Friday 15 March 2013

Adults Corner #19

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.
These are parts of stories that are still being written. And therefore haven’t had a BETA read, let alone a editing from me.

At the moment I’m having a hard time writing.
Yeah, I’ve lost my mojo—not in a way that makes me want to give up. I haven’t burnt out. I’m just highly stressed, living in a highly stressed house, with a future that’s still very much up in the air, and I’m so….
I just can’t put my fingers down and write anything. It sucks, ‘cause my brain in so full I’m having trouble concentrating on shit. Though I have realised and thought, and decided about the one book that was pissing me off. I’ve also decided to get on with a contemporary romance next; I need a brake that’s more than just a short story that I put up on here.
But you guys don’t really care, do you? I’ll get on with it.

Anyway, I’m going to give you a part of the book, which is most likely going, ‘cause all of its most likely going.
I really hate how I’ve done this book, its turning into light spanking, when it needs to be… more. (really sorry, this kinda sucks)


Taking Control of my Werewolf
(Moonlit Wolves #4)

“Shit!” Chris screamed into the bed spread under him as Eamon ran his teeth down his spine. Chris had woken up to find himself tied up to the bed he lay on. Arms and legs spread wide.

     Eamon chuckled; the vibrations did weird things to him. Hands gript his arse cheeks pulling them apart before teeth nipped lightly into the mass.

     “Harder,” he moaned pushing back.

     A slap that vibrated threw Chris’ body but still wasn’t enough, he needed more, he needed abuse.

     “I’ll be the one to say what you get,” Eamon growled and Chris’ muscle relaxed into the mattress, that voice made Chris want to do absolutely everything Eamon told him to. Which, considering he classified himself as a sub, but was more like a bottom who liked pain. ‘Cause he had never been like this to someone before. Never trusted them this completely, and he had known others for a whole lot longer.

     It was odd, and he probably should think about.

     “Pay attention to me,” Eamon said, an angry tremor threw his voice had Chris whimpering.

     “What you say?”

     “Nothing,” Eamon slapped his thigh, the still rippled down his legs and up his back, his whole body paused in excitement from the slight bit of pain. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t know when I’m being ignored. You understand me?”

     “Yes sir,” Chris panted out as another slap hit him just higher; the line between thigh and arse.

     “I don’t think you do, I think I you might need punishing so you will remember next time,” he ended with the crack of leather on leather. It sounded to Chris like a belt….a fucking leather belt? The excitement turned into a whimper as it left his body, the deep burn of a leather belt…like the one that had been holding his hands together the night before….the same one that had been holding up his pants all night long….

     Chris was trembling before he even felt the soft slide of Eamon’s leather belt run down his back. The hard edge scraping along flesh. It had been a month since the last whipping, and that had been a flogger, which was better in ways Chris preferred. It was also a little safer than just anyone holding you at mercy with a leather belt.  It also had never felt like this, like actual punishment that Eamon held him at, at this moment. Punishment that had him swallowing hard and gritting his teeth in order to keep his hips from rocking against the sheets, ‘cause the knowledge of what’s to come seemed to be enough for Chris.

     A sharp kiss of thick leather onto the curve of his upper arse had Chris lose his breathe. Fuck it was good. The giddy nerves that tingled threw his body making his mind flatted and fuzz out a little. Tightening up and then relaxing back into the fabric. His cock throbbed, precome dampening a spot until him.


     It felt so fucking good. As it all rebounded threw him again, this time a little higher.


     A shutter moved his whole body. A sharp burn sunk deep into his kidney.

     Crack. Crack.

     Between the two before marks, and one along the top half of his cheek.

     “Oh, god…!” Chris shuttered as pleasure caressed over his body. His eyes rolled back. It had been so long since someone had used a belt on him. So long since he felt that burn sink into his bones…

     “Why..?” he sobbed.

     “Because I can,” Eamon voice was calm but he was defiantly laughing as one hand held him around the base of his cock, preventing him the complete spike of orgasm he clearly dove into. Pleasure singed threw him as Eamon set back into and massaged the tender skin. When a deep heat, one so different from the sharp from normal, did he smell the sharp spice of arnica cream. 

     “So sweet,” Chris chuckled.

     “Be quite, you have a lot of fresh flesh available back here,” Eamon said proving his point with another clean slap.

     “Isn’t that the point of these,” he pulled his limbs in, showing what little slack he had available to him.

     A brush of wet and scrap of whiskers was the kiss on the back of his neck as Eamon leaned over him, “I don’t here you complaining.”

     Chris laughed; it can out more as a gasp as Eamon bit down deep into the muscles at the top of his back and then he was gone. The bounce of the bed and lack of body heat had Chris turning his head, wanting to see. Wanting to know what was happening.

     “So what’s next, old man,” Chris quipped when the man in question left him alone for longer than he could stand.

     “I know what you’re doing,” was another slap to his arse. The fingers brushed down his crack, just brushed along the sensitive flesh, before heading down his inner thigh and not stopping until he got to his foot.

     The light touch, the anticipation, the need to fucking come, had Chris twitching where he lay. Torture was the only way Chris could describe it, and something he hadn’t cared for. He never cared for the time this took, but now he wished he had.

     “Fuck,” he nearly jumped out of his skin as a wet tongue wrapped around his big toe. Before getting sucked into a mouth, a flicking tongue batting at the base. It felt as if it was all happening to his cock, when clearly it was his foot, the double hitter had Chris tied up tight.

     “Do I need to tie the rest of you down?” Eamon’s voice cut threw Chris like a…well he was going to say slap, but man, that would feel so good right about now.

     “No sir,” Chris managed to still his hips, his muscles tight. Right before another toe went into the man’s mouth. Maybe he really did need it.

     “Why are you doing this?” Chris puffed out after Eamon had ravaged his foot. All toes, joins and a nice deep massage to the arch of his foot, Eamon moved over to the next one.

     “You don’t like it?”

     “Didn’t say—oh fuck…! Didn’t--didn’t say that, just wondering…isn’t something you do with a one night stand.”

     Eamon paused. “What ‘bout a weekend fling?”

     Chris laughed it was breathy, “that what this is?”

     “Could be,” he said before pulling Chris’ big toe back into his mouth, sucking hard, translating all that pressure. Those sparks of pleasure right into his balls. Chris couldn’t keep his body still. Goosebumps rippled across his shoulders, his tights’ moving out, across the landscapes of his flesh. His body heated up, kicking to an uncomfortable quality as he started to sweat and his skin felt too thick. He needed something more. He something that would take his mind away from it all.

     A heated body across his back startled Chris, he hadn’t realised the man had moved from the bottom of the bed. Fingers pulling his head back made him groan as lips covered his in an awkward but hot wet kiss.

     A moment later a cock slowly slide up his arse, Chris groaned at the bliss of that smooth pressure as his muscles opened up in a slow stretch that came from more than just him being fucked a couple of hours ago.

     It was quick and dirty, with Eamon holding him still and using a whole heap of force, along with fingers ripping at his hair. When it was, it was holding his back arched with a strong hand cupping his throat.

     It wasn’t quite what he was use to but man it was hot, and it was heady and it drove Chris out of his ever living mind.

     When they were done, Chris nearly unconscious in his own cum, Eamon a heated blanket over his back. Both breathing hard.

     With a grunt Eamon lifted up off Chris. His fingers seemed instinctive as undid the ropes around his wrists and ankles before collapsing beside him.

     A slap on Chris’s arse woke him up from the light dose, “Shower now. I wanna eat out that sweat arse of yours before this weekend is done.”

     Chris rolled onto his back. “Clean up then,” he muttered. It took two times before he rolled himself to a sitting position. He was fucked out better than he thought. But man did a shower sound good.

     More so the rimming he was going to get when he was, oh so clean.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Chris snapped, anger boiling so hot in his stomach he wanted to lash out at the world. At Eamon, his mate, for pissing him off in the first place.
“At the moment a little brat who thinks the world is pissing on him.”
Word Count before re-write: 13,950

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