Thursday 17 April 2014

Hadn’t the Pleasure # 100

The books that have been collecting dust for so long they have become stained from it

Two men. One wants to kill the dragon. One wants to capture it. Both have secrets.
 When men from the northern town of Brock come to Adencass, sharing tales of a dragon, Ian MacGree thinks it’s a ploy to get out of sending their share of support. His father, Chieftain Goth, sends Ian to discover the truth. Never does he think the stories of a dragon terrorizing the area would be true until he runs into Roark, who claims to be a dragon hunter. Ian’s attraction to Roark is almost instantaneous, but as the second son of the chieftain, romance has no place in his life, for his father plans to wed him to another to seal an alliance. But he’s not the only one with secrets. When he discovers Roark’s, will their secrets bring them together or drive them apart?
For A Dragon’s Touch by Charlie Richards
(Highland Dragons #1)
 First published 1st of June 2013 by extasy books
iBook, 52  pages
Paranormal ‘fantasy’ Romance
Easing his horse to a slow trot, Ian MacGree looked over his shoulder at the figure galloping down the road after him. He recognized his buddy Ewan MacNiery. Smiling, Ian drew his mount, Goat, to a stop and half turned to face him. “
Series includes
For a Dragon’s Protection, For A Dragon’s Treasure

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