Wednesday 19 March 2014

I’ll try and make this brief

Okay, so… I was going to take this moment to bitch and whine about Moonlit Wolves #6: Rub of my Werewolf, because I’m not writing it, and let’s be honest there’s a whole heap of reasons out there now as to why I haven’t, and I’m over it.
I’m over myself.
So instead I’m going to take a look at the series in whole and what’s on the horizon.
It’s come to my attention that I need to finish up this part of the story. I need to have something so that when I end up with people on the outside of the group I don’t have to tie them to them straight away. that they can have their own problems, and their own troubles that aren’t related to the first group of boys, because, at the end of the day, even though Eamon is opening up a house for werewolves to come for the three days of their shifts, well, it’s just not going to be about them anymore.
Or I’ve never really seen them be part of that whole picture, just the start and the idea of needing an alpha and a want to get closer to one so that everything in your life settles.
This isn’t to say that they weren’t feature in the whole show, but things will be different.
That being said, this war business needs to end. There needs to be some sort of conclusion from what Craig began, and, well, I have finally put together and got myself one.
Book 8 is going to be the hail Mary of conclusions to this part in the series, from that moment, though things are going to be up and in the air, they will be there very own problem, centred around the people that are there. New groups will come in, they will have their set drama that I will focus on through their stories, but it will also give me a chance to have random books, about nothing and no one other than the two characters that are driving the boat.
So now, I have three books that I have to set up and plan out and deliver in a way that’s interesting and concludes everything that really needs added.
However, that mostly means the Hunters are going to die.
I have this thought that book 6 will start it, there won’t be any shifting in this book, that was always the plan, but they are on the edge of it all, they are balancing there in the wake of something huge.
So now I have to set it up to have them in the way, sorta have the battle start when in the next chapter but have them going on way.
Then book 7 will back date a little and within the first few chapters, it will become a battle, which will be the middle way
And lastly book 8, again will start a few days back and line up coming in behind the action and taking out the strays.
Now this all has to happen on the same days. That’s the problem, and yet there needs to be a night between because the wolves need to come out.
Because if I do it all on a night that isn’t a full moon what was the point in making them werewolves?!
But I kinda like the idea I have for book 6 even as I struggle to write it. I like where it sits, but I need to push him forward. I have to have it so he’s not with Gene the night of the moon so that he can come and find him and they ended up locked in a cottage while everyone else is out fighting.
But I have to do this in a way that doesn’t leave cliff hangers, because I don’t like then either. and let’s face it I could only have a cliff hanger if I wanted to continue with these boys, and I really don’t, they are driving me nuts.
*sigh* it’s what I’m coming up with. It’s a new idea that I like but it’s got to grow a little as I try and work out the time line and kinks  
Update: with a little bit of thoughts, the next things have been decided about the next set of books.
·         Book 6: Rub of my Werewolf will be the start of the end of this series plot, it will show the boys willingness to stand up and fight for life.
o   There won’t be a great mess of information or that much action, like I originally planned, it also won’t be a large book
·         Book 7: Protecting my Werewolf will be the man story, it will have a Jex’s backstory, and a lot of it will be them working out a beginning of a relationship between Adam and Justin while they kill a heap of people.
o   This book will come straight off book 6
·         Book 8: Picturing my Werewolf will be backstoried and will have them coming into the start of the battle, like James has to pull off to a side and this is that as well as them joining the battle
·         Book 9: Catching a Werewolf’s Attention will coming right off book 8 and deal with the end of the story as well as the clean-up.
o   This one I’m excited to write as it will have my very first ‘just made’ werewolf who’s got a who has to deal with what he’s become and what that means for his life.
Anyway, the ‘battle’ isn’t going to be a high thing, it’s not going to be like messy and shit as this isn’t what this book is about. So, it’s not going to any more graphic or gross as the other books have been. But I hope I can pull these next set of books off in a way that you’ll enjoy and that will help end this part of the series, as I have this…well I really don’t wanna drag this out until it’s boring the hell outta everyone.

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