Wednesday 21 August 2013


Hi, I’m Bronwyn Heeley, waiting anxiously for my book to be released, and while I did this, I changed a few things. The url of my blog. Cleaning it up, which basically cut most of my labels. I’ve also gotten myself into the social network (twitter, facebook, tumblr) which isn’t easy for me, since I don’t particularly think I have anything interesting to say.

Not the point and strangely it is.
I’ve decided that I’m going to stop WoW, it’s actually the one that takes the most time, and gets me worked up too much at the beginning of the week. You’d think it would be easy, but it’s annoying, and it’s time consuming, and let’s face it, it’s an excuse that I feel I have to do for some reason.

So, before I decided that I’ll abandon everything that is what my blog is, and focus on my own words and thoughts for your enjoyment I’m going to promote a few of the authors I like to read.
But first, I’m going to start with eXtasybooks. ‘Cause it’s always polite to promote that in which feeds you.

Welcome to eXtasybooks! Is the greeting, followed by the usual bragging (?) that you will find at the bottom of your page when you head onto their site.

I actually really like shopping at eXtasy, mostly ‘cause it is what they say, simple to use and navigate. And I really appreciate that over the search bar is an author select drop down that has all the authors in alphabetical order (first name) since I’m shit at spelling regular words I’m hopeless when it comes to names (I mostly just don’t bother).

Before we get on with the books, I’d like to add, that eXtasybooks holds a Deal of the Day book when they take off, like, 70% (or more) off the book up for the day. I wrote this a few days before it’s being posted so I can’t tell you what that book is today.

Anyway, they have a verity of books on offer from a number of genres, as we are about to see, which are all, roughly around $2.99 to $5.99 depending—my guess—on how many pages the book has along with how popular the author is, and most likely how long it’s been sitting there.
I’m not sure because I couldn’t be bothered going through the whole site, book by book to check it out. But I’ve not seen a book higher than $6.

They aren’t specific in their selection, you will find books here that range from m/f, m/m, f/f to threesomes, all males, males outnumber female, and maybe vice versa, again I haven’t seen but why wouldn’t they?!

Now, as a small tour of some of the genres and what they have to offer


Adult Fairy Tales




Dark Fantasy


And so many more, I’m starting to see to many of the same books, in the first page of each line. I’m not sure if it changes as they go through, but it’s not really the point of this posting, is it? it’s about what the site is about, and in all honesty all I’m seeing when I flick from genre to genre is the same things, every time—though I did miss a few I thoughts were and like you can see I got lazy and stoped around the g’s
--oh, I just saw that there is a drop thing that lets you chose what type of book comes up first in your search, so what I have been looking at was on default setting. But you have to change it with each genre you click onto. Which is kinda annoying.

Anyway, like I’ve said above, the site is easy to navigate with the new realises, the ones that just came and some old favourite are on their front page.
The listing the covers are easily seen, the main information easy to read, and the buy links easily assessable, along with pricing.
Once clicked on the book you like, all the information that the publishing company puts out on their books is there, along with a big description, excerpts, and reviews.

Okay, so that’s that, I hope it promoted it, if not, I’m not really sure what to say….
anyway, I recommend you check it out, a lot of my favourite series come from them, and I'm about to, so... check them out, like, right, now!

Next up, I’m thinking about promoting (or spotlighting) authors—from everywhere, I think, that I like to read, mostly, ‘cause it’s easier to start off that way.
I’m going to find them, I guess you can say. talk about the types of books they write, what there site is like, and all that shit.

Hope to see you next week

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