Wednesday 25 September 2013

I hoped I Wouldn’t Need to Post This

I’m at my wits ends, but at least I understand what’s gotten me here.

But first, I’ve decided that my Pimping a Professional was shit, well, maybe it wasn’t but I wasn’t giving myself time to really go into it like I wanted to.
Hell, I didn’t want them to be a goodreads link up of the books that they wrote with links to their web lives.
I actually wanted to talk about them as writers, what they write, and what I believe are reasons that you should read them if you hadn’t already.
More like the first one, I wrote up. But as time went on, I lost—no, it wasn’t lost, that need is still there, but time swept away. Or I just couldn’t be bothered.
So, sorry if you liked them, but they were new, you won’t lose anything by my stopping them, or slowing them down. I like the idea, I just really need to have time to do them, so there’s on pause as I work them out and make the idea, the promise, a reality.

Now, back to the top
My head is stilled. The need, the drive to write is there, but no one’s talking to me. No one wants to come out a play.
This is because I’m waiting on my beta to get back with my short story I wrote last week. She’s still got Uni to deal with, which ends in October, so she’s got her last assignments of the year to get through, which I understand, but it means I have to wait, and ‘cause of this my head has decided to take a break.
Though it always has a day or two after I finish writing something, like the characters are getting put to rest before the next come up and take over my life.

But I want to write. I want to sit at my computer and write out stories that I have. I want to be able to do that. Instead of being trapped in manga and unable to free myself because, there isn’t anything to save me. There isn’t anything to drag me away from those wonderful worlds and dump me into my own.
Though it’s a bit harder when I can’t imagine my own are as good as what I’m reading now.

Anyway, kids are beating each other up. Like they think they’re going to be the last one to throw the punch. I keep telling them it won’t work, but no, there kids, and even if they were teenagers, it’s not like they’d believe I understood what the fuck I’m talking ‘bout. No, not me the eldest of three with four years splitting me and the youngest.
Nah, wouldn’t know anything about annoying siblings.

Well, till next time.

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