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Story Corner #37-That’s Different…

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers

This post has not be edited, but hopefully it will all make sense

If you don’t know, I decided to write this ‘cause I wanted to learn about the BDSM world. I’m not real sure if I’m actually doing any good, but I’m giving it a shot.

Finally, finally, I have managed to work out what I was seeing in my head, and how to create it as a step in the right direction. This scene wouldn’t go away, but as I’ve confessed before, it can’t be put this early on in their relationship, so I had…well a thought on how else to do it, but then, magically, like these things do when you’re a writer, I figured out how to make it make sense, and work and build on what’s to come.
I hope it works and you enjoy.

Oh, this is a blog story BDSM ménage romance
about a young man leaning the leather ropes from a couple and finding a little bit more.

This blog story miniseries needs to be read in order

                                                                PART TWO
That’s Different…

Stepping into the dark room took a lot more courage than Todd though it would. It wasn’t that he was scared of the men that were waiting for him in there. It was more the fact that taking those steps had a ‘no going back’ quality to them, and that scared the shit out of Todd.
     He knew he was ready for this. That wasn’t in question. He knew that he would love ever moment from this point on. That he’d fall in love with the physical act as much as he did mentally.
     Still, there was something that had him pausing. That virgin beat of anticipation. The fact that even thought he was sure he knew what was about to happen, and that he was more than sure he’d love it, he wasn’t sure.
     The door was heavy; Todd didn’t need to feel it to be able to see that. The thick padding make him think of soundproofing, and the fact that he was standing in a hallway full of door, in total silence, confirmed it.
     Hesitating, Todd wasn’t sure if it was for his own nerves, or the fact that he didn’t know what he was meant to do from this point on. Was he meant to just walk in? Knock?
     Knock. His thin hand came up, his fingers fisted, hiding the nervous shake vibrating his hand from his own eyes. He didn’t need more proof that what he was about to do was making him feel.
     Heart in his ears, Todd stood there waiting. It wasn’t a nanosecond before his head started to fuck with him. Why weren’t they coming to the door? Was this even the right room?
     Todd took a step back and look both ways along the corridor, his hand pulling his phone out of his back pocket, flipping through the pages, and lock screen—not in that order—and he had the message up and the numbers where the same.
     Stepping back, he tried to listen to what was happening on the other side without actually putting his ear up against the door.
     Maybe they were distracted. Or more so, the room was that soundproofed that his little knock didn’t even register into the padding.
     With a deep breath and a belief that he could be brave and just, open the door. Really, what’s the worse they could do…?
     He refused to even get to the point that he needed an answer for the end of that sentence as he knocked a little harder on the wooden edging on the door, turned the knob, and pushed the door open slowly. If they didn’t want him in there, they’d have plenty of time to stop the door.
     His heart pounded in his chest, his breath was slight, and he didn’t want to make a sound just in case he didn’t hear Cass of Jem telling him to leave. His eyes dimed a little, and he gathered it was from lack of oxygen than the room, though dark itself.
     Taking a deep breath, letting the door hold him up as he slide himself around its edge, Todd was met with a… curtain. Yep, a curtain seemed to be up in front of him. Not a full one, but more like those beaded ones that people seemed to like for a short spit of time when he was in his teens, but slowly died away, leaving only one or two people still using them as blockers for their kitchens.
     Why the fuck was he thinking about beaded curtains?
     Shaking his head, trying to dismiss the thought as well as the greyness still lingering around the edges of his eyes, Todd took a breath and watched his hand come up and run along the curtain.
     Like he thought, it parted in several areas. It seemed a weird thing to have up just inside the doorway until he let himself walk past it.
     The fabric caressed his face, neck, and shoulders as he took another two steps into the room and stopped dead. His mouth opening in shock.
     Dim light lit the room, something more solid than candle light, but just as soft covered ever area Todd could see. Mind, what Todd could see had narrowed down to the bed that took up the majority of the room.
     It’s big four post, wooden bed, was a beauty in its on rights, without the man lying face down on the bed.
     Jem was on his belly, naked. All those tattoos on display under the light, making Todd want nothing more than to go over to him and run his fingers against them. He wanted to know what they were, in detail. He wanted to see his own white hand up against those dark marks. He wanted the contrast of everything big and solid against his thin and willowy.
     He wanted to strip down naked and lay his body along the line of Jem’s backbone.
     He wanted to strip down and beg at the other man’s feet.
     He wanted to be a part of everything that was happening on that bed.
     Jem’s hands where resting above his head, linked together with black fabric, a little sliver mixed into the art but Todd wasn’t lingering on then for long. Not more than the added mention of his own wrist tingled a little in envy of the bigger man.
      A deep commanding voice entered the room, it was from Cass, Todd knew that, he’d flickered his eyes up at the tall man before they went back to the bed, but the difference. The way that it filled up Todd’s body and emptied his mind was something he’d never experienced before. Not from a tone. Especially one that wasn’t even talking to him. Wasn’t even acknowledging that Todd was in the room.
     Maybe that was the reason for the shiver that put goose bumps up along Todd’s thighs, tugged at his balls, and heat up his chest.
     Thick leather slapped against sensitive pink skin. Jem whimpered against the bedding, as Cass ran his hand against the heated flesh.
     Jem’s arse was the real work of art in this room. Not only for the simple perfection of the larger man’s behind, but for the red marks against upper thighs and cheeks. A welt of bleeding flesh marked one side and the rest just a pink heated flesh. They’d obviously been at it for a while, because spanking was one of the things that he’d seen a lot of in porn, he’d watched a simple marking, and the man on the file had taken it for ten minutes and didn’t look half as red as Jem.
     But, what did Todd know, maybe Jem, with his darker skin and thicker flesh, marked easily?
     Todd watched with unblinking eyes, and dried mouth as Cass hunkered down between Jem’s parted thighs and opened up his arse crack, showing a dark purple rosette of the man’s arsehole. A quick tap showed Todd that Jem had a slight looseness that Todd liked to think came from the spanking alone.
     Then Cass bent in a Todd assumed, with the way his head moved, he was rimming the man. Load muffled groan’s came from Jem as that big body wiggled around on the mattress in front of Todd.
     Cass’ head moved faster, Jem nearly screamed into the matrass, his hands buckled, trying to grab hold of something as he withered in pleasure.
     Sex because the room. The smell, the sounds, the mood, all wrapped around Todd making him sweat and roll his hips slightly. Getting just a little bit of friction on his cock from his jeans as he stood rooted to this spot.
     He wasn’t moving, as the men showed him how love and lust and trust, and a lifetime of understanding of another person, made everything that happened ten time better. And Todd was glad to be on the outskirts of this moment. Of a moment he hoped to be included in next time.
     Cass’ hand moved, Todd reasoned, as best he could—so maybe only imagination, that he had gript hold of Jem’s cock and started tugging, or at least rolling his hand around the head.
     Todd had been rimmed before, he was a fan even if the person doing it hadn’t been all that into a prolonged session. He understood that it wasn’t that easy to get off on rimming along. Not really. Yeah, people would love to think it could, but at the end of the day, those nerves the muscle could only simulated you to a point, there wasn’t really anything to really push you over the edge.
     A shout as Cass pulled back his mouth from Jem’s arse, and looked up the long line of his lover. The sweet moment in that look, as one of Cass’ hands run along Jem’s spine nearly had Todd springing tears.
     He wished he could have something like that. Just once, in his life he wanted to be loved down to the core of who he was. He knew that it wasn’t going to happen here. That these men were just teaching him what he needed to know so he didn’t end up in the hands of a sadist.
     That he didn’t get used and then passed around by someone just because he would follow anyone as long as he’s dick stayed hard. They saw him as a kid who needed to be kept safe. And for the life of him, Todd couldn’t give that up. He didn’t care about the pity or the…whatever this was for them, he wanted what they had. He wanted just to watch the passion and pleasure and love between these two men, for as long as they’d let him.
     “Strip,” Cass’s hard voice snapped into Todd, he blinked, focused on the other man as he got back to his feet. Leaning over Jem and pulling him further up the bed so that his head was on a pillow and his cuffed—‘cause now that they were, it was obvious to Todd in a way that hadn’t been before—against under his chest.
     Looking down at his hand, Todd realised he had his shirt in his hand, and he didn’t remember taking it off. His shoes, too, apparently.
     “Fold them, and put them on the bench to your left,” again Cass’ voice, so much harder than anything he’d heard before; make him move without a thought.
     His shirt was placed on the bench, his shoes pushed up against the bottom lip. His eyes unable to stop looking at Cass and Jem on the bed. How Cass caressed Jem’s shoulder blades, his hip and then lent in to whisper to his lover. Todd wasn’t sure what they were saying, he was too busy unbuckling himself and pushing down his pants and boxers, folding them up and piling them on top his shirt.
     He was more than sure, that Cass had asked Jem if he was all right, mostly because of the softened expression on both men’s faces, the slight shake of Jem’s head and the soft brush of kisses as lips met.
     Todd swallowed hard, fighting the envy at what he didn’t have, but wished he did, as well as the nerves of both man seeing him completely naked for the first time.

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