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Adults Corner #18

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.
These are parts of stories that are still being written. And therefore haven’t had a BETA read, let alone a editing from me.
So I’m in a bad place at the moment, just managing with lies to oneself to keep my head above water. So I haven’t really written anything new. And I’m shit out of luck being able to write a scene like I should. ‘cause I just haven’t been able.

Still, I don’t want to disappoint. This is something from a book that I’ve pushed aside for later, it’s getting the set of where I need to be when I start it again. only I also need to have a much better understanding of a few things to write the rest of it.

Anyway, if you like maybe I will push it up the list….
Wondering the Beginning
(The Wrath of Underwood #1)
Historic Fantasy, ???
Crap no woman in sight, Victor thought as he walked his way across the deck towards the hole. The ship was going to be covered in sperm.

     Walking down the east hall Victor rounded the corner until to come face to...well view of two men up against the wall. It wasn’t uncommon; men on ships where known for the appendence but the act of two men together was meant to only come from a dominance act. One would win and get the ecstasy. At least that’s what Victor had been told was meant to happen; he’d yet to fully see that yet.

     These two men, though he knew both by name, yet he wished not to note that, were squished up against the wall, fingers locked together as a low rumble played out with each shove of hips to hips. Victor wasn’t completely sure as to what actually happened, no one had ever really shown him the workings of sex yet. Not that he believed any of the men would, it was for him to learn himself, he’d suppose, but he’d never really found the need to discover that yet.

     What he did know was that what was happening between the two men wasn’t something that was one sided, as he was lead to believe was meant to happen, the way the stood so close, almost as if they were alone in the world, told a different story which was the reason Victor wasn’t noting who the men were. It was easier that way not to stare and look when he saw them apart to see what was actually happening. He’d learnt the hard way about that.

     Another corner turned and he had to make sure he’s feet didn’t falter as he was yet again witness to another two men he was trying not to note.

     These two could have been playing dominance because Victor had seen what it was meant to look like, even if he’d not seen what was really happening, for starters these two men where much different than the first. One was leaning over a wooden box, the man behind him standing his hand curled around the laying mans neck, seeming to be keeping him there while he rimed into him so hard both men grunted from the force. The thing that made it something that wasn’t dominance was that both man had their eyes closed and there face softened by pleasure. Victor had seen that enough to know what it looked like on nearly every man on this ship. No one here had ever heard the word privacy and if they did, fucking wasn’t something that fall under that category.

     Still moving, he couldn’t let his feet falter, couldn’t let it known that he’d even seen them in the first place. It was a given rule when it came to anything that happened in and on the wooden walls of the ship. He didn’t see, that’s the way everything went, that’s the thing that kept him save.

     It became a little harder when another two men nearly barrelled him over as the bigger one pinned the little one to the wall on his left. But Victor had been doing this since he had been taken by the pirates when he was 7 years old. A quick one two-step had him back on his route before either of the men saw that he was even there.

     The sigh of relieve when he ended the dinning quarter was louder than he intended but it wasn’t every day that that happened to him

     “What’s up, son?” the captain asked with as he walked by with a plate of food. He was headed for one of the tables to eat; his second was one step behind him.

     “Nothing,” Victor shook his head and started to turn towards the food, he was starving, “Just walked down the wrong hall, that’s all.”

     Krindad, the second, laughed as he patted Victors shoulder, “Come join us when you’ve got your food.”

     “kay,” Victor nodded without a second thought, you didn’t say no to eating with the Captain, even if you really didn’t want to. Victor hadn’t come across that yet, but he was sure time was running out for his good run, especially with the looks he’d been starting to get.

     Food on plate, Victor tried hard not to name that meal, it was never pleasant, mostly because if his mind wanted to know he would end up asking the chef, and most of the time he really didn’t like the answer.

     “We’ll be eating better come tomorrow, this is just what was left of the last batch,” Krinard said to him as he sat down on the bench seat opposite the two men.

     “Yeah, we got good food then?” Victor asked.

     “Yep,” Captain chimed in. “So who’d you see?”

     Victor shook his head as he shoved the spoon into his mouth, “Didn’t look.”

     “Sure you didn’t,” Krinard laughed. “You can’t fool us; you’re defiantly becoming a man.”

     “Yeah, and you’re not the only one that’s noticed,” Captain said a little sterner than Victor thought necessary for him growing. “And yet he’s still so small.”

     “He ain’t small, age appropriate,” Krinard said as he nodded. Victor just kept on eating, he didn’t want to hear this, didn’t want to acknowledge to another that they were right, both on the fact that he was growing curious as well as the fact that he was shit out of luck protecting himself from the rest of the crew. “Still....”

     “He needs to learn,” Captain nodded with his second both still to take there eyes of Victor.

     “Learn what?” Victor asked before he could stop himself, damn food. He knew better than to ask question he was sure he didn’t want answers too. Where’d his mind wonder off to? His stomach was warning him, nearly making him heave the food back out that this wasn’t what he wanted to know, to understand.

     The captain said: “Killing.”

     As Krinard said: ‘Fucking.” The both looked at each other and nodded agreement to the others statement.

     Great, this was defiantly something to make him nervous, though unlike the last time he’d been this way the nerves come more from anticipation than from fear.         

     “Well start the training tomorrow,” Captain said with a nod that ended everything and the tucked back into his food.
The Beginning of Victor story has long since started. Kidnapped and raised on a pirate ship, he has seen the world but it’s only when he’s reunited with family that his story truly takes hold and the adventures become more about retribution, pride, and vengeance.
2,013 words
Wrote this in December 2011
4,972 words scrapped

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