Monday 3 February 2014

Waiting, and Waiting, and Wondering

I’ve not got a whole heap say, not really on anything interesting or in one subject so instead I thought I’m take a moment to update on what’s going through my mind.
On Sunday I woke up to my first royalty payment.
This is super exciting, as you can imagine, not only for the fact that I got one, making me full on legitimate but I didn’t honestly think I would get one until a few more in the series have come out.
But if I really looking, and think, and become someone other than me, it shouldn’t have been a surprise as I have seen that it’s been doing okay. At least okay for a newbie.
I got my first 1 star for Loved by a Werewolf. And I smiled as I saw it.
The thing is, it may have taken a bit, but I started this series with some very…unvanilla couple. And that’s going to grate on people along with. I do hope that people will pick up the next one, especially those who gave me a 2 star if it was for the subject matter. If it was my writing… well that’s not going to improve all that much until book 5 and then it will defiantly depend on what about my writing you didn’t like.
Like, if you flat out hate it, then it’s time for you to move on.
it’s had a shocking time on Amazon, and the two times I looked the number only went down, like, I’m talking I think the last time I looked it was 100,000 (give or take a few more 0). But on the Extasy site it’s sitting at 16 on their bestselling list. Though, like last time, I’m not sure what this means, but it’s gotta be okay—I got a royalty check, from just the one book.
on the other side of things, the proof-reader over there has sent me my second book back, she’s trying to teach me how to write better, and I’m hoping that I’m socking it in.
I’m slow this way, and a lot of the times when people send thing for you to read they’ll like show you the wrong sentence and then just explain why it’s wrong, and I honestly can’t comprehend that. It’s the dyslexic part of me.
Anyway, they got new forms and stuff which are really helpful and I’m hoping that they will sink in and that as my books go on, and as I write everyone will start to see the progress. It just might take me a while.
At the moment I’m trying to get myself into a heavy writing pass, I know it’s not going to work, I can’t possibly write all I want to a day. Even if I only plan on writing four days a week, but I can try and in the end it will just mean that I’d be putting fingers to keyboard 7 days not 4 to keep myself up to date. And I would be starting this today but worker are in my house, in my way putting up lights, so it’s buggered the whole thing up and I’ll just try tomorrow instead.
And lastly, I’m starting to stress a little about the second book coming out.
I’m getting exciting, and working out the plans and the things that I need doing for it. The excerpts and all that. I’m excited ‘cause it means I get a new cover. I’m worried because, well, what if I tank, what if no one wants to continue and see what else there is? What if they can’t be bothered? What if the next book is disappointing and no one likes it?
And yeah I know there’s a flip side to everything I said. a counter to all the negative but I can’t bloody thing of any of them and it’s not like saying them is gonna stop me from stressing.
At least I’m able to eat.
At least I have a bright point. I got paid. I’ve been told I’m a good story teller. I’ve been told they are good.
I’m waiting for my other editor to get back to me about my cancer book.
I’m starting to stress about that one to, even though it’s coming out in November. Because I need to try and do a blog tour or something for it. it’s a cancer book, it’s about getting the word out and making people stop and understand something that they will go to. It’s about getting people to actually buy it in the mouth so that the most money will go to charity.
But to do this I’m going to need to make sure that Movember is an international time. And where it’s not. I need to have a set place for both. One for those who know, and one for those places that don’t have it. Because no matter where everyone is there is prostate cancer and it needs to be spoken about.
I’m getting excited because I’m getting to a point that I need to make a cover. Only I also want to get a stamp for it so it’s more obvious a Movemeber book (by the way it’s going to be a series even if they are all standalones). And that worries me, because it’s about talking to people and asking and all that crap that I’m shite at.
Anyway, I’ll go, and read, because there isn’t anything else to do while they work.
Kinda wish they were anything to look at, but my house ain’t a porn and they are old and average like every other electrician in the world *smile* sigh, oh well, I’ll lose myself in the hot men through the pages.

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