Saturday 15 June 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #25

Starting paragraph
It was happening again…. oh, god it can’t be. This can’t be happening. But it was. Shit, it was. Pete all over again.
A Werewolf’s Howl (moonlit wolves #5) opening line

What I’ve done
·         Fixed up my blog (ish)
·         Finished a blog story
·         Started MW #5
·         Started AU #1

The Short List (of shit I have to do)
·         Being that for You #2
·         Something Wicked Cross his Back, part 2      [done] 1/6, posted 8/6
·         Write #1 Assassins Union                                (started)
·         Re-read book 4, moonlit wolves series          [done] 7/6
·         Write book 5, Moonlit Wolves series             (started)
·         Something Wicked Cross his Back, part 3

Thoughts for Thoughts
2,909w something wicked cross his back, part 2 (fbed)

Crap… again, crap! Gotta talk Moonlit Wolves
·         I really hate this book (#4). I hate everything about it. I just hate it, and I’m not sure why.
·         First off, since I can read it, and it works, I’m looking at lines after lines of useable work, and yet, I don’t like it. I can’t seem to think of it as finished. I can’t… it’s…
·         So I was talking to my mum about it, and though, hey, maybe it’s the characters that I’m not liking, which is reasonable. One of the main characters has an attitude problem which won’t get any better (though… on wait that’s point two), and the other is a therapist. Which means he’s meant to be smart, and I still, though it’s lessened, have a hate for smart people (it’s a dumb person thing, I think, and maybe too much pride, I’m not sure, but it’s there)
·         But no matter how much I feel like this is a good option for my reasoning’s, and that I can just read what I have and get on with it. There’s something more. Something deeper in the whole mess that makes me know I’m wrong. And it’s so strong I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t send it on. I can’t…. finish the fucking thing.
·         Least though, I’m smart enough to realise this, and my brain has been working for the last week. I need to finish this book. I need to know what’s happening. I need…. I need to finish this fucking book. I need to…
·         FUCK, I hate this book. It’s irritating, but at least I know that it’s not going to be that hard to fix. Not really. It’s more that it needs something to fill it up a bit. So it’s going to be easier than I think, more so something… more… needs to happen between Chris and Eamon before the sex. I’ve already up the time by a bit, but there’s something massively missing. I’m not sure if it’s needed him and the boys, so they all feel that pull to Eamon, but…

·         For some better news, I’ve started A Werewolf’s Howl, which is (obviously) book 5. I’ve decided, ‘cause it’s actually a little awkward trying to find out how many people should die, and how, and then why are they there? Why are they meeting like this? So this one is actually going to start in the final lines of the last book, only in Kyle’s point of view not Chris. Which is fun in a way. Not so much in others. Or more so, it’s just continues, they stop the last book as Phil is going to get the car, they start this book as they all stand round and wait for said car.
1,606 words = Chapter 1. (#5)

·         I defiantly think I like working, in these books, with characters that already know the other characters. I think it’s the whole, ‘fast track’ love story that I struggle with. Since I’m writing such short works. But book five is rolling, and it’s enjoyable, and it’s...working for me, where the last book wasn’t.
1,554 words (#5)

·         Okay, where re-reading, mostly ‘cause I’ve decided that one of the main reasons I hate this book is because I’ve fucked it up, and it’s missing something, that’s why it’s not ended. That’s why I hate it.
·         Well, its chapter 3 that has it there. So I’m going to put in a chapter of them running into Eamon while out and about. This will also give me a chance to put in some interaction between the others and Eamon while there all together—something I’ll have to add into a later part of the story—which is cool, I hate that part too. As well, as add in a touch of James story (which is #8).
2,731 words (#4)
·         Fuck, you know what? I’m up to chapter six and I’m not sure if I’ve even once talked about the whole werewolf thing? Shit. It’s not like I kept it a secret, or that… wait, Eamon did… maybe this will be okay. Maybe it will work better this way?!
·         Completely and utterly, ready to be sent off done. Book 4 Moonlit wolves series. 12 chapters, 22, 149 words. Done.

756 words (#5) –chapter 2; 2,307w
·         It is actually a lot easier to write this one than the last one. Maybe ‘cause I’m more comfortable with these characters. Maybe the story line isn’t as hard, or it’s going in a direction that I have wanted in a long time. Like the last story was a final step to getting into the war, and I had to write it, and that annoyed me. As well as giving me two characters that just didn’t sit with me that well. Which sucks, and I’m sorry if it flat out sucks ‘cause of that.
893 words (#5)

My desk chair is so fucking uncomfortable. I hate sitting on it.
At least my b’days coming up (been and passed on by), and though well have to wait a few more weeks (a month) I’m getting a new one for it. A good one. An expensive one.

1,427 Depressive Survival

Assassins’ Union series
·         Got the description of Tike, our little snow leopard. Got a picture to go with it all, too. Now, all I have to do is get them to see each other. A few words hissed. Then a fight with hunters from another house. Then descript. And some form of fucking. Easy, right!
483 words
·         I’m slipping too much into ye ol’ talk, and it’s not really what I want. Though, thinking it threw it’s not something I’m going to change, as it’s his story and his voice, and he’s making me speak like this (though it’s giving me a need to re-watch Spartacus. Maybe things will change when Quintus is all feed up. When he’s not starving to death. 
·         I’m doing better with this series. Noting all the details in another file as they come to me, or I write them down. That way I don’t have to go through the book again when the same thing comes up in a future book. It also allows me to create a world, as sometime one point, when taken out of the concept of the book flows and the whole history of it comes out.
·         Tike’s description is in! Yeah, I didn’t forget, and more so I like the look of Tike, I think he’d look cool on a cover, if they could get even a tiny bit of him right.

2,757 words = Chapter 1: 3,632 words
·         I wanted this book to have longer chapters, but that might be too long.

I’ve decided to change the name of Adult Corner to Story Corner.
·         It’s not much, or really anything, but it’s something different and I feel like I need that in my life right now. Ha, ‘cause everything been running real dull and shit.
·         Anyway, I felt I needed this change, so here it is!

I’m such a slacker writer
·         I’m really not going to get anywhere unless I up my game. Like I only really encourage myself to write  2,000 words a day when most are sitting at home write like 10,000 words or some bullshit amount like that. The thing is, I should be writing that too. I should be sitting down at 9:30am when I get back from dropping the kids off and writing until 2:30pm when I head off to go and pick them up. But I don’t. 2,000 words only really takes like an hour maybe two depending on how fast the words flow through your fingers. It’s kinda pathetic. Really. If you think about it.

Thanks for the time

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