Saturday 30 November 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #35

Starting paragraph
Shadows passed into his peripheral vision, his head shifted. Not enough that was anything noticeable, but so that he’d be able to see who it was.
Book A, page 7

What I’ve done
·         Puttering along writing
·         Editing #4: MW
·         Finishing blog posts
·         Started #6: MW
·         Started #1 : NEW
·         So, this is actually a months’ worth of shit and book crap, since November was all about my blog story.
The Short List (of shit I have to do)
·         #1, Assassins Union : Hunting a Traitor
·         #6, Moonlit Wolves : the Rub of my Werewolf
·         Falling in Love with this Forever
·         That’s Different… : Senses
·         #1, NEW : Straight with a Gay Kink
The MUST List
·         Something Said
·         Book A
Thoughts for Thoughts
1,330w Book A
·         Replaced what I wrote in chapter 3, it was only just over 500 words, but its better this way, or more so, maybe, my mind is able to move on with it this way, where I couldn’t with the other.
·         Chapter three: 1,330w
·         Chapter Four: 1,220w (—wrote today)
o   So, this day (Wednesday) I went to my parents’ house because of the high threat fire level, and the fact that we all had the day off, including my kids.
o   Throughout the day, and yeah, I started it about 12pm and I finished it just after 5pm, I wrote this one chapter. Mind I was with family and children so it was an off and on writing thing.
o   I feel that this is shit, it doesn’t have anything on either side of what this story is about, and it will most likely be scrapped, but it’s gotten me from one side of everything to the part where I’m meant to be, so, unless I feel like explaining what’s going on in the next chapter. which I highly doubt it since it’s going to be a weird vibe wakeup sex scene, it will probably change, but maybe I’ll end up going back in there and changing it completely. I don’t know, it might work better than I think it does.
·         Chapter Five: 1,205w (—the next day)
·         (Couple weeks later)
·         (A few days after that) re-read the first five chaps, thought it might put me in the right frame of mind. [Linked here is the first chap, I posted in Nov]
Editing with Tex (moonlit wolves #4)
·         I got another email, for my next set of editing, and when I opened it up it was the first one all over again. I’m not sure what happened, and I emailed back, because I’ve changed all those points in the one I sent back, and more so, I’m not actually ever going to edit that book. I don’t want it to stay, I don’t want to edit it, send it back even if they say they’re going to fix it up, only to find they don’t and I’m looking through the final draft before publishing and it’s for a book I don’t want published. I’d rather go through all this crap now. Then have to at the end, when we will all be over it.
·         But as I see it, why the editing at a company has…how many they have to go through daily, it’s a wonder things get mixed up. I just don’t want this book, or the book laking the changes I made to go any further than where it’s ended up, because it’s shit, and the changes I made are a lot better. Trust me.
·         Take Two: got it, later the same day, with a ‘yeah, sent the wrong one’ kinda thing, and off I went, not able to do anything but start the editing.
·         I’ve told you guys before that I quite like editing, right.
·         DONE, in fifteen minutes, and 17 comments to change things with (oh, sorry, that might not be something I’m meant to mention), though this is second round
·         Got email the next morning telling me that it had been sent off for the next round. I get this feeling that book 5 isn’t on their roll, I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because the first 4 came as a group, and the fifth like a month later, so it’s hidden under that usual stuff. But here’s hoping, soon, I’ll get to the next step.
That’s Different…
·         Finally managed to find out what this part was really going to be, so I could keep everything that wanted to be in there, without skipping, like, twelve steps.
1,893w Stepping Over the Threshold (#2)
·         I’m done. However, I’ve left this one at a bit of a cliffhanger, mostly because I’m planning of filling all of November with this blog story. But it’s still a wait and see thing, but now I have the flow I’m hoping it will come to me more smoothly from this moment on.
1,495w Handcuffs (#3)
·         I know what you guys already know this, being that there’s already gone up, but it’s a process, and I need to write these little things down, just so there not in my head anymore.
1,857w Take a Seat (#4)
·         Yeah, I wasn’t expecting that.
2,913w Cuffed to a Chair (#5)
·         Arrg, this one’s going on a little, and I’m not sure if it’s even in line with Todd. I’m feeling as if I fucked him up a little. Maybe I’ll see it, fix it up in the re-read.
·         Huh, I need to either cut this down a thousand words, or I’ll make this a fri, sat posting.
·         Reviewed: so I think I’ve figured out what’s wrong with this whole thing, and I think, that if I take out one sentence than I should be able to make it better.
·         Okay, so, it’s 296 words, and I kinda need what’s going on outside what has been said, so…
·         …I wonder if I could do this without losing my word count?
·         Okay, there, DONE 2,940w
·         Chronicled Vol. 1 sits at 12,308 words
·         So I started up on vol. 2…
222w questioning an answer
·         I’m having a weird thought on this one. I’m not sure if it’s going to come about, but I guess it will all be if I can make it feel right or not.
·         I’m still not sure, it will have to come how it feels and what my full plan is, but it’s something I defiantly thinking about (sorry to be vague, but it’s a silent idea), still, I the number up front is setting it up. You know, so I won’t forget.
·         For my idea, the man of this series start has to change. But I’ve been thinking, along the days, and maybe, like the spanking chair, this isn’t the right time for them to be there.
643 + 503 = 1,146w the rub of my werewolf (moonlit wolves #6)
·         Yeah, I’m able to actually write this one again. Really, I’m so happy; I think this has been the longest I have ever gone without writing in one of these books. They are my babies—but more so, they are all mapped out and waiting and because of that they are easy to flow into. You know, except if I fuck up and end up making it more complicated than it needs to be.
·         Chapter 1: 1,802w
·         This one is going to need some research to make sure the smart shit I said was correct, and I’m not hopeful of the outcome, but I need to write it, to get over it, which is probably the only time it’s actually going to ever be said, anyway, I feel really good ‘bout getting that out of the way. I want to write this book so much… ‘Cause of Dan… oh, Danny boy, how I want to know you!
o   I’ve decided that I have to finish this book off and get it published, that way I can have it in the first vol. I print out (for myself) because 6 books works out well in a series of 30 books.
·         (been a few) I decided that I would just rewrite the scene with them together, mostly, because the last one was older than the third book, but also, it’s like, I can’t get into the flow because of this part being that. I can’t, just, up and right off it.
3,118words today
·         Chapter 2: 1,320 words
·         Man that’s a shitty amount, but the problem is that part only need that many words and I’m going to ruin everything if I put in a small part of Dan before the next chap starts. So bitchy little chap it stays.
·         Chapter 3; 1,796 words
·         Shit, Dan isn’t turning out how I thought he would. I still like him, but there’s something a little forced—no, just not so fragile, I guess then I first saw him as.
·         (some days later) I’ve thought about this book, and I feel that this one isn’t going to be all that long. Maybe like book 1, but I guess when we get down to it, it might be longer. It’s just as the story goes there isn’t anything to it. Though I don’t think about the romance, just write that.
1,670 words
·         It seems, to me, so far, that this book is going to be as easy as I originally thought it would be. I think the hard part, or what I saw as hard, was the fact that I had never really thought about Dan before now, and though he is highly complicated, there isn’t anything complete about his and Gene’s love.
·         It’s just…well… Dan is a person now, not Gene’s play thing, and that means that he’s personality, well, it’s there, developed, which is why I get to write him now J
o   The chapters in this book seems to be a little (lot) smaller than the others… I’m not sure why, but honestly, I can’t write past a chapters end, it just feels weird.
·         Chapter 4; 2,061
246 words
2,033 words this time round
·         Chapter 5; 1,995 words
805w Except I’m Not  
·         This is a YA-NA short story about a guy realising, after he got his on-again-off-again girlfriend pregnant that maybe it was time he’d maned up and became who he was always meant to be.
o   This story deals with underage sex, pregnancy (there’s 16) and abortions in the eyes of teenagers. It may hit a nerve at how easily and without real insight or real thought into what it truly means. Which is a fact and something I remember talking about it when I was that age.
·         So, I think it’s a little coming of age story.
·         Yeah, it’s NA because I apparently have a foul mouth and the guys in this story like to use it. Though I’d say it was like YA but I don’t think how there talking can me put in that category.
649w Straight with a Gay Kink (new #1)
·         Well, I started it. Though the story was going to be called ‘For Fucks Sake’, I realised while writing it, that it would be perfect, the way it was setting itself out for it to be this story.
·         By the way, this series isn’t called NEW, It’s unnamed, and at the time of making a file, it was new (just a bit of background).
1,712w Spilt Blood (Assassins Union #2.5)
·         And the finished story, coming in at 4,738 words… This short story will premiere at the end of book 2.
1,563w Being That For You (#4)
·         And there we have it, DONE!!!
·         Now, all I have to do is re-read it before posting in, probably on Boxing Day, maybe Christmas, I hadn’t decided. And the put them all together, print them out and see what I can do to make this series into a short novel.
·         —okay, so I put them all together—you know, cut and paste—and it comes to 15,665 words, I’m sure I get this story up to 25—30k, if I add a bit, and I kinda want to since I wouldn’t mind doing a few more stepping stones along the way, which will also help bridge the gaps a little. Also, I’ll have to think about how I’m going to set it all up. 
·         Things to think about, honestly, it’s a little exhausting so I’m gonna put it off and live in the little buzz I’ve gotten from finish it in the first place.
Thanks for the time

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