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book 3, Seeking My Werewolf

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Craig couldn’t predict setting a werewolf free would lead to this much trouble

A month after the kidnapping of his best friend’s mate, Phil can’t stop thinking about the Hunter that set Phil free. He can’t get the smell out of his nose, and it’s driving him nuts
Craig’s only ever known one thing: hunting werewolves. He was born into it, raised to do nothing but kill the beasts—so why the hell did he set one free? Worse, why can’t he stop thinking about it?
When Phil and Craig meet up again, they start events that will slowly entangle all of them in the war that’s about to unfold—as long as they manage to survive the first wave.

Seeking my Werewolf by Bronwyn Heeley
(Moonlit Wolves #3)
Published on 15th of March by eXtasybooks
Paranormal Romance, level 4 heat, m/m
Cover Art by Cameron Waters
Craig & Phil’s story / 18,903 words (PFD 94p)

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(This is designed to be read by an 18+ ordinance)

Official Excerpt

Light flashed in front of Craig’s eyes. He was lucky for the training along with the amount of physical crap that he didn’t go deaf or even get stunned by the force of the explosion that went off inside the house. Someone had gone in.
Several roars filled the air. The clutter and clanging of the wood being moved along with the wildness of the forest as it was disturbed by the blast made it easier for Craig to move without being noticed.
Already, three of them that Craig could see—fucking three—had moved on. They were taking the path that the rest of the team had. He should probably have taken some time to warn them, but he had started to move forward before his eyesight had cleared up.
Replacing his gun back in its holster, against his ribs, Craig scooped down and grabbed a rope that he saw in the litter of debris. It was one of the many traps he’d set up, and Craig hoped it was still attached to the tree. With another few steps, he was on the side of the werewolf that had been following the rest of them, leaving it standing between Craig and the tree. Perfect.
The beast froze when it scented that Craig was there, and that was all Craig needed. With a quick, practiced move, he had clipped the beast’s legs, pushing it forward and tangling its legs before moving up and getting its arms.
Craig fumbled at his first contact with the beast’s forearm as Craig grabbed him. The tingle in his own fingers had him wanting to move them so  he could feel the fur on its arms. The softness pushed heat up Craig’s arms, stunning him. But it didn’t stop him. No way was he going to be vulnerable to one werewolf when clearly there were plenty of others around. Craig was sure the only reason the beast hadn’t called one of its friends back was because it was still dealing with dirt in its mouth.
That done, Craig sat back. His knee still snug in the beast’s back, he rubbed his hands along his thighs, trying to get rid of the prickles that tingled them.
Unable to help himself, Craig turned the beast over. His body straddled the animal to keep more control. He removed the gun from his holster and settled the barrel onto its forehead. Craig wanted the beast to feel the cool metal, allowing Craig to hold onto an illusion he couldn’t afford to break.
“Why haven’t you called them, yet?” His question startled him. Why was he asking in the first place? And why did he sound…disappointed that the beast hadn’t?
The beast blinked his eyes at Craig and his mind told him to run. He was in trouble. He needed help. He needed to pull the trigger and end the animal’s life.
Those eyes were magnificent.
Oh, God, mate, kill it. Kill it right now!
Eyes of a deep dark colour that Craig couldn’t see, but had a feeling were blue, stared up at him as if it were seeing something—someone—other than Craig. The shock and sadness had him flinching on the inside as he looked down, wanting nothing more than to be that person this beast saw.
Kill it! Now! Before it fucks up your thinking all together.
Its fur was dark, puffing up around his face, leaving only its eyes still looking human, which was the only place Craig seemed able to focus on. Eyes that wouldn’t let him go.
The hard body under his thighs seemed to be carbon made for the position. Craig holstered his weapon—Stupid arse, you need to fucking shoot it—and leant forward, letting their stomachs and chests rub while he, admittedly slowly, took his dagger from his boot. It was comfortable, it was snug, and it smelt like something Craig couldn’t, for the life of him, figure out, but he didn’t want to give it up.
“Fuck! Fuck!” He was hating himself because he couldn’t kill the animal. Hating himself because Craig couldn’t stay with him. Craig lifted his leg and turned the beast onto his side. A quick slice cut at the ropes around its wrists and ankles, and set it free with little work. Craig took in one last deep breath and that same instinct that had been telling him to run this whole time now turned on him, making him want to stay. Craig rested his forehead on the beast’s shoulder blade.
“Goodbye,” and off he went, melting into the night, knowing the beast wouldn’t be able to find him with anything but his eyes, and since it was dark and he was all in black, that wasn’t going to happen. Craig took off for the rendezvous point.

Note on the book/series
Craig is actually one of my favourite characters—in my head, he is magnificent, and so my type of character, especially when I don’t want to write this series with that type of violence level I sometimes crave.

I tried my hardest to make him—make what he does more inside his head, than anything else, I found that even though I truly liked writing this, and I feel I’ve pulled it off well enough, he would have wanted so much more blood.

Phil, on the other hand, I feel you will see more of his true natural—his true self in the books to come when I get some of his short stories out of my head. Especially look out for the one when he goes back to college (book 6).

This story also held a prologue, which I kinda hate, but mostly because it seemed a lot of people don’t really understand what one is, or they just can’t be bothered using it probably.
People, please, it’s a time before the book started that ties in something about the book to come, it isn’t, however, the first fucking chapter in the book! (worse, I’m like a first grader compare to the worse offenders)

I think I like this book, though it was less thought out on my part. There were a few turns and twist through the lines that had my eyes open wide. Also, had Phil in a lot of pain, and pain and sex never really sit well with me—who can really justify fucking a sick/hurt person?

Anyway, it happened, though, mostly when I was talking to my mum about it all. Her simple advice to me was: it’s a fantasy word; they can do what you want them too.
And I get that, but still, I can’t seem to lose real life when it comes to men and their sex lives, and considering I watch way to much porn, that’s saying a lot (‘cause who can call that ‘real’)

Still, my most fun with Craig and Phil will come, so keep a look out.

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