Sunday 17 February 2013

Dark Angels: Finally Fallen by Z. Allora

Finally Fallen
Series: The Dark Angels #3
Pub: June 2012 by MLR Press LLC
Author: Z. Allora
Genre: Contemporary Romance, m/m
Format: iBook; 235p w/ 21 chapters
Whose: Dusty & J

Dusty Davis achieved the rock and roll dream but he didn't have the one thing he craved. Someone with whom he could share it. J seems to be that person. Though a few hours in a dark club and four months of intense online communication, how well did he really know the person?

Appearances are deceiving but J is exactly what Dusty needs. Now after he accused his would be lover of deception, Dusty's got to win J back. In order to do that he'll have to fight both of their demons. But now that he's Finally Fallen will it cost him his brothers?

The Thoughts
I may as well add a review up for this one, it’s the only other book I’ve read this week!

This is the last (okay there’s also a Hanukkah special with a little look into all the boys lived. But this one is about Dusty, the final boy to get his love life told. He wants to be straight, though threw the books it seemed more….real then when it became his own thoughts.
Then he meets this sweet little cross-dresser, who only really goes fully dressed up when he’s going out somewhere he won’t be known. Though he carries a lot—lot—of baggage, though it’s sweet and Dusty is more than nice about the whole thing.
But it’s basically a relation of the blind leading the blind, and it’s done in a way that’s enough to have that, to enough that, but then I’ve been in a weird mood, and some of the shit they were talking about—especially when they talk about first time, and never touching, it made me think—‘that shit would be a whole lot messier’, but you don’t want to know this shit. I don’t even; really, it’s just that mood thing.

The family side to both men where something different, but it wasn’t really that different since the last book held the same edge, and I wonder if the first would be the same.
Though, it’s not the point. The supporting cast on this book was great, though only just off stock characters, they tell two stories of love that you want to know more about. But will we. To me it was as if Allora was setting up the books, but are they happening (could be, I’m just not interested enough to completely look into that)
But I do what to know. I’d like to learn more, because there was defiantly that feel. Z. didn’t quite go into the story but the suggestions, the glimpse had you wanting more.
Which actually sucked a little.

Nothing different about the writing had changed, it was still a little annoying for me to read, but that could have come from the humiliating moment that I just don’t deal well with. It wasn’t bad, and if you’ve read the blurb you know it’s coming—hell, within the first chapter you know its coming, but…

Though it deal a little with rape, though it doesn’t go into it, not more than him glistening over his attack, it’s more about them growing a relationship—a physical one, when he is so scared, so scared from this moment in his life. and I though she did really well in this point.
Oh, as well as a little male dressing a little in drag (I’ve mentioned) who writes both fanfic, and actually romance novels. Though it’s not the main point.

Honestly the main point to me, from page 100 was him bitching without really bitching about the fact that he wanted sex but she was so scared he couldn’t have it. And I get it, I got it, but it was like he wasn’t getting over this fact when Dusty would tell him several times (like slapping him on the face with this fact) that it didn’t matter.
Oh, and the epilogue, really, was that needed? Yeah I get how some of it was needed, but all of is? Really? Not that I didn’t enjoy reading it, I just….why did she need to add the sex?!

With Wings, Tied Together, Happy Hanukkanh

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