Wednesday, 24 July 2013

WoW Apology

I’m really sorry, but I am absolutely brain dead, I can’t seem to find the energy to get this one up and running.
At the moment I’m trying to finish book 5 and, I’m guessing ‘cause it’s close to the end everything in my is screaming for it to get out of my head.
I’m a mess, but I should be done by the end of the week, so yeah, sorry there isn’t one here

Also, I’m broke and just found out that Spartacus: War of the Damned is out in Australia, and I’ve been waiting, and my insides are screaming that I should just go down there and steal the fucking thing (I wouldn’t, even if it were possible) but still, ahh…
(--huh? I looked up the pic on Angus & Robinson website and it says it's not coming out it's 28/8 but JB have it out now! wonder what that's all about??)
also, Affliction by Laurell K Hamilton is out (.au), and I'm still undecided on whether to get this or not. I heard that Asher went somewhere else in the last book and he was annoying the shit out of me to a point that I was gonna stop reading the series. and then this books meant to be about Micah and I'm not sure why but I've never really cared about him--yeah he's there, who cares.
what you reckon, is it worth it?
it one of my last het books and series that I'm still kinda interested in continuing, if it does actually get better.

Anyway, sorry‘bout all this, wow will be up and running next week, where we head into September!
Oh, by the by, if anyone wants to get there book promoted (or just promote a book) and its in my genra area (LGBT—and I’m  all rounded with those letter) let us know, and I’ll put them up. Just need name (book, author), date and linkups. as long as it's easy to find I will.

Thanks for your time

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