Friday 25 October 2013

We Give Thanks, the Threat is Gone

The fire front is still burning, but the threat has gone.
I thought, since I wrote about this before that I would again, being that it’s ended. Yeah, there is still a smoke smudge in two of our horizons, but there not expecting any real threat to come from them.

I don’t really know what to say, but people overseas, it was only NSW that was on fire, the rest of Australia it’s been raining. And in NSW only two fire fronts have been causing a lot of damage, both the one in the Blue Mountains, and the one in Newcastle.

I’d like to give my own person thanks to all the fire fighter, both from NSW and outstate, as well as those who came over from NZ (if they did actual make it here)

As well as my condolences to the family of the water bomber helicopter who lost his life in Newcastle.

Anyway, here are a few photos of the fires in action (I don’t own any, and I don’t know where they came from since I got them off a general search, so if you want me to take them down tell me and I will)


I think, the only reason that we didn't have as much problems as what they were thinking we would, was because all that smoke, on our hottest, driest and most dangerous days, was heading over Sydney rather than towards the ridge I love on.
it was the reason that I had no panic on Wednesday or Thursday that I wouldn't be able to go home that night (I spent the day with my family at my parents house, since everyone was home because of the threat level) because when a bush fire is threatening, but it's far enough away that you don't really have to think about it, it's the smoke--the ambers that are the dangerous part of it. yeah, for those on the group, the fire fighters and the house near by, that would be scary, but for me, if there wasn't any smoke, then I didn't see there being a fire. not unless some little fucker decided to light one up.
but the people in charge got themselves ready for the worse, and the back burning worked as well, if better, than anyone thoughts, and everyone is back in there own beds.
well, except all those people in the Springwood/Winmalee/Hawkesbury area, and if you wish to help out there are many places you could donate to. but I'm not sure where any of them are, since I donate in hand.
well, I'm taking a breath and hoping they get Lithgow fire under control and that the people that live along Bells Line of Road can go home and get back to there lives.

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