Saturday 8 February 2014

Cigar Time, Gentlemen #48

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.
These are parts of stories that are still being written, its coming right off the paper no re-read. No editing. No checking.
So, again, lazy and quite honestly I haven’t actually done anything worth mentioning this fortnight, so I’m going to give you my first, and at the moment, only lesbian sex scene.
So, some history, I was at the turning point in my writing. I’d written 4 heterosexual books (mostly YA), and was working on my 5th (actually I think it may have been more…anyway) and something just wasn’t sitting right.
I had an idea, the series that I was writing was going to have all types of characters and storylines. Honestly as I did the series (and this was before I went into what else was out there, in my reading), so book 4 a gay couple, had to see if I could do that (last week) and book 7 or 8 a lesbian one…
Silky Heat
“Oh, things never go my way,” Jess sighed putting her head in her hands. “If only I was like you. Then everything would be perfect.”
     “It’s a shame you think that,” Tab said.
     “’Cause I think you’re perfect the way you are,” Tab said smiling tenderly at her. Jess wasn’t impressed though; looking at her threw narrowed eyes before putting her head back in her hands.
     So long had Jess’s self-destruction been around that she couldn’t believe that Tab meant it. That she saw her as the most beautiful thing in the entire world. There was none better than her, if only she saw it. 
     “What if I show you just how beautiful I think you are?” Tab asked as she knelt down in front of Jess. Her legs parted nicely so that Tab could snuggle her way into their depts.
     Tab smiled as she smelt the heat coming from between Jess’s legs. Jess had always been hot for her, it was one of those things Tab liked most.
     Running her hands up the long line of Jess’s legs, living in the feel of her skin, like something that should come from a new born. God Tab loved Jess’s skin.
     When her fingers met Jess’s body Tab opened her eyes. Eyes met full lush breasts, the thin silk dress she was wearing strained as Jess’s chest moved up and down.
     Tab smiled again at the fact that the slight touch from her had Jess ready to go.
     “Tabby,” Jess moaned as her body started to fall backwards onto the bed.
     “Oh, no you don’t,” Tab said as she put her arm around Jess’s back to kept her up. It didn’t take much. Jess was willing to do anything that Tab wanted, she always was.
     Running her hand under the bunched up dress, she grazed the top line of her lace underwear – Jess long low sigh made everything worth it. Her fingers then travelled across her stomach, the soft skin moved under her fingers as she continued to move upwards.
     Caressing the underside of Jess’s breast made Jess moan and Tab had to use muscles to keep her up.
     “God, Tabby, please...please, I need...need...” Jess’s begging pants did not make Tab hurry. She knew what Jess needed and what she wanted. The only problem was they were both very different things. Jess liked to come fast, give pleasure slowly.
     “Want. You want me to hurry. Need me to be slow,” Tab teased as her hand left Jess’s breast and worked its way back down her body.
     “Fuck me, you bitch! Just give it to me!” Jess’s words were harsh but her voice couldn’t match it. Though her dirty mouth only came out when she was being pleasured Tab loved it. It meant she was doing her job well. That and the fact that her hips were moving slowly around in circles, using the mattress to cause a beautiful friction, Tab new it was beautiful being the one that normal gets put in this passion.
     “So eager, so ready, I love it,” Tab laughed softly as she took her hand out from under the dress and ran it up the outside of the silk dress, teasing her more as she skimmed her breasts, before running up the length of her neck and into her hair.
     Climbing up her she rubbed her lips across hers, licked the seam before Jess opened up and let Tab’s tongue dip in and out of her mouth, rolling and licking. As Tab enjoyed the wet swirl of Jess’s tongue and the rough clawing of her nails as he pulled Tab closer to her.
     Tab’s hands slowly worked at the clamp that held her halter dress up. Distracted as she was by the kiss and Jess’s hips thrusting and rubbing up against her lower stomach made it difficult to concentrate on what she was doing.
     Jess’s dress. Take. Off. Jess’s. Dress. Yes, that’s that she was doing, taking... off, oh, god Jess cupped Tab’s breast, kneading it, pinching the nipple threw her top.
     Concentrate or she will take over. And Tab didn’t want that. She wanted to be the one to make Jess come first.
     Unclamping the dress from the sliver hop that hocked the whole dress off at the back, and letting it go as she pulled back, wanting – no needing – to finish this.
     The top parts that went around her neck, which hid her beautiful breast and god, they were beautiful breasts. So soft, plump, perky, a pink nipple that contracted into a bead as soon as air hit them.
     Beautiful they were but at the present—when the top fell off them and bunched with the bottom of her skin like a thick skirt at the tops of her thighs. were covered up by invisible cups, and in the start Tab was in they seemed hot, but she knew that they had to come off first, there was no real feel of her breast, no nipple with the things on.
     Jess’s hand came up as Tab was caught in the pink gaze of lust. But before she could pull the things off herself Tab stopped her hand, putting it back on the bed.
     “I want to do it,” Tab said as she ran her hand back up Jess’s arm. Lightly brushing her collar bones and then down the middle of her breast. A shiver works its way up her body before she fell back onto the bed. Letting her, Tab had to get up on the bed herself. Her legs straddled one of Jess’s as she balanced on the side of the bed, one of her hands bracing her above Jess, the other running around the curve of her breast before gripping the edge of the cup and pulling the thing off.
     “Sorry, baby,” Tab said as Jess sucked in a breath as her breast decided it didn’t want to let go of the cup but Tab bent down and kiss her breast, putting that hand on the bed, lifting the other, sucking her nipple into her mouth she slowly ripped the second cup off. Though Jess didn’t complain in anyway, seeming to have not even realised that it went.
     Rolling jess nipple around in her mouth was bliss, absolute bliss. The contraction as her nipple pulled tighter under Tab’s mouth pulled a moan from her mouth and a sigh from Jess’s.
     Turning to the other got a hand in Tab’s hair, nail’s dug deep in to Tab’s scalp. But she didn’t pull Tab closer. No, Jess’s back bent, her chest pushed further into her mouth.
     A moan pulled from Jess’s lips as Tab pulled more of that flesh into her mouth, pulling in out slowly threw a light clamp of teeth.
     “Fuck Tabby,” Jess nearly screamed as Tab’s teeth grabbed at her nipple and pulled a little harder before letting go with a long lick of her tongue to sooth any pain she may have cursed not that she thought she had. Jess was not one that felt little things like pain when she was in a pleasurable headspace.
     With a quick trip up to Jess mouth and a deep kiss that got her top pulled out of her pants and her breast sitting a little uncomfortably inside her bra. Tab started to kiss her way down Jess’s body.
     Along the long line of her throat, sucking slightly good kiss, licking along the underline of her collarbone, nipping at the other with her teeth.
     “Tabby, Tabby, Tabby!” Jess chanted as she grabbed at Tab’s hair and arms, unable to stay still under her and the pleasure of wanting to release. Not wanting it to end. God the eagerness in Jess was so hot Tab felt it between her own thighs.
     Tab’s lips rolled down her ribs and across her stomach, her tongue dipping into Jess’s belly button as she was stop her decent by the thick wad of silk.
     Letting the smooth material slid up her face as she moved her face into the junction between Jess’s tights and moving the silk further up her body, Tab was struck with the hot sweetness of Jess’s juices that was already socked into the fabric of her silk. Knowing that her never lips would be sensitive Tab brushed both her thumbs along the middle of her, making Jess bow her spin and a deep moan escape her lips, Tab smiled, loving it,
     She teased Jess by slowly taking off her skin undies, running her fingers into the band, across the freshly shaved skin on her box. A shiver worked down Tab’s spin as her blood heated and her fingers grabbed the undies and started the slow slide down Jess’s thighs.
     When they were flicked across the room somewhere, forgotten in the rush of heated smells, of aroused woman, Tab sat back on her heels and looked the magic spot of Jess that was all Tab’s, only Tab’s.
     The swollen lips, glittering with juice that made Tab’s mouth water, her hands slid up Jess’s calves as she desperately wanted to devour Jess.
     “Tab?” Jess’s panted question shook Tab out of her daze, her fingers where pushing Jess’s thighs apart without Tab really knowing when that started to happen.
     “What do you want, Jess?” Tab asked as her fingers wrapped around the back of Jess’s thighs, fingers playing a line of the thigh to bottom curve, and right into the lightly brushing the skin beside her hole.
     “Please,” Jess screamed as her head fell back onto the bed, her thighs tightening under Tab’s hands.
     “Please, what? Do this...” Tab said as she leant in a licked a soft line from bottom to top. The sensation boiled in Tab’s blood, the taste vibrated a moan from her throat, one that went straight into Jess. And the reaction from Jess made Tab so proud of herself. She thrashed her head from side to side, her hands grabbing the short strands of Tab’s hair, trying to push her closer to the golden spot.
     But Tab wasn’t ready to get to the beauty messy part, she moved on hand further around so that she could slip her thumb into that silky wetness, just slightly, playing with the spot just inside, making Jess climax well before Tab wanted her to, but that was all good, she could live with it.
     Realising what was happening she moved down and licked up the climax, not wanting to miss anything, she worked the shudder’s until there was nothing left and then moved her hands around to change the way this would all work.
     “Tab,” Jess breathed, making Tab look up at her from between her legs, the passion, the gratitude that Tab saw made a smile pull at her lips, and her fingers move to pinch the nub at the top of her vergina.
     “Let me...” Jess panted, as Tab kissed the inside of her thigh and then the soft skin of her well maintained skin. Goosebumps had spread across Jess’s skin and when nothing else came out of Jess’s mouth Tab started a slow back and forth stroke on the skin just under were she was pinching.
     “God!” Jess said on a deep sigh as Tab started to speed up the strokes, letting her free hand run up under the silk of her dress and the smoothness of her skin towards her breast, were she needed and twisted the nipple, pulling it slightly as each stroke.
     Tab’s own juice flowed out of her and drenched her own undies at the feel of Jess under her hands, under her tongue. The sweet taste of her and the panting of Jess’s breath as Tab pushed her towards another orgasm.
     As Jess’s knees clamped down on Tab’s body she pulled her hand back and wrapped it around Jess’s thigh, letting her thumb push into her hole as her tongue moved faster and faster, though the stroke’s stayed the same.
     As Jess ripped apart for her second orgasm, Tab licked up the juices, used her tongue to keep Jess’s orgasm going and then let go herself. Shacking she grabbed at Jess’s thigh to keep everything going as her own body shuddered, losing her vision briefly, it wasn’t the strongest orgasm of her life but being that it was one that spilled without touch, only the sweet smell, and taste of Jess, the feel of her own body ripping apart. That was it, Tab had done it, and all the pride and pleasure, was all her body had needed, she was done.
     Breathing hard, heart pounding in a fast lazy rhyme, Tab moved up Jess’s body, kissed her quickly, a flick of tongue a lot of lips, and then rolled off beside her.
     “Fuck Tab’s...” Jess said as her head followed Tab to where she lay on the bed beside her.
     “Yeah, I am good,” Tab smiled.
     “Good, fuck, that’s a bit of an understatement,” Jess said, Tab laughed before sighing as Jess’s hand run up under her top to play with the heated skin of Tab’s skin.
     “Now,” Jess said as she leant closer to Tab, whispered in her ear, “let’s see if I can beat that.”
     And in Tab’s opinion she did. As they played to see who the real winner was.

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