Wednesday 26 March 2014

First Impression—Audio Books

I finished my first Audio book on Sunday, it took two days as I listened to it on the way down to the city, then on the way back, then when I went out, and then the last 3hrs while cleaning and then…well, doing nothing.
The first problem I had with it was completely and utterly my fault.
I put it on my iPad.
The thing is I can’t listen to stuff, or watch for that matter, without doing something else as well. and though it may be easier when I get use to the whole idea of audio books at the moment I’m to wrap up in things to actually do anything, but it’s not like I can look at something, and the whole not seeing what I’m hearing is a little…odd.
Hmm… a step closer to what it would be like to just turn blind, the idea of only hearing when you are used to seeing as well.  
Anyway, I found as I listened it I felt trapped, and it’s not something I’m use to feeling and so a feel that it annoyed me a little, which hindered my enjoyment.
I ended up coming up with an awesome idea when I had like 5hrs left and put the thing on my phone, which was all types of cool—you know, the new type of cool, where they link up between the phone and iPad and tell you that you iPad was at here, you want that on your phone?
Very convenient and something that I didn’t expect which made it so much cooler.
It says everything, and yeah, it’s the points, it’s a book, and he’s reading it. And like the fact that each have their accents, and there different voice, and I did like him going breathy along with everything else, it gave it a certain feel I guess you don’t really give your characters—or I don’t—when reading them. but them moaning and then telling me that’s happened… it seemed to irritate me a lot more than it should have.
The I like to highlight my stories, especially know that I’m reading exclusively ebooks, I like to note, highlight things, and even go back and read lines again, it’s not really something that’s easy to do. Like yeah, if I was just sitting there, but lines that pop generally don’t flash in front of your face until after you’ve gone a few lines away.
Now, people don’t get me wrong, I am so so on the book that I actually read, and I really wanna know what’s going to happen in the next one. I know I’m not going to get the ebook of it, because I’m pretty sure there long and in the first person and I’m not a fan of that, so…well…I’ll just have to get the next book.
Oh the tragedy, the pain… lol
Anyway, I’m not sure when that will actually come so I thought I’d get this out of the way, while it’s fresh and all.

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