Monday 6 May 2013

My Rambling Words #3

I really just wanna talk…
Okay, this is just ‘conversation starters’ and will end up under that’s ones tag, but that isn’t a good title. Anyway, here’s me talking and I hope it works, but before you read it I should mention that I have only watched 2 episodes (this was Friday past) and I’m not a huge fan, maybe not even a fan, so, here you go.
 Game of Thrones season 1

The first thing I would like to say about this one. And maybe it will come for a comfort (or if you’re a fan, so you’re not ripping my hair out) I’m not a fan of high fantasy. It’s weird, though not so much, I’ve mentioned it before. But for me to not like it? I find that weird, since I live my life in a fantasy world.
Still, like SiFi I’m not a fan of fantasy. And after watching the first episode I will say that if I have watched this on the TV I wouldn’t have gone into the second episode. I found the pilot to be a little wishy woshy. It jumped too quickly between the two main plots, and though the second one was much easier to follow, I found that I was lost again when we came back to the first one again. I didn’t know the characters, and well, they do all look the same.
Also, the whole time we were with the girl all I wanted was for her to get her hands on a dragon, ‘cause I know it’s happening, and I want it to get on, ‘cause you can see she’s gonna snap. She has to, her brother is a dickhead.
Then there is one of my big no no’s, and really people, I get… it’s … I just can’t. And I know it wasn’t a big deal back then. But it’s one of the two things I can’t stand when it comes to sex (honestly I think it’s my only 2 things) and even more so I know it’s the plot points. But it’s happened two separate times, and it’s just…
I honestly can’t deal with it. I can get there a little when the two of them don’t touch each other but… incest is… it just kinda makes me sick, and I can’t. it’s my number one no no when sex is involved and I don’t find anything about it right. I can’t…
Yeah, just yuck. Really, yuck.
Okay, now, let’s talk for real. There are lots of things that I don’t like about this show. Okay, so maybe only two or three, and we have already covered 1 so let’s move on.
I think that I would have liked this better if I was reading it. Mostly because it’s a high fantasy but they are taking a realistic edge to it all. And I understand that in the books it would have been this way, it would have seen real, but that’s because we are in that world when we are reading it.
Anyway, what they should have done, mostly because they put an R rating to it, and all the details to come from it (though all that really gets you is breasts), even there fucking isn’t all that great, or realistic—which is saying it’s way to TV sex for my taste. Most of the time (all that I have seen so far, they have been pretty much dressed while fucking)
It’s really scattered, I’ve mentioned, it didn’t get better in the next episode, but I can’t forgive this, ‘cause they are all knew, getting to know each other. But they have like 30 seconds in one case and then there back to the other people. Where they are there for the same short period of time. it’s annoying, and there doesn’t seem much reason why it’s like that.
Though I haven’t read the book, maybe that’s like it as well, though if it is… annoying much. I can’t stand romance that jumps that quickly, but a fantasy novel…. Though he’s a great writer so I doubt he’s doing that.
Next is the violence to the whole thing, now it could be that I have just (and still in a high obsession) been watching Spartacus that that’s HIGH violence makes this one’s violence seem PG—it isn’t—I think the differences is that with Spartacus it’s done in graphic novel mood and means that they have a few different liberties, since what they are showing isn’t real, where as this one needs to hold that real quality. But they haven’t. They fall for all those beheading shit that comes, though I’m not sure if anyone can get a beheading right, mostly ‘cause who beheads by sword these days? But they had this one, it was in the first scene and it had some dudes head cut off, easily mind you (but it’s fantasy, we forgive) still, straight way he threw the head and it landed at the other dudes feet, now when we look down the duded head was blue tinged and kinda looked as if it had been frozen. Like yeah, there was snow, but dudes…. A head that forest off the body that its’ still leaking blood (and good quality) isn’t gonna have that frozen tinged to it.
And I hear yeah, its show and who really wants to see what a head off body really looks like. But I tell you—I do! If you want to make the thing realistic make it fucken realistic. Actually think about the qualities that you are using to make the show that highly rate and not actually think about the shit you are showing us. This isn’t the ‘90’s and we know more shit know, we now what things look like, and I can’t be the only one that wants it to be… better.
Yeah, I know I’m picking at the show a bit, but it’s ‘cause I’m not thrilled about the plot line so I’m looking for something to connect, to make it interesting to me.
Okay, so I’m bitching, what the fuck do I know? Absolutely nothing, really. At least no more than anyone else. Actually probably a little less, since I’m not really like this. I can let shows get away with a lot and I’ll still watch it, but this one hasn’t connected with me, and I’m not seeing how it’s going to. But it could, and if I feel compelled I may keep on watching, but it’s not going to get my undivided attention, not unless it picks up its game—a lot.
My hope, I guess I would have it, or what I think would have been better is if they made it a, well, fantasy. Given the whole thing that fantasy edge I felt it was missing. Like yeah, it’s there, the story is fantasy but the filming of it isn’t. and I’m not sure if it’s going to get better, maybe it will when the magic comes back in, maybe it won’t, we’ll have to see, wont we. And it’s all up to me to actually want to watch it, and I don’t.
Saying all this, my sister and her boyfriend are fans of this show. They love it. and I’m not sure why it is I’m not. Like yeah, obviously it’s the above reasons, but I can watch a lot of crap people. And I mean, a lot. Like when we first got it on our telly I have been a fan and still am, of Swamp People. I fucking love the show. But this…
Maybe it’s the fact that I just don’t understand it. That it’s fantasy, that it fucked itself with the whole incest thing, but really I wasn’t getting into it before that either. It’s just not my thing, I suppose, and what a shame for that.
Anyway, if you’re a fan and wanna give me reasons—real ones, just you liking it isn’t going to do it. Or just tell me if it gets better and how far into it does it get better, though I know I’ll have to watch the whole thing. It’s just one of those shows, I know. But is it worth it? Will it get better?
Thanks for sticking threw,

Oh, and one last thing, which is really what annoyed me the most, because it’s a major pet peeve that I have for… everything. Fucking tan lines.
People, if you’re going to go on a show that is all about you taking your clothes off, can we please tan without the bra, swimmers, or undies on. ‘cause tan lines are ugly, they ruin everything they touch, and they are just… fugly, really people, it not that hard to find a spot to tan in without your undies on. Especially when it’s clear you’re not shy about showing off your body. And more so, that you have taken the time out just to tan—yeah, it’s… please can we make it illegal or something. I really hate them (and if you’re not sure what I’m talking ‘bout from the show, that white haired chick when she got her clothes taken off by her brother, she had a bikini tan along her breasts)
also, there are a few things that I liked about the show. like the wolves. and maybe, also the promise of whats going to come. I understand it's a book, and setting it all up, well, that takes nearly half of the first book in a series, so what am I expecting from a TV one, really, that's even more shit, 'cause you haven't got someone spelling this shit out to yeah, like in books. so I will, after a night and day sleep, give it some created for what it is, and I honestly may continue watching it.
thats all, thanks

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