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Story Corner #30

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

These are parts of stories that are still being written. And therefore haven’t had a BETA read, let alone a editing from me.

This is another look at my backlist—at least, backlist, to a point that there’s waiting to be finished.
This one, I think, was started back in 2012, and still a little rough. And there’s still a lot of research that I’m going to have to do for this one—which is kinda why it’s one hold, I’ve no one to go with…

on last thing before you read, I'm really sorry if I offend anyone with this. it was written with little understanding that I'll rectify when writing the whole book.

Walking a Different Line

Contemporary Romance
Dave & Tristan’s story

A bikie and a transvestite meet on a sidewalk, witnesses to a car accident and start something different than either of them could ever imagine.

Chapter One
“What the fuck are you looking at?” Dave asked, not for the first time, at a guy who seemed to nearly stop in his looking at him before walking off.

     Yeah, Dave supposed he got it, he was sitting in the gutter with a Queen, dressed in bright red with fabric that made her look as if she wore more clothing then she did, while showing the world that she didn’t.

     It was actually one of the few things that had him fascinated at the whole Drag lifestyle. While a woman could never get away with that type of costume a male in drag could. He never understood that.

     “Darl, there just taking in my beauty, there’s nothing wrong with that,” Tris said as she waved her hand in front of his face. Dave had to fight the finch back as the two inch red nail came close to his face. It wasn’t that he thought she would hurt him; it was just a natural thing to not want weapons that close to your face when it wasn’t in your own hand.

     “I just don’t like people staring at me,” he said, which was true and the reason he snapped, but he knew the reason for the looks was the bright red and green lady next to him.

     “I understand, but we both know they aren’t staring at you,” she said with a smile.

     “Yeah, well,” he felt a flush coming up his neck, “I snapped without thought more than anything.”

     “’s not because you feel protective or me or anything?”

     “Why would I?” Dave asked wondering.

     “That’s what I was wondering.”

     “I really don’t like people looking at me, I’d rather be....invisible.”

     “And so you thought that would be best achieve as a 6 foot 2 bear by tattooing yourself up and strapping on the leather like you are waiting to be some boys daddy.”

     Dave nearly laughed, “Doesn’t a bear have a lot of body hair?”

     Tris’s smile went up a notch and it was then that he finally saw what it was that people fell in love with. Tris had a killer smile, and if he was into the whole Drag scene she would defiantly be his type of lady, but he wasn’t. Hell he was barely in the gay scene and since he was gay it kind of made his coming out pointless.

     “You are full of surprises; I was sure for a moment there that you were straight.”

     “Just ‘cause I know what a bear is made me gay?”

     “Darl, of course it does. If you want we can take a poll while we wait for the cops to finish up with us.”

     “A pole?” that actually seemed like something to pass the time. And being that they were being held by the cops for ‘questioning’ about a hit and crash—barsted tried to make it end with a run but fucked up and ran his car into a parked car. The idiot just happened to be one of his buddies kid brothered that ran with the Rebels and because of that he’d big talked everyone that came near him while blood oozed down his face.

     It wasn’t until Dave had gotten off his Harley when it seemed he was actually going to have to get involved that he found himself unneeded because as he rounded the car he found a cursing, abusing kid being held face down on the ground by a bundle of barely there, and obvious amount of red and green material.

     It was the first time in a long time that Dave had actually cried while laughing. He couldn’t help it, especially since the kid was freaking out and causing himself even more humiliation but not shutting up.

     The hit and run victim happened to be a patron of the Queens’—Tris’ he knew now— night club and had just come out to get something from his car. Lucky for him, he had someone who had been watching him and had long ago been shut into an ambulance with a pale faced partner who was dressed in tight blue jeans and an even tighter top with a face full of green make-up.

     At least neither of them had been handcuffed which was a bonus since the cops that arrived seemed like they wanted to do nothing but lock them in a paddy wagon. Problem with that? homophobes wasn’t really a way you could swing on Gorge St.

     “Dave?” an irritated Tris snapped at him, and yet there was just enough humour that Dave knew he been away in his mind for a while and Tris didn’t really like being ignored.

     “What?” he shook his head out of it. “Sorry, doll, what’ya say?”

     “I telling you about the pole I could do.”

     Ah, yeah, he remembered now, “Would it really work on this street? Could you find enough straight men who didn’t get close and friendly with the gay community for it to be effective?”

     “puft, I’m sure there’s plenty,” she waved her hand around again and Dave did pull back and was glad for it seeing as he felt the breeze from the near miss. You never piss of a Drag in full costume. Not only did they have their nail, those hard plastic claws on each finger but their clothes more than always held something sharp and pointy, that too or their hair. Then there were there shoes....

     “Where are your shoes?” Dave asked with a pointed look at Tris’s stocking covered feet.

     “Oh, those, I haven’t put them on yet.” He came in a little closer to Dave and dropped his voice, it sounded different. Like a man’s which got Dave’s attention, “to be honest I’m not a huge fan of the heels.”

     “No?” he said, still a little stunned at how much he liked the sound.

     “No, but beauty is pain.” Said again in the voice she had first.

     “So they say,” Dave smiled at that. “But I’ve never had the problem.”

     That made Tris laugh, it was surprised and it seemed real and uncharactered behind the flash and film of her costume. It made something in Dave’s chest hitch at the sound.

     Then she leaned back, away from him and took in his measurements. “No darl, I’m sure you haven’t.” there was a paused, one that settled them both down. “I’m sure though, that those tatts of yours weren’t a peach.”

     Dave looked down at his arms. His tatts hadn’t been pleasant but he couldn’t say that he suffered from them. Not even the ones that road up across his spin had given him that put pain.

     “The piercing were worse than the tatts.” He admitted, not fully understand why.

     “Oh, hon. Tatts, metal, leather and boots. You’re a girls dream.”

     “Any girls or just yours?” Dave asked with a flirt he’d never heard come from him, especially when it came to Drag Queens, they weren’t his type, but sitting on the side of the road with Tris, he just felt comfortable, more so than he’d felt anywhere else.

     “Oh, darl, are you flirting with me?”


     “Okay, gentleman,” the cop asked. He was thin as a rake and it seemed that the utility belt my get the best of him. But he actually looked good in the uniform. Other than the fact that he had no costume fetish, the cop was his type of male. Lean with that little bit of innocent, like he still wasn’t comfortable in his own shin. “Can you tell me again what happened?”

     They went on the tell their stories; mostly it was Tris because other than walking around a car and laughing his ass off, Dave didn’t really do anything. But he witnessed the bastard hitting the man and then trying to make his escape. Tris picked up when he left off, a little backtracking her side of the story but in the end, the cop had it all written down and they were free to go. In Dave’s case to get his bike out of the way so that the tow-truck can get in there to move the bustards car.

     “Well it was lovely to meet you Dave,” Tris said as she got ready to head off to her bar. “If you’re ever in the neighbourhood fill free to drop buy, first rounds on me,” she winked and quickly disappeared into the sidewalk. Dave could have watched her the whole way because of the clothes she was wearing but couldn’t understand why he would want to. So he went to his bike, kicked his legs over the seat and started his baby up with a roar.   

So what you think, would you read it?

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