her looks he knew well and then, “where’s Rosco?”
    Hammer, who happened to be watching her looked around the room, “no idea, Grim, where’s your hail?”
    She smiled a smile that seemed to tighten things in Hammer he wished would stay loose around the woman, no matter what that evil little tilt of her lips, the bloodlust in her eyes, and then there was the fact that she was covered in the shit, yeah, Hammer found it hot. Couldn’t seem to help himself, not that she nor he would let anything happen, they were good friends but her sweet spot was off limits to his cock.
    “We couldn’t kept’em all alive, now could we?”
    Hammer laughed, “Not when you get in a mood, no.”
    She tried to look offended but it didn’t really work, she wasn’t one that got that way often. “I can hold myself back, but this one cock decided he didn’t like the idea of a... what did he call me? Oh, yes, a fucked up cunt whore, yeah, and, well... I didn’t like that mouth of his so I shut it.” she looked around the room, “you know, he had it coming, I just speed up the process. Though what I would have done if I got to keep him a bit.” 
    “That’s would have been something to see,” Rosco said as he walked out of the kitchen with his hands in a huger than life males armpits. Reaper was coming in behind him, holding the guy up by the thighs.
    “Man that’s a big catch ya got there,” Death said as he moved grabbed a piece of rope off the lounge. “Ya gonna have to dump’im on the floor.” And they did, with a thud.
    “Fuck me that’s a load,” Gem said eyeing the man on the floor, both as wide as he was fat. “No wonder he stayed outside.”
    “You telling us, love, you didn’t have to hail his ass in here.” Rosco said as he walked back out of the room.
    “So,” Duster said, “what you want to do? Roll them or leave them?”
    Gem sighed. “Hey dick,” she kicked the guy with the bullet wound in the foot. “Mr Marks sent you to kill me?”
    “Yeah,” he said on a little bit of a down note.
    “How much?” Hammer asked as he wondered up to have a closer look at Gem, he needed to make sure she wasn’t cut up.
    “Half a mil,” the guy said.
    Ham whistled at that, “nice load. What’s the payment plan?”
    “Pictures mostly. They wanted her dead, not really caring how as long as it’s not put back on them.” the shot dude said with a heavy breath, his skin to was clammy.
    As Ham and Gem looked at each other, both thinking the same thing Death said, “Just pic’s and you got half a mil. No cop’s, no report.”
    “Nar man, we just got to take them on the phone on me phone, send them, and then the money gets put threw and we give the phone back. If not then we head to a station.”
    Death looked over to Ham and Gem. Reaper had a small smile on his face and a slight nod to his head.
    “So it’s only me, not the kid?” Gem asked, “Or the other guys I was with?”
    “Nar, just you. Marks was... more than sure those guys wouldn’t be with you. He said they wouldn’t stay with you, that there was no reason to think you were tight.”
    “Ha,” makes sense to Hammer, why would they think anything of them. Didn’t Gem say something about them being in here for a hit, that the boss thought they were so that she could take over the show?
    “So, what do you guys think?” Gem asked looking at each of us.
    “It wouldn’t be that hard. Just move them, take the shots. It’s not like Marks will know anything until after the money’s been shifted.” Death said as he moved in besides Reaper, who was still smiling.
    “As long as they don’t keep it in that account again, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.” Reaper said.
    “It’s mostly just them killing us when we leave that will be the prob.” Death put in.
    “Nar, only one will be awake, the others... well there’ve still got a few hours.” Hammer put in.
    “What are you guys talking about?” Dave said from his spot on the couch.
    “’bout having some fun,” Rosco said as he came back in from the kitchen, “Though they will have to come up with a reason that there are two dead guys.”
    “That’s it!” Gem said.
    “What’s it, Grim?” Death asked. His eyes like all the rest were watching as she ran outside.
    Hammer smiled, “she’s gone to keep her rep, while getting them payed.” He laughed. Reaper joined in while Rosco walked outside to... well Hammer would think, it was to help Gem.
    “Are you seriously gonna help them out?” Duster said, as if helping a fellow criminal was so out there.
    “Why not,” Ham said. “It’s not like we couldn’t make some new friends in this part of town.”
    “And that’s defiantly what you’d be,” the shot guy said from his spot on the chair.
    “Are you serious?” Duster said again.
    “What’s your problem with it all?” Reaper said as Hammer when over to the lounge.
    “Get up kid,” he said as he griped the bottom left hand corner.
    “Why help them, after all this shit. It’s not like they would have left us the fuck alone,” Duster bitched.
    “Fuck you’re a winy bitch, Dust,” Death said. “And of course they would have killed us, gezz, just ‘coz you have to work a little, don’t mean they can’t get paid, Grim will be off the hook here, she’ll be able to start a new, and we’ll be fucking up the wanker that wanted us dead.”
    “Think about it Dust, who really loses in this scenario?” Reaper said as Hammer shifted the lounge around and over so it looked as if someone went flying into it.
    “Mr. Marks,” Duster said as he sat his ass on the steps, “well I ain’t helping.”
    “Thank Christ,” Hammer said under his breath as he stood up on the coffee table, and then jumped.
    The coffee table cracked slightly up one side, but that’s all he really wanted, only a slight kick made it look like someone landed on it, if you put a person one it.
    “Where you want it?” Rosco said as he stood just inside the door with a little man over his shoulder, blood dripped onto the floor a Rosco’s feet.
    “Table,” Hammer said as he turned around to look at the men in the chair, sighing as he heard a thud which was Rosco dumping the body on the table.
    “Death, help me move these fuckers,” Hammer said as he went up to the guy that had been shot.
    “kay,” Death said as he went to the fat dude still lying on the floor. “Just putting them in the hall?”
    “Yeah, unless you got something better?”
    “Nar just wanted to be clear.”
    Hammer smiled. “Just don’t want these fuckers in the shot, now do we?”
    “It would kind of defeat the purpose.”
    “My point,” Hammer said as he grabbed the top of the chair that one of the unconcern was tied to and dragged the chair as far into the hall as he could get.
This was written from around ’09 to March 2011.
It has never been BETA read. Nor have I had a full read since I finished the book.
It’s currently sitting waiting for me to do a full re-write
As it is, this book sits at 54 pages, 10 chapters and 36,080 words.
It’s also heterosexual
By the by, this isn’t all that great, something I wrote when I was first starting. I hope it actually makes sense.

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