Monday 24 March 2014

Sorry I wasn’t here earlier

Yesterday I went to Lost Picnic down in the city. It was awesome, we saw 4 outta the 5 bands, ate our own picnic as well as got to see the bats fly off into the night while Megan Washington was playing and the sun sunk, leaving purple streaks across the sky.
Then today I went out with two lovely ladies and we spend most of the day editing chapter one and the epilogue of Love without Knowing it.
I think it took a little bit longer than planned because it was the first time all 3 of us had gotten together so the was a lot more talking than real editing, but shit, it does take a long time especially if you’re going paragraph by paragraph.
So I couldn’t even quickly put something up which is making me feel really guilty.
I don’t know why, and I’m going to work on it not, because why am I putting more pressure on me then I need.
Anyway, I was going to spend this day talking about the 2.5 ‘long’ books that I have read.
But I started that and it rambled and really turned into someone elses words as I’m half-way though listening to Dirty Kiss and it’s all I can hear, and think.
Which is fine and all (the story), but I can honestly say that I’m not a fan (of audiobooks), and I know it may have something to do with this story. That I’d prefer it if I had read it over listening, it’s just a drowning…drowning voice.
But then again it fits and its good, I’m just not a fan.
I think it’s the same as anima, I’m not a fan of that, I love manga but put the moving version in front of me and I can’t stand it, because I like to make my own voices, I like to see it myself.
Saying this, I thing I would have been finished with it by now if I didn’t make the mistake of putting it onto my iPad. I can’t take it anywhere with me. And like movies I like to do things while watching, and I want to do stuff while listening only I’m trapped there, with nothing to do but listen and I feel it’s driving me nuts a lot more than it should.
It’s almost like I’m frustrated with it because I’m stuck but that’s translating into being frustrated by the book.
I’m rational even with being irrational, and I can’t stop myself from being this way even though I know it’s happening.
Hell, you if you understand, that cool, 'cause I think I lost myself there for a moment, too.
Anyway, so a lot has happened and nothing, but hopefully I’ll get a kick from having this over with and I’ll fix up a little on the book above as I start writing the other 2 that need finished by the end of the month.
Last minute update: I just realised I could probably get it downloaded onto my phone, so I checked it out, and yes I can, so I’m downloading it as we speak, at least this way, even if I get to finish it tomorrow, I’ll be able to listen while, I don’t know, I clean my house.
I’m actually up to chapter 10, so I’m just under halfway done, which is why it’s fucking up my brain. man, I really need to finish it.

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