Saturday 19 April 2014

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #43

I finished my short story Gotta Start Somewhere, I had it beta read and fixed up, helped change it to USA English instead of my UK, which I thought I got, but obviously didn’t, and sent off.
My beta liked the story and I’m hoping it’s what they are looking for, but I guess I won’t find out until the end of the month.
I will say I’ve been able to completely forget this one where the last I stressed over for months before reading it again. I think having the beta I did helped a lot, because she knows the genre as well as everything else I need.
Anyway, thanks heap Brandilyn!
Then depression hit.
I sunk into a bit of depression last week, making me sleep more than I was awake, and even when I was, I felt sluggish, I’d yarn tear spring yarns and no matter what I generally had two naps through the day along with a 8hrs at night.
I thought I was sick, but then it’s always the way to think of these things, and it wasn’t until I remembered that my book was coming out that I went a little deeper into this need to crawl under a blanket and no come back out again.
Which means that I need to come up with a solution because this is a last stage type of thing not the first, which means I’ll have to come up with a system to deal with it or I’m going to burn up into a blubber mess and eventually quit.
Update: it seems I was coming down with something, I am suffering under a head cold at the moment today (Friday) I ended waking up fresher than I have ever felt. I’m not sure if this is because I was sick and now I’m hitting the end of that, or I was depressed and stressed and that’s lifted. But, hey I feel great today
This week I’ve been trying hard to get Moonlit Wolves: Rub of my Werewolf, finished and sent off, but it hasn’t work, like always, I’m lazy and am falling behind. I’m just kinda over the story and I’m fighting my characters too much. They want to be sappy when they need to have a bite, and it’s irritating.
I did wrote nearly 6k on it, so it’s either half way, just under, nowhere near finished, really too soon to tell.
I will say this though, I love that I decided to change it. I like this way better, it will sit well with the books to come, and though it’s not going to be long, it’s probably going to have the most explained about the couple’s relationship as they will be pissed and locked in a cottage in the woods with blood spattered on the outside door.
I’m looking forward to how it works out, but it’s defiantly turned Gene and Dan relationship from something soft and gooey to something hard and sporadic, which is exactly what their history has been.
I’m also, when I finish this book, if I don’t get into the mood to just push on, I’m going to write the short story Haunted Love, is the working title, or A Word with You, as both give me a way to write out this negative feelings I have which will probably help a lot.
Oh, there’s also Trusting Your Eyes, I really want to finish this one, but I think like book 6 I’ve written to much and decided to change it, but instead of a full re-write I might end up having to change a heaps of things about it. tho I will be able to just continue writing rather than have to start from scratch.
So my short list is
·         Rub of a Werewolf
·         Protecting my Werewolf
·         Haunted Love
·         Picturing my Werewolf
·         Trusting Your Eyes
·         Catching a Werewolf’s Attention
·         A Word with You
You know, or something like that, but it’s defiantly the ones I want finished, or at least in first drafts by the end of June.
I’ve also gotten someone else to beta and hopefully edit (we’ll see how much work it needs) Love without Knowing It, which is awesome, thanks, Traci!
So sometime soon I’m going to have to stop and deal with that (yeah more work and me still not finishing this effing book, it’s honestly like book 4 all over again)
I’m also beta reading a book too, it’s a YA fantasy, and though I’m only 50 pages (part 1) into the 150 pages I have on me at the moment I’m liking it, and I think if it was more my thing I wouldn’t be able to walk away. But as it is, I’m still thinking about it most of the time, I just don’t have the time to sit and read it.
Though I probably should as I’m not doing anything fucking else, lol
 “Gene couldn’t believe it.
            Honest to God he could not believe he had Dan in his arms. shaking with fear and adrenaline from god know what, but there none the less, in Gene’s arms, when he thought the last time they’d seen each other was the last.
            Words feel from him mouth, he couldn’t help it, his lips just moved, mumbled words with meanings that Gene was sure where impotent but God knows he wasn’t pay any fucking attention. He was sure Dan wasn’t either.”
--Moonlit Wolves #6: The Rub of my Werewolf

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