Saturday, 5 April 2014

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #42

First up, I decided to re-write book 6: the Rub of my Werewolf, because I just felt there must be something I’m not happy about, and yeah, you’d like I could just figure it out by reading it, but what I have wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t… I don’t know, IT.
So, I started that, leaving in the prologue and then starting again at chapter 1. We’ll see how that helps. Now I really need this to be finished within the fortnight or it defiantly want be up in June and that’ll suck.
Then I got sick… *cough. Cough*
Nah, on the sat night, around midnight my son came down with a high temp, and come Tues, I think I’m riding the sickness (after son and daughter went through theirs) only I just feel as if I’ve not slept in four days. But it’s sickness because for the day of Tues I haven’t been able to keep my head off a pillow for more than two hours, and those hours were like fucking hell.
Oh, hell, who am I kidding. I then became massively detracted by facebook, and the Rainbow Gold Reviews events that have been on for the last couple of days. I like that I’m learning about more authors and getting to know more people. On top of that I started up a book club over there so I have had plenty to distract me.
And I’ve kinda let it.
But along with knowing I need to re-write book 6, I have started writing book 7 and within the first 1K words I’ve made massive connections and stuffed up events that ran through books 6, things that just didn’t help with the coming books. so I’ve had to rip apart the four books in the wrap up of this series plot and figure out how things are going to go so that I can have them all make sense. And get at least one person who has never been introduced to the group (us, the readers, but the group, now at least one new guy) in a way that starts off the action and puts him right there, wanting to help, to kill. 
Apparently, this idea of finishing the story is a whole lot more complicated than I expected. But I think more so because, like a lot of elements of the series, I’m taking a manga approach so they all have to link in a way that makes you not realise until its there, and you go, “oh shit, that’s why”, which is hard, lol
I’m in the final stretch of Gotta Start Somewhere which means I’m questioning EVERYTHING about the bloody story. I know I just have to get on with it, then fix it up in re-writes, but it’s… yeah, at the moment I’m at the point of them needing to tuck there cocks away and head somewhere more private.
And then I have this voice in my head telling me that how I want to end this short is wrong, that it needs a closed and proper ending, but the story can’t have that, it’s just too short, and it’s not like I’m leaving it like book 1
So basically people the comments on book 1 have… I wouldn’t say ruined me because that ending was that way because of how I originally wrote it and I didn’t want to fix it, but I normally have a bow, it just may not be tight and everything said and done, life just doesn’t work that way.
Anyway, I got myself a beta to read it, so I need to finish it by Monday at the latest, which should be easy as I’ll hopefully finish it tonight because I’m not allowed to read a long book until it’s done and I really wanna read Cut & Run tomorrow.
Oh, and like you guys know I also wrote another skit in Desperate
“Justin first meet Jex when the young man was twelve, small framed with eyes as dark as night as he stood on the other side of a dead body that pooled blood around his feet.”
--Moonlit Wolves 7: Protecting my Werewolf

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